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New details in the case of endowments funds

Where the accused faces Khaled Suleiman dispel charges amount «2» million Saudi riyals
09-05-2012 03:53 PM
Detection Mohammed Hassan Abdul Samad Director Almnsagah General Hajj and Umrah and endowments Previous yesterday in front of the Criminal Court of Khartoum North headed by Maulana Osama Hassan Abdel Kader details of the issue of endowments, which faces the accused Khaled Suleiman charges dispel the amount «2» million Saudi riyals, said Mohamed Hassan The excesses of Finance of the accused In his tenure limited in the amount «2» million Saudi riyals and that he was not aware of the rest of the amount, and then assign a commission of inquiry found that the defendant has disbursement of funds to the draft combine endowments Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the minister spent on the project budget, and that the Committee reported that the excesses of the amount « 2 »million riyals confined in the« 383 »thousand riyals, and the witness said that he had sent a letter to the defendant in which he explained that the amount lost is« 383 »A SAR must be taken as follows: Bring documents supporting the exchange them or refund by the accused or take legal action As an option the third, and remained the witness confirms that he was opposed to skip the accused in administrative matters and dealing directly with the minister said already draw the attention of the minister that these amounts have not been ratified by the Minister of Finance, and acknowledged the witness that there sums were disbursed «House absent» when questioned by defense Professor Mehmet the Conqueror Perm The witness added that the disclosure made ​​by the accused has regardless large sums of money on the draft order of and endowments assembly abroad agreed with Abdullah Al-Suhaimi in addition to expenses and incentives.
Newspaper last moment
Young man watching the lady who slaughter طليقها and enters into a coma «6 days
I saw one of the accused twice before of the crime and that in the day of the incident came to the family home of the late
09-05-2012 03:49 PM
Revealed users indictment in the case against a man to kill his ex-wife slaughter of «vein to vein» appeared before the Criminal Court of repeat yesterday under the chairmanship of Maulana Imam Din F Abdullah about his vision of the victim by floating in their blood and beaching on the ground slaughtered room inside the home of the accused, noting that after watching crime and Li rushed out of the house that fell within the «hole» filled with water and entered the following in the case of lack of awareness and perception lasted for «6» days, said the witness, who works in the shop not far from the house of the victim in response to the Court and accepted by the representative of the charge for parents blood lawyer Osama al-Harith and a representative of the defense of the accused lawyer Ahmed Osman, said that the right of victim in the home of the accused revolution warm «74» because she and her sister and others beat the deadline, including that go to the market and the deceased want to buy some special purpose بطفلتها after to receive a sum of money in return of the accused and the girl's father, pointing out that he saw the victim with the defendant going to his house so right for the purpose of urgency and surprised to crime, denied knowing that the defendant suffers from mental disorders or mad.
According to a witness accusing the other a friend of the victim when استجوبتها court starting in the meeting that she saw the accused twice before of the crime and that in the day of the incident came to the family home of deceased and concealed recent herself from him, she said, the witness when she Astvsrtha about what was done to do replied that the accused the day before the crime he بكتم breath and causing wounds in her neck and confirmed that it was able to open communication in the face of fear of assaulting them, and noted in her statement that the victim is married to another and have him a child, and said the witness that the accused his condition was stable when she saw did not informing people that he is mentally ill, and set another court hearing for further proceedings.
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Surprise in the execution of the killers of Sheikh jewelers postpone implementation of the first defendant after suffering a gunshot wound

While trying to escape from the prison walls Sudan
09-05-2012 03:45 PM
Implemented authorities Kober Prison Federal Khartoum North yesterday hanged to death retribution in the face of Mohammad Omar, convicted of second in the killing of Sheikh goldsmiths Fadlallah Tpeda and his son Hussein and deferred prison authorities executed a convicted the main issue relative to his gunshot wound in one of his feet while trying to escape from the walls of the prison in Port Sudan with a number of those sentenced to death in recent events in the prison and led to the death of one of the employees of the police.
Said Prof. Karar friend Karar lawyer representative charge for the heirs of the victim Tpeda in a press statement after the execution of the judgment that convicted the main issue Haroun Mohamed Adam claimed the moment of execution that he injured in his feet and can not stand even though the doctor in charge sentenced Cooper confirmed that the convicted fully recovered and can be implementation of the death penalty in his case, and pointed Karar that the prison authorities will send a doctor's decision to the Supreme Court to comment on it and select another date for the implementation of the death penalty against convicted, and raised the news of the non-execution of convicted Parent anger with the victim Tpeda who gathered since the early front of the gate State prison to attend the execution of the judgment, but they retracted their anger after speaking to them, a number of families that convicted him had not yet arrived and that has days in this world.
The back details of the case considered by the Court of Criminal Ombdh headed by Maulana that the first defendant was working on a farm belonging to the victim Tpeda and agreed with him to work in return for wage specified After the defendant of his work on the farm came to the victim Tpeda to take it, and it gave him part of the money and denied the rest of the amount by he said, and in the day of the incident agreed with convicted II who has his relatives to go with him to the victim to take the right and move together from Mount parents having addressed the quantity of wine and the first defendant purchased a knife and a rope to the implementation of the crime and when night came Tzur home of the victim Tpeda and directed towards مرقده and spoke to him asking him to give him the rest of the amount was convicted of second waiting outside the house and when he refused the victim give the amount I felt his wife بهمس accused and launched a voice distress, making the defendant is to pay a stab to her husband and her and when he heard their eldest son Hussein tried to rescue his parents and met with the accused, who are out and tried to arrest it Fajlh b «3» stab wounds was enough to put an end to his life he and his father in the case, also shot several stab wounds to the children of the victim and fled, and three days after the incident, was found on a mobile phone for the defendant first knife and glove worn by the moment of committing the incident, and this was the exhibits a thread that led to the arrest of the accused and interrogated admitted to committing the crime and guided to his partner the second defendant and after the submission of the trial were convicted of murder and sentenced to death in their right was upheld in all stages of the litigation was yesterday executed a convicted II.
Newspaper last moment
Adjust two truckloads of fuel on their way to the state border

09-05-2012 02:22 PM
Managed to force tracking for anti-smuggling tape border east of Sudan to stop the two truckloads of fuel on their way to cross outside the borders add to cart Buckeyes loaded with «129» Jrkana and «30» barrels of fuel and after providing information that the fuel smuggler on his way to the state south across Eritrea .


