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Military Admits That Their Training Kills Dolphins and Whales

Military Admits That Their Training Kills Dolphins and Whales

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Military experiments involving underwater explosives could kill thousands of dolphins and whales

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
By JG Vibes
September 11, 2013
Navy training and testing could inadvertently kill and injure thousands of dolphins and whales over the next five years, mostly as a result of detonating explosives underwater, according to two environmental impact statements the military recently released.
The studies concluded that most of the deaths would come from explosives, while others may come from testing sonar or animals being hit by ships.
The Associated Press reported that the testing and training might cause marine mammals to change their behavior, such as swimming in a different direction, which has apparently already happened in millions of different circumstances. [1]
It is very possible that military activity has already had a severe impact on marine populations.
Just a few months ago, RT reported that during August alone, 28 bottlenose dolphins died along the shores of the East Coast, and the other 96 carcasses were found in July. All but seven of the dolphins were already dead when they were discovered, but the survivors died shortly thereafter or were beyond saving and had to be euthanized. Most of the strandings occurred at heavily populated beaches at the Chesapeake Bay.[2]
This is not the only case either, dolphins, whales and other marine animals have been washing up onto shore dead for a few years now.  Pollution is an obvious culprit, but military testing is probably doing a great deal of damage also, especially if their own studies are confirming this fact.
[1] Navy studies: Training, testing may kill whales, dolphins – Associated Press
[2] Bottlenose Dolphin Mortaility Event - RT
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