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Algerian globalization tampering: What if the American ambassador began opening the border Ù Print Send to a friend
Friday, March 28, 2008
By: Anwar owner - columnist - Paris -

Anwar Malek
Anwar Malek
Is a very important question, especially the relationship between the U.S. Embassy in Algeria and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lives between tide and attractions, making the Ministry of Interior on-line intervention and prevent decisions, make political action in Algeria live the worst stages ...
Yes ... You may wonder reader about the real reasons why the U.S. Embassy graduated publicly what might be called the confrontational diplomacy with Algerian Foreign, despite the inconsistency which has been marred position mutual between the two sides, under penalty of a media blackout practiced by the government following the example of the power that treat people like a flock of boys having fun in the the streets, but reached the degree degrading to promote the lie that has been practiced Basngaba in the era of one-party, resorted government Abdulaziz Belkhadem, who is also secretary-general of the National Liberation Front, which was the only party to Ashraat three, not numerous except in Algeria from the volcano, to exercise previous policy At the time of the Internet, satellite TV and information that apply like wildfire, and intercontinental express the speed of light, but challenging time factor is a daunting challenge, breaking ... The was Pharaoh underestimated his people obeyed him, the Algerian government including the system in general people Astgby even thought they يصدقوه.

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