Extremist cell on the island calls for fight against Ansar al-Sunna
Led a number of young Almnslkhin of some takfirist groups
09-05-2012 02:08 PM
Warned a large group of Salafi preachers state of the island from the seriousness of what they termed extremist cell tracking approaches what is known B (الحدادية) and appeared in the state during the last period began exercise Gloha in religion, and is working hard to spread ideas contrary to the doctrine of the right. A number of Salafi preachers spoke for «Alintibaha» The Group is led by a number of young Almnslkhin of some takfirist groups and militant terrorist.
A statement was distributed to the mandate and obtained the newspaper a copy of it to the unveiling what was done to the call of the dangers, where it was reported that the cell, which began publishes its call among young people and university students in particular, targeted and directly undermine the Ansar al-Sunnah and describes the difference المتوعدة fire of hell , and stamped its leaders in the people of misguidance and fads, and some of them may not pray for mercy on the preacher Sheikh Mohamed Sayed pilgrims, called to hear the music and singing Balbsat Ambassria better hear the preaching provided, as demanded by the young not to marry young from any trace of the group.
The newspaper sources revealed that they had clashed at a later time with a number of elements of the group, was publicity firearms, the police intervened and contained the situation, and after a discussion about some of the positions that relate to legitimacy بهجر parents who practice it with each other and about the lack of peace.
It drew a Salafi preachers to the seriousness of the cell, and called on the competent authorities to curb the destructive ideas that will destabilize the security and stability and the impact on the true faith. He also noted preacher to the need for caution and wait for young people when you identify the right approach to the Sunnis and the community.
Alintibaha newspaper
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Developments of the situation serious administrative Crescent sudden resignations of five members of the council

09-05-2012 12:42 PM
Legal source: the legitimate Albrair despite resignations
Sudden explosion of administrative conditions Crescent Club
Five of the council members submitted their resignations to the Executive Office of the club and a copy thereof to UNHCR
Tahir Younis: lack of institutional our reasons for the resignation of and problematic Prince blew conditions
Brigadier Karar: my determination to see causes of problematic Prince and Colonel behind submit my resignation
Exploded conditions Administrative club Crescent abruptly yesterday handed members of the Crescent five Taher Tayeb Younis and Brigadier General Essam Karar and General Hatabah and Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Alkaruri and Abdul Rahman Abu Marin resignations of the Executive Office for Club Crescent and the professor Taher Tayeb Younis handed over a copy of the resignations of the Office of Youth Bbhari will be considered by the Board of Directors Crescent Club causes of resignations to accept or reject them and then submit its report to the Commission, which will take the appropriate decision regarding باستقالات members of the Board of Directors of the five Crescent.
Lack of institutional forced us to submit resignations
Mr. Tayeb Tahir Younis, a member of the Board of Directors Al Hilal that the lack of institutional and lack of response from the Board of Directors Al Hilal to repeated appeals not to resort to individual decisions forced them to submit their resignations after it became not consulted and read the resolutions of the Council of the newspapers as if they are not members of the Council.
Tahir Younis stressed that the issue of team captain Haitham Mostafa with the Council is not the main issue that prompted them to offer their resignations, but that blew up the situation and reflect the size of the crisis within the Crescent and its inability to take a strong and wise decisions in the interest of the entity ..
And during Younes they hope that comes from it is capable of solving the problems of the club honored so as not to be harmed entity, stressing that the football team will be away from the events, noting that as long as what passed crises management team and the ball constant كالطود investigating the victories of internal and external noting that Crescent is not a team football only, but a large and ancient institution over the chronicity.
Karar: my determination to see the dilemma led me to resign
Lapan Brigadier Issam Karar deputy secretary general of the Club Crescent resigned that the reasons for his resignation due to his determination to find out the reasons which called captain Haitham Mostafa enters the problematic with Colonel Hassan Mohamed Saleh Kan added that Mr. Hashim navigator told him the Board's decision to stop the captain even interview the commission of inquiry and said HE Dean said there were not a response from the club's board for his opinion, noting that he was also believes that the timing of the decision is not suitable for freezing Activity commander Crescent and the national team and the Hawks Jedian preparing to prepare to face Ethiopia and Crescent in front of the face of African and wondered Brigadier Why the insistence of the Council on the freeze after the containment of the dilemma between Prince timely and Colonel Dean said the deal the problematic media sports radio exacerbated the problem.
Legal opinion Blolh the
Made legal الضليع and Hilali القح Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Alblolh opinion on the resignation of five members of the Board of Crescent and its impact on the legitimacy of the Council of the club where he began his speech Bosvh and deep sorrow for the outcome of the events administrative Al Hilal, especially since the team waiting for benefits important to both internal and external, and called Mr. Alblolh to activate The role of the Board of Trustees who is a large advisory roles in the interest of the club.
Alblolh: Crescent Council bastard
Explained Mr. Alblolh that the Board of Directors Club Crescent elect its nine members are Mr. Secretary Albrair club president, Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Marin Vice President, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Alkaruri secretary, Mr. Mohammed safe Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Esam Karar Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Ibrahim Khaled Hassan Abbas, deputy secretary of the treasury, Engineer Ahmed Adam member, Mr. Hashim navigator member, Mr. Taher Younis member.
The brigade Hatabah and Brigadier Hatem Abu al-Qasim recruitment and law and regulations dealing with the nine candidates elected and does not deal with members appointed Hatabah and Hatem Abu al-Qasim therefore it is considered that only four members of the House Crescent are المستقيلون Abu Marin, Karuri, Brigadier Karar, Tahir Younis, either brigade Hatabah not enters into the process as a member of a certain quorum to now, the legitimate Crescent Council as it outperforms an increase in member quorum of four members resigned Currently Crescent Council is composed of five members are Mr. Secretary Albrair, Mohamed safe, Hashim Mallah, Ibrahim Khaled Hassan Abbas, Ahmed Adam.
Vdhafadh materials gives the two ministers to intervene
He Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Alblolh, that there are loose materials in the law may be granted federal ministers and state issue a decision to intervene as يريانه appropriate in the public interest.

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Appear (3) the girl child sisters to trial in a criminal offense

09-06-2012 11:47 AM
Appeared before the court of the child Bbhari three girl children sisters ages (07/06/10) years for trial on charges of hit-old girl (9) years with a stone on her head, causing harm to the particle has, during the عبهن in one of the neighborhoods sea.
court had deferred its previous lack of the presence of Al-old girl (6) years culprit for the hearing and the child complainant's family has filed a complaint to the Court of child accuses the three sisters beat her daughter and causing harm her during هوهن neighborhood. microscope political

New developments in a perpetrator massacre Alkalakla the trial ... witness: defendant hit the child victim (3) times the Earth

09-06-2012 11:39 AM
continued the Alkalakla Criminal Court trial of the accused committing a massacre Alkalakla and the court heard the statements of (3) Witnesses accuse their neighbor Family abused Her home (the crime scene) and the sister of the victim Minor.
confirmed witnesses seeing the accused holding a gun (الكلاش), which carried out the crime and said they heard voices gunshot wounds, said a sister wife of the victim that she heard her sister says the accused (do not kill my son) reported witness that she saw the accused which hit the wife and carry her child and beat the ground (3) times and then went to the kitchen and brought a knife stabbed him in the chest, according to the witness that the defendant told her (AHA bloc Lake خليهم die) reported that he went and left. microscope political

Couple peddling Slsla of adulterated jeweler B (8) thousands of pounds

09-06-2012 11:25 AM
couple sold the smooth fiddled went to a jeweler Sennar region of $ 8 thousand pounds source confirmed that caliber السلسل (21), after payment of the amount and السلسل examination turned out it is a mixture of silver, copper and him were written communication fraud Sennar and local police investigations are still ongoing in the face of the two young men. microscope political

Prison and a fine lady promotes cannabis

09-06-2012 11:23 AM
The new area of Hilla lady while she was peace in the police communication traffic accident have delivered (Baku cigarettes) in front of the police to one of her relatives after he came to see her and when police ordered complained Fund and searched found on (Bnico) and opened in the face of reports of drug abuse. According to Ms. when screening with that (Albnico) Almaraudhaat king for a lady boarded with Alrkhh and after the completion of the investigation presented the case before the Court of Dar es Salaam criminal and after hearing the court to the details of the communication issued its decision in prison (3) months in the face of the three defendants and a fine of 300 pounds each, and in the If you do not pay two months in prison and apply sanctions sequentially. microscope political

sentenced to prison nurse molested girl inside Children's Hospital is known

09-06-2012 11:19 AM
inflicted child court sentenced to prison (4) years on the accused without face communication under article (45) of the Criminal Code and mentioned in the details of the case that the accused works as a nurse at a hospital in children known in Khartoum and offers Police Shack Family and Child Protection stating that the pathogen in the day of his shift molested girl lying in the hospital, it was sent police officers to stop and investigate him. Has denied the charge against him was a file transfer his case to the Court for decision. In view of the evidence submitted documents and issued Maulana deep prison nurse (4) years from the date of entering receivership text of Article (45 c) of the Child Act. microscope political

Morsi condemns insulting Sheikh Badr Elham Shahin .. In the presence of Adel Imam

Mohamed Sobhi said, "we have seen from the President refusing to insult actress Elham Shahin or any artist"
09-07-2012 12:01 AM
met with Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a large number of artists, in the Presidential Palace in Arabism, including Ashraf Abdel- Ghafoor captain representatives and Sameh الصريطي agent union and artists Ahmed Eid, Samira Mohsen and Tawfik Hamid and Ezzat Alayli and Mohamed Sobhi. stressed Subhi said that the meeting touched on the suffering of the artists via satellite Islamic insults, especially after the issue of libel and insult Sheikh Badr artist Elham Shahin and said, "we have seen from Dr. Morsi condemnation of what happened with the actress Ilham Shaheen, the President rejected insult artist Elham Shahin or any artist. " said Subhi during his meeting with Morsi "If we reject the insulting and cursing and insulting the president does accept the President that the preachers cursed artists and tossed artists replied the president," Do not accept it . " He described the artist Mohamed Sobhi meeting as positive, saying, "The meeting left a good impression with all who attended." said Subhi In exclusive statements to "Arab. Net": "It is a touch of President Morsi that an Egyptian man and patriot and did not see the identity of the party that defines President being a candidate of Freedom and Justice Party offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. " He said Subhi be to meet with President array of artists letter from him upholding the message of art and faith in him. meeting was attended by personalities from the intellectuals and artists known for opposing extreme Islamic trend, including the artist Adel Imam and the poet Ahmed عبدالمعطي Hijazi and writer Mohamed Salmawy head of the Union of Writers and film director Khaled Youssef. During the meeting, called the star Adel Imam assurances from President not to be subjected to the art and creativity of Egypt, and not insulting the artists and creators who have faced cons of the community, and pointed out that the art treatment of most cases of chronic experienced by the country and still. expressed Egyptian artists in their meeting with President Morsi objected to the selection of the Presidential Council of Egypt where no membership includes none of the artists, stressing that they class of society express it in their work of art. stressed artists on the opposition also attacked some of the symbols of the Salafist movement of artists and actresses In their conversations via satellite. has long meeting in more than two hours, and the president promised to repeat these meetings, to meet in the next time with each class, such as writers, filmmakers and others, including allowed to talk about the problems of each class in the center. The Ministry of Culture has provided revealing the names of artists and writers candidates to attend the meeting, to the institution of the presidency brought together 140 artists to 100 artists are selected them. Arab News

Saudi Modi back first as assistant cultural attache
highest office handled by a woman in the Saudi cultural attaché of the Ministry of Higher Education
09-07-2012 11:26 AM
Issued Saudi cultural attaché in the United States, Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa, a decree appointing Dr. Modi back as his assistant Affairs cultural and social, to occupy the highest position تتبوأه Saudi Arabia in "Missions", in a gesture is the first of its kind in the Saudi Cultural Missions abroad. said Alissa: "Dr. back of competencies that are worth encouraging, and we wish her ​​well, and this initiative is an incentive for her and other , to provide more tender and effort, and previously acted as supervisor of Cultural Affairs, "according to the newspaper" life "of London. , and pointed out that the position he Tolth back is the highest position handled by a woman in Saudi Cultural Missions of the Ministry of Higher Education, pointing out that 13 Saudi Arabia work in the SACM, They Movdat of King Saud University, Princess Noura and other universities. Arab Net

--------------------------------- ------------------------
France charging Magazines lady published images sea clothes
picked up the binary images during the presidential vacation off the southern coast of the country
09-07-2012 10:55 AM
announced lawyer Valerie Trerfilir, a friend of French President Francois Hollande, they prosecute three magazines of Fame, for breach of privacy after publishing pictures of the two suits sea. were magazines closer and Vojse and Public've put on their covers images of the couple picked up from a distance, while they were in the holiday resort of Fort Bergançon Presidential off the southern coast of France. said magazine editor in. MSI. de The magazine published photos also were convicted of violating the privacy on Tuesday and was fined to pay the amount of $ 2,500 to Trerfilir, an amount less than that requested by the First Lady and reached 30 thousand. noteworthy that French law is one of the more European laws protecting the right to maintain one's privacy and do not let violated. And celebrities routinely receives compensation for publishing their photos private. And often demanding courts magazines publication of the judgment on their labels. considered relationship Trerfilir Bhowland out of wedlock source of charm in France, to the point formed a rich material led to the publication of 3 books for its relations strained with Segolene Royal girlfriend Holland previous mother of his four sons. On the other hand, declined to Valerie , according to the agency "Reuters", for the prosecution of the magazine "Paris Match" where I stayed working as a journalist after the election of Hollande, the note mentioned that the magazine published photos of the holiday itself, but the first lady explained that the pictures were motivated more conservative. Arab News

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Central Bank of Sudan declares cease dealing distorted currencies
Currency will be replaced by a 50% discount from face value
09-06-2012 03:35 PM
Central Bank of Sudan issued a declaration for both the public and local currency dealers that it will stop dealing in currencies distorted or labeled, and explained Declaration that all currencies will be replaced torn branches of the Central Bank no later than the first of October this month, and after this date will be replaced Currency deduct 50% of the nominal value. complete declaration:

Central Bank of Sudan, the
banking sector and
the General Administration of currency issuance
In the context of the pursuit of public administration for the version in elevating the level of quality of the currency and secure the safety and preservation, and in line with the draft policy clean currency issued by the central bank, the General Administration of issuing appeals to citizens are requested to maintain the Maldém of banknotes are always clean and intact, in order to preserve the rights and wealth and it follows :
1 / do not write it at all.
2 / use conservative even for اتتعرض banknotes to dirt as well as to avoid conservation in humid places even not lose their properties.
3 / saved away from liquids and inks, oils and chemicals that cause distortion and damage.
, we note that the banknotes, which writes them or are distorted بالأحبار and other liquids must be replaced with a clean commercial banks or branches of the Central Bank, where he may decide to be the first of October this year is the last day to handle such currencies distorted, but after that date will be replaced by only 50% of their value Par.
On the other hand, the currency broken or burned or torn must be delivered to the branches of the Central Bank of the purpose of compensation for the value of either 50% or 100% of the nominal value as defined by the publication 6/2012 issued by the General Administration of release on 4/7 / 2012 m.

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Adjust dealer sells chicken innards bad for citizens

09-08-2012 11:37 AM
Authorities area of Dar es Salaam in the market (4) arrested the dealer sells the bowels of chicken (Qguans, liver, and kidneys) to citizens without a license where the police have taken in the face necessary action in accordance with local orders were referred exhibits for examination by veterinary medicine was to bring benefit in quarantine that اللحوم متعفنة وتباع بصورة غير صحية ، وعلية وبعد إكمال أوراق البلاغ حول أمام محكمة دار السلام الجنائية ووضع الملف أمام مولانا سليمان خالد موسى فتم تحويلة إلى جهات الاختصاص بمحكمة النظام العام للفصل فيه.

political microscope

prison sentence on drug users Hashish

09 - 08-2012 11:36 AM
Criminal Court District victory, was sentenced to one year on a woman dealing hashish and ordered Bngrema (100) pounds and the extermination of cannabis exhibits and deliver the amount of deposit and the ability of (900) pounds for the guilty and so after being convicted under Article (20 / a) Law Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1994 drug use.
The police had arrested the accused Psoba land in allegiance team found the police (30) piece of cannabis possession and referred the author of the Court, which heard the complainant and prosecution witnesses who said they found the cut lawn inside the carton box for coffee and found the amount of allegiance stylus has denied condemned possession of hashish, and stated that the place where they found it on exhibits (Rakubh) to belong and after the court heard the statements of witnesses, defense who confirmed that the condemned is working to sell food in that store Psoba, and where you found it on exhibits for Aa_khasha and proven The court actually (Alrakubh) is not the property of the guilty not of their own .. Garret its decision after the Court ruled observed conditions condemned as a count of eight sons and her husband does not exist. microscope political

Charging (4) Persons of killing a young man in Omdurman

09-08-2012 11:33 AM
Detective first revealed in front of Maulana Suleiman Khaled, Criminal Court Judge in Dar es Salaam the circumstances of the death of a young man by a gang armed with machetes and Detective told the court that police responded communications to the Dar es Salaam stating that the victim had been beaten with a machete, communication was opened to the incident under penalty of serious harm and Ornek extract (8) In the course of criminal victim ambulance to the hospital died to be modified author of serious harm to the murder. Said Detective had been arrested four suspects and confirmed by two witnesses in the daily investigation they were walking to fetch dinner when intercepted en route armed gang of (6) people armed with machetes, including four defendants and tried to Anhboheme was the victim sitting in front of his house and when he saw the defendants had clashed them quickly attended to break up the melee, but one of the defendants urgent machete blow to the head and died during the later help him to the hospital. Detective confirmed to the Court that it was delivered papers author of a young Althata which completed the procedures for communication and it lifted the court session and identified in the first session of October next to hear Detective Althata. microscope political

------------------- ------------------------
UAE plane crash at Khartoum airport

and arrived safely to the Emirate of Dubai
09-07-2012 09:57 PM
delayed yesterday at Khartoum Airport aircraft lines UAE for two hours and remained travelers inside .. After the damage has been fixed, and left the plane to arrive safely to the Emirate of Dubai. Sudanese newspaper

Bashir sweetness .. Christmas in his marriage «50» gave his house to his wife
did not go my wife said one day to her family home because of a dispute
09-07-2012 02:36 PM
Bashir Osman Bashir famous 'sweetness' married life lived full of respect and mutual love between him and his wife of the late Kulthum Abdullah celebrated on the ninth of February each year far their marriage .. Last year celebrated the golden jubilee of their marriage was celebrated Mehrjaa of joy for them and their children and grandchildren over the fifty-one-year-old did not hurt the recession of wedlock, every year over their lives is considered Uncle sweetness holiday new marriage for them «nay» sat him at his home revolution to know more about his marriage the secret of continuity and renewal and pulse throughout this period of vitality,
uncle Bashir Osman Salem was born in the city of Wad Medani in 1941 working torturer technician in the field of design Bags Onatic gifts, etc., and displays his work in Dar folk arts, he attended from Wad Medani to Omdurman since 1968 and move between neighborhoods beginning of the iPod Nobawi, and lives now in the revolution warm 13 and the beginning of his journey with marriage tells the sweetness of saying: I got married when I was twenty years old and my wife, Umm Kulthum age of fifteen years, the daughter of my aunt and we got married for love and went then to our parents and asked for her hand them were married on 9/2 / 1961 and this date is a lot in our lives and our marriage was simplified so was not expensive and sung in our marriage Abu Arki Bakhit, Abdul Aziz Mosque and the dual-island and good Agag and Mohamed poor and attended the wedding artist Mohamed Lamine and poet Fadlallah Mohammed, and the idea of the annual celebration of marriage, said since the first year of marriage began celebrate بزواجنا and mini manner then became celebrated with us our children and grandchildren and I'm very interested in the documentation for each event in our lives photography festival down first marriage for one last session.
and how to confront the differences? He said over the years of marriage did not go my wife one day to house her family because, otherwise we Mtfihaman not get into any third party to resolve our problems and our ability to overcome them and if there is otherwise a simple out outside the home garden for discussion and there is our profound respect did not come out days for the market to eliminate the needs of the home, but brought her myself.
and the golden jubilee of their marriage he said: It was a day extraordinary for us especially that despite the passage of fifty years ago, but it passed like hours and with us our children and grandchildren and knowledge, parents and friends and brought an artist for the ceremony and جهزنا Kosha wedding like Zool on marriage for us and it was wonderful and attended devices different media and always attend My son Talal of London to celebrate our marriage with us far and marks our anniversary, birthday Hvidena compliance Lewis and celebrate them with us and provided for my wife our house which inhabit a gift for our anniversary session.
another and celebrate to feast their marriage? He was a feast per session this year in the month of February and we celebrated in Cairo which in the case of hospitalization there was another celebration for us and then she died and now I can not stand the house because she was a virtuous woman is the quality will not be repeated, and despite the existence of my children and my grandchildren around me felt great vacuum is not filled a. Her forgiveness and mercy from God. Posted: joys crown seal Alintibaha newspaper

------------------------------------- ----
plane (الأنتنوف) fail to boot from (Wad Panda)!!

captain tried to quit aided B (Sajat) but failed
09-07-2012 02:26 PM
sources, learned that intensive efforts led by local authorities area (Wad Panda) to help aircraft الأنتنوف in take-off from the center of the sand, after he arrived from white fuel western Sudan. He informed source (newspaper Alintibaha) that the captain tried to quit the help of (b Sajat) but failed to do so, and he proposed to migrate the plane of the place via crane and put it in a tractor to delivery to the asphalt way and then take off from there, but the authorities assured him the impossibility the arrival of units for the region because of heavy sand. The source confirmed that the crew returned to the local break yesterday evening, waiting for any other solutions.
newspaper Alintibaha

Sentenced to death by hanging to death a teenager raped a minor
family took advantage of the opportunity the absence of the child from the home and forcibly introduced into a room at her home
09-07-2012 02:24 PM
Child court in Khartoum Bahri, headed by Judge Joseph Isaac, yesterday (Thursday), sentenced to death by hanging up Death on the teenager Ashrana forced child minor age (13) years of outrageous and raped her forcibly inside her Hajj Yusuf.
came the merits of the trial that the defendant took advantage of the opportunity the absence of family child from home and insert forcibly inside a room at her home and raped her, came her father بعربته chance to the house and found the accused in the development of obscene with his daughter, informed the police for help (999), which arrived on the scene, he was stopped and offered the girl to a doctor who confirmed the rape, and it caused the worst punishment Court convicted.
newspaper political microscope


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Imams of mosques in Khartoum, demanding the expulsion of the German ambassador

09-08-2012 02:18 PM
A number of imams in Khartoum state need to address the campaign organization in a number of Western countries to abuse the Prophet Muhammad, pointing to what was done by some German media to re-fee depicting the Prophet Muhammad, demanding all Islamic countries to expel ambassadors Germans from their countries. He called imam and preacher of Al-Nour mosque Pkavori d. Issam Ahmad al-Bashir in his Friday sermon yesterday, rulers, preachers and people to meet those of the poor and abusive actions of the Prophet Muhammad, and not to deal with them coldly. He said that the phenomenon of Islamophobia and hatred it has become serious, and said that this fact is not accepted by anyone, that extremism breeds extremism balanced. He stressed that the Justice absolute value does not change for enmity, pointing out that the West is not a single block deaf, but there are free advocated reality in many cases, citing the world Joseph old, who gave a stronger law for the protection of Islamic law, and the German poet Goethe and others, stressing that there is a fair but their voices are dimmed because of the Western media. UN resolution which was released in 2011 and criminalizes those who commit these abuses, stressing that Islam approved the seven principles of coexistence of religious faith unity of absolute dignity of human beings, calling for respect for the beliefs of Muslims and their sanctities. On his part, said the imam and mosque preacher Sheikh Dr. senders ring. Youssef Abdul Hai, said that those who insult the Prophet Muhammad reached their debauchery graphics to stand up to those in front of mosques to provoke Muslims. Abdul Hai said: «Whatever Ositm the Holy Prophet in the ultimate place and thinnest. He added: «still نتقرب to God in prayer it is. He said that the Holy Prophet both drawn سفيه and exceeded it despicable that will not diminish something from him, pointing out that the father of ignorance and other Quraish infidels insulted him before, so where are they today? .
Among the imams who denounced the cartoons and managed «Alintibaha» spotted, Sheikh Abu Zaid Mohammed Hamza, imam of a mosque warm first, Wed. Ibrahim Alkaruri, d. Muhammad al-Amin Ismail, the imam of a mosque Open journalism, d. Mohamed El Sayed Mohammed Imam Mosque International University of Africa, and d. Abdullah Sayed Ahmed, the imam of a mosque university, Wed. Mudesir Ahmed Ismail, imam of a mosque Faiha, and Sheikh Mohammed Mustafa Abdel-Qader imam of a mosque Ansar al-Sunna Bafattaahab, Sheikh Muhannad Tijani imam of a mosque jelly, Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Tnon, Sheikh Khalid Omar imam of a mosque المستغفرين Balamarat, Sheikh Mamoun Mokhtar imam of a mosque Shambat land, and Sheikh Ahmed Abdel Moneim Imam of Aldroushab North imam of the mosque of repentance, and Sheikh Mohammed Shams al-Din mosque Sennar, Sheikh Abdel Hafez imam of a mosque Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, and Sheikh Moataz Abdel Rahman imam of a mosque Hajj Yusuf, and Sheikh Abdul Qader Abu centuries imam of a mosque rituals own Adwa Ban, Sheikh Mehran Maher imam Mosque Taif, Sheikh Abu Dhar Tijani, Sheikh Fakhruddin Othman, and Sheikh Omar Bakhit, and Sheikh Ibrahim Mirghani, Sheikh Abdel Fattah Taher Mosque Quba in a suit Coco, and Sheikh Ammar Abdul Karim imam of a mosque compound Islamic الجريف west, and Sheikh section Abdullah and Sheikh Dafallah According to the Apostle member of the National Assembly and d. Muhammad Ali Mosque Jazouli Maraj Taif 51 box.
Crescent Council stop Haitham Mostafa activity until the end of the season because of his appearance before the Commission of Inquiry

09-09-2012 10:01 AM
I learned informed sources that the Board of Directors Club Crescent and through meeting today taken the decision to stop the activity team captain until the end of the season because of his appearance before the commission of inquiry as the Council finally on the background of the problem captain and director of public relations before the game Mars last in the Confederacy, the sources pointed out that the council did not announce the decision because of the team match is scheduled to play this evening against Ethiopia and involving Haitham Mustafa, the leader of the team.
Did not allow us in Kafr tendon and confirm the news from a source within the club's board of directors.
Kafr Water
Of citizens to appeal Ali Osman on microfinance

09-09-2012 09:27 AM
Face citizens an urgent appeal to the deputy first Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the withdrawal of taxes and profits added formats microfinance, and complained about a number of them claim banks financed the value of Murabaha under which the discount profits advance by 25% of the total amount allocated for financing, and said that the bank demanded applicant Lease in the final bill to pay value added tax which is deducted at about 2,700 pounds of the total aggregate amount appropriated (10) thousand pounds, which form an additional burden on the poor activist economically and exposing his loss.
Policy Focus

Kiss campaigning mosques in the Netherlands

09-09-2012 09:20 AM
ruled out left and right-wing parties in the Netherlands to participate in the future government with the far-right Freedom Party led by Geert Wilders, considering that this latest rift in the party and devoted community of discrimination in the past two years, which support two right-wing government. came in a debate organized by Thursday, "a company set up conferences" in the Badr Mosque in the capital Amsterdam, attended by leaders of the six parties, major, ahead of early parliamentary elections take place next week. Khelil said Ait Bilal director of the company for the island revealed that the goal of the discussion is to explain to the voters Muslim positions of the parties of the issues of discrimination and campaigns biased against Muslims. bend and was remarkable presence Gardens Ventrz leadership of the party "juncture democratic" headed by Hiro Pericman, who was until recently the second man in the party, Wilders, and stripped him, accusing him of dictatorship and manipulation statements firearms to win votes without Ask real solutions. said the island revealed that her party will not participate in any coalition be Wilders' party, and posed "juncture democratic" contradicts completely put Wilders, where that "Islam is a religion and not أديولوجيا, nor assess the citizen on the basis of religion or race, but on the basis of participation . " explained Ventrz they came to participate in a debate in the mosque, which is a clear indication that her party announces a break with the anti-Wilders of the mosques, and expressed willingness party to any dialogue with the mosques to cooperate in solving social problems. post , according to Ahmed Marcouch of the opposition Labor Party has entered the Netherlands turning point marked Balaanqan under the right-wing government earlier, and the favorable opportunity now for another color lead the country and restore social peace and announce a break with discrimination. , and about what he would do his party - is expected to be one of the first by centers sounding views - with a package of laws that been approved or are in the process of approval, he said "Every law see a Haifa or discrimination will return to Parliament again, and the laws that did not recognize you will not نمررها if they are contrary to the principles of our party and affect peace social." and on the position of the party that rejects burqa, said, "We as a party for us and the point of view of the burqa and believe that it is impractical in the community, but will not participate in the issuance of law that prevents. " The Tawfiq Debbie is one of the most important leaders of the Greens spoke of the island red lines will not bettered his own party. "The post Wilders in governance and the attack on the freedom of individuals and groups will be the discussion between us and the other parties." Sharia has boycotted the debates individuals belonging to groups of Sharia in Belgium and the Netherlands, and tried to bring about confusion and raising slogans demanding the sharia and condemn the exploitation of platforms religious to promote heresy and heresy by their opinion, forcing the police to arrest them and expel the others. said Abu Atiq, which is one of the expelled from the hall, he came from Belgium to stop the "farce polytheists and infidels who enter the mosque to call for a decoy." and added that politicians seek outside election time for the attack on the holy sites, and at what come the elections come to mosques to buy votes, and asked the Muslims not to participate in the "infidels elections", saying that Sharia is the solution. island

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Controversy over the "mixing" at the University of Saudi Arabia

09-09-2012 09:08 AM
a storm of controversy arose in Saudi Arabia on the social networking site "Twitter", after the incident, what was described as a "mixing" occurred, Princess Nora University for Girls in the capital Riyadh a few days ago on the back of entry of a number From academics to teach students. Whereas met event campaign denounced by circles conservative Islamists, others saw occur each to the island revealed that the escalation of it political dimensions beyond the question of "mixing" to stand up against what they called the projects the state retrofit in a Saudi woman, stressing that the title what happened to "liquidate their accounts with the line of openness that led the state." the current debate had been locked, "cyberspace", has not been passed to cover the local media has, unlike the international news agencies, which shed light on the subject, and the news of a short newspaper and one which is home denies "common mixing" and says, "The university used to launch campaigns defamatory them, because they are University Women and the new." Back to the controversial "KAUST" What happened at the University of Nora brought to the surface scenario 2009 at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology "KAUST" which gave then the religious conservative inter data and campaigns anti warned of the impact of mixing, and was among the repercussions of the event dismissal of one of the leading members of the official religious establishment, Sheikh Saad Alstrae from office, after advice television "requesting undo mixing in KAUST." The site lightning-mail "spearhead" in escalating the file of women through a mass media campaign, and site description, calculated on the conservatism of what happened from the mixing of the "University of Nora" the wave of Westernization new for Saudi women. also quoted the words of researcher legitimate senior named Ibrahim drunken saying that "this arrogance التغريبية incomprehensible at all in light of the Arab Spring and the growing area of popular participation, "to indicate then that is what happened," a repeat of the Battle of KAUST, through what might be called Westernization administrative decision, "he said. In an exclusive interview to the island warned academic legitimate one Saudi universities - preferred not to mention his name - from attempts to "justification legitimate" what happened a roundabout way, he said, adding that what happened shows that the wing alienation in the circle of decision-making wants to work "trial balloon" to socialize at the University Women's set up for it. except that the researcher criticized indirectly Authority senior scientists as the official religious establishment, which did nothing - according to him - "I do not want positions figure them haraam فحن know their views on this very well and they are against it, but we want an official statement signed on behalf of the Commission condemns what happened openly." island

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and to Khartoum decide drying the new position and the evacuation of the center of the capital, the

southern opening of the hospital and the abolition of free operations
09-09-2012 08:40 AM
cesarean announced to Khartoum d. Abdul Rahman greens drying position of Transportation's New (Corker) to be the movement of transportation circular, and the face of the governor to evacuate the center of Khartoum markets and street vendors, and confined in one place within a period of a month, and the evacuation of Road Accidents Hospital Khartoum, except for activities that follow the hospital, considered overstock central Khartoum citizens that (inadvertently) ask for the discount. He said the governor during his address to celebrate the opening of the hospital south, to leave the Council of Ministers of the Organization Chart will be binding on the state, Makdaderasth by experts Sudanese and foreigners at a cost of 200 million pounds, and added that the study came out a set of routers that ruled بخلخلة central Khartoum and the transfer market Khartoum to a rural area and the need to transfer medical services to the parties with the exception of a Khartoum hospital. The governor revealed arrangements for the opening (6) hospital emergency Parties. It also announced a clarion for urgent reforms to Khartoum Hospital, at a time when uncovered and SMoH drying incidents Jaafar bin Auf Hospital and transferred to hospitals academic promise and Soba, make specialty hospital, next to Khartoum morgue transfer to another location. The face of the governor to cancel free Caesarean sections and treatment of children under five years of age, that therapeutic services are provided through the health insurance card and economic treatment.
microscope political ----------------------- ------------------ the killing of a child by his father and his second wife, 09-08-2012 02:22 PM Stmat Criminal Court or mane headed by Maulana Muhammad Abdullah to the complainant in the case of the death of a child at the hands of his father and his wife «الضرة» own mane warm «14», said the complainant «the mother of the child» that «husband» the accused asked her a month before the incident, took the child, and when she refused he beat and beat me and take it without my consent and four days after I called on «الضرة» She told me that the accused «father of the child» The blow to the head, and when I attended to see him prevented me from entering and went child into the room and five days later I called the «الضرة» to tell me that my baby «victim» has been subjected to a fire was help him to the hospital and died later, and when I attended asked police «Lantau you have dogs?» because the child is naturally so I did stop command statement burial and an autopsy to determine the causes of death and came in the doctor's report that a child has been subjected to a lot of neglect and there his body a lot of wounds and the impact of the bite on the left side and severe bleeding and a broken bone and skull of the impact of the collision solid body, and after the court hearing set next session to continue. Alintibaha

Adjust two thousand kilograms of white chicks corrupt

09-08-2012 02:11 PM
managed Sudanese Organization for Standardization and Metrology North Kordofan State to adjust the two thousand kilograms of rotten chicken on board the vehicle دفار Great White City market coming from Khartoum. He told «Sauna» engineer father over Sheikh Tayeb, director of the state, the unit inspection and control white spotted a foul odor as a result of rotting chicken and the absence of the preamble describes the history of production, indicating that the chicks belonging to a trader with a company that shipped the chicks from Khartoum to white. He added that the Authority carried out a number of campaigns resulted in seizures of rotten chicken in the city, stressing that the Commission is keen to protect consumers from fraud and commercial fraud and has shown that it will take legal action against all those involved in these irregularities.
____ ----------------------------------------

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Imprisonment and a fine on a pair terrorized his wife

09-10-2012 11:38 AM
Criminal Court ruled victory over the neighborhood terrorized his wife with a fine pair (100) pounds with 3 months in prison and a fine (300) pounds for the crime of destruction, as well as to the skin (25) lashes for the crime of insulting the religion.
According to the indictment, the pair had quarreled with his wife, oldest to break Dolabha private and taking their holdings which were estimated at 3 (b) thousands of pounds and burn it, and after that he Barhabha insult her faith, and made ​​his wife a number of neighbors who witnessed the incident and it issued Court decision. microscope political

Imprisonment and a fine on a pair terrorized his wife

09-10-2012 11:38 AM
Criminal Court ruled victory over the neighborhood terrorized his wife with a fine pair (100) pounds with 3 months in prison and a fine (300) pounds for the crime of destruction, as well as to the skin (25) lashes for the crime of insulting the religion.
According to the indictment, the pair had quarreled with his wife, oldest to break Dolabha private and taking their holdings which were estimated at 3 (b) thousands of pounds and burn it, and after that he Barhabha insult her faith, and made ​​his wife a number of neighbors who witnessed the incident and it issued Court decision. microscope political

electric lawyer بصعقة the death in Omdurman

09-10-2012 11:32 AM
died lawyer "secret seal Jafar" after electric shock on the first night while trying to repair the air conditioner.
reliable source told that the lawyer "secret seal" was while watching the national team match with Ethiopia injured AC بعطب So to fix it, and encountered a shame cord resulting in injury بصعقة electrical and attempts were made ​​to resuscitate him but he died the police were notified of the incident and his family refused to dissect the body and it has Muarath rest. microscope political

Tapedh's (teacher) raped pupils in Gedaref

09-10-2012 11:13 AM
Family Protection Court and child بالقضارف yesterday on teacher raped students in the first grade foundation stage to life imprisonment.
told the judge the merits of the decision that convicted Artketb a heinous crime in one of the private schools بالقضارف early last Aonioam, and Ya nationalism Court for the Central States and Gedaref amended the previous ruling against the accused (7) years to life imprisonment based on the Law of the Child and criminal law. The lawyer said the accusation Abdelwahab Abdallah Ahmed, said that the punishment first was not enough against the accused, prompting the family of the child to make an appeal to the Supreme Court, which amended the punishment of imprisonment for seven years to life imprisonment and a fine (5) thousands of pounds compensation (10) thousand pounds. microscope political

Young man kills his cousin stabbed to death because of (soccer)

09.10.2012 10:58 AM
been in the prime of life citizen was killed by his cousin stabbed to death by a local mountain south of Khartoum because of initial blow reel feet, and was accused of passing the football field and hit him Ball inadvertently but it took out a knife and hit by several stabs of people in different parts of his body were first aid incidents Hospital Khartoum, but he died there of his wounds and the results were the medical reports that the cause of death was acute bleeding and landing in circulation, was open communication in the face of the accused have been taken Police all legal procedures in the incident and arrested the accused and judicially confessed to the crime. microscope political

Young man paralyzed after beating b (crutch)

9/10/2012 10:53 AM
was badly injured man in the head impact blow بعكاز in sharp altercation took place between him and the children of cousins ​​in the theft of livestock owned one villages Balnhod of .. It is noted in the details that the patient had gone with cousins ​​to search for livestock lost and they have been accused of a particular person, and when they went to the place specified did not find them in his possession and he accused protest and benefit someone to go to raise the issue of Re honor and began exchanging talk, including the process of disengagement between the parties and tried to present constipation them so as not to kill each other at that moment and took advantage of one of them the opportunity and he beat the young man with a stick on his head and fell unconscious, where he was to inform police breasts, which arrested the accused and referred the patient to a hospital breasts, including a hospital Khartoum, came the doctor's report stating that there is a bleeding brain needs to treatments continues , as he was paraplegic and the inability to speak and is still in the hospital receiving treatment. microscope political

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wounding a man with an ax after his intervention to break up a brawl

09-10-2012 10:45 AM
exposed young Taher Abdel Kader ax blow on the head when he tried to break up a fight between a number of young Singa locality, as debate raged between them and tried to One of them hit his opponent, but the intervention affected a wayfarer to stop the melee fell ax on the head and fell unconscious and was help him to a hospital Khartoum, said the doctor on duty that there was no fracture skull after conducted image cross-sectional of the injured who booked until beyond the stage of danger. microscope political

Madonna takes off her shirt at a party in New York in support of Obama - Picture

president's name appeared on the American singer's body tattooed black
09-09-2012 05:51 PM
American singer Madonna is not new, but this time Tareha may attract the attention of large numbers because of the use of her body for the benefit of the election campaign of President Barack Obama. published magazine "Klozir" French picture of Madonna was thrown off her shirt during a concert أحيتها in a Stadiums New York to appear on her back tattoo big black bears the name of President Obama, joining Madonna to a group of the most famous Hollywood expressed the تأييدهن President Obama in the U.S. presidential election coming on Roshen Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria. Some say that the definition Madonna is no longer of great interest by the media, both because of the large Tareha or because of progress in age (53 years old). was Madonna in May the past has shown her breasts to the public during the concert set up in Turkey, has raised considerable controversy among the public, but the pop star did not bother to do so. Arab News

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Sentenced to death Iraqi Vice President .. and 100 people were killed in a series of bombings

09-10-2012 07:23 AM
shook series of car bombs regions predominantly Shiites in Baghdad on Sunday after a death sentence on fugitive Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, while fallen More than 100 people across the country in one of the bloodiest days this year. threatens the verdict in absentia on al-Hashemi and the escalation of violence fueling sectarian tensions in Iraq, where the government faces Shi'ite-led political crisis and rebellion for the year, nine months after U.S. troops leave the country. provided Hashemi a Sunni politician, much of Iraq after the authorities issued an order for his arrest in December in a move that threatened the collapse of the power-sharing agreement fragile between the blocks Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish. After the court's ruling and bombings in six regions predominantly Shiite around Baghdad, including one outside a restaurant and another in district, a busy commercial and in the wake of bomb attacks earlier in other cities in Iraq. said Alaa Majeed after an explosion in Baghdad's Sadr City "I heard women screaming. saw people running in all directions and chairs scattered in the street. smashed windows (home). hit my mother and two children as well. " It is not likely that al-Hashemi back to Iraq from Turkey. He had accused Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of orchestrating a campaign against opponents of the year and refused to appear in court, saying it would not be fair. said Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council that al-Hashemi and his son convicted in the killing of a lawyer and a security official. described Jaber Al Jabri deputy parliament and a member of the list Iraq, which belongs to al-Hashemi and year-backed government as a political decision. He said that despite all the respect for the judicial system of Iraq, but the ruling was politically motivated. Hours before the verdict resulted in a wave of bombings and shootings killed at least 58 people and a car bomb exploded in front of an office of the Consulate of France in the city of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. , and since the departure of U.S. forces from Iraq government has been al-Maliki's Shi'ite-led to a political crisis and continued armed attacks in order to ignite sectarian tensions that pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war in 2006 and 2007. Officials said the deadliest bombings that preceded the sentencing took place near the city of Amara, 300 km south of Baghdad when two car bombs exploded in front of a Shi'ite shrine and a market, killing at least 16 people. After the overcrowding of the main hospital in architecture overwhelmed used loudspeakers mosques city to invite people to donate blood. fell more deaths in bombings in Kirkuk, Baquba and Samarra, Basra and Tuz Khurmatu, and an attack on Army base and targeted bombing last people who were lined up to apply for recruitment of security guards company NOC. Authorities said the car bomb that exploded in front of the building that houses the French consulate in the city of Nassiriya, 300 km south of Baghdad, killed one policeman and wounded four. It was not the consul, an Iraqi nationality in the office at the time the attack. After the fall of Saddam Hussein and the rise of Shiite political force to power many feel Iraqi Sunnis that they are marginalized. politicians say years that Maliki does not implement its agreements to share government power among the parties, a charge denied by his supporters, citing the appointment of years in important positions. Upon the issuance of the charges against al-Hashemi at the end of last year, called the Iraqi List, a boycott of parliament and government. But the list has seen more defections since then. often accompanied by increased political tension escalation of violence as he tries to Sunni insurgents exploit unrest to launch attacks against the government and security forces and targets Shiite religious. Violence has dropped in Iraq since peaking in 2006 and 2007 when he won the sectarian violence lives thousands. But still Sunni insurgents and al Qaeda militants carry out a major attack at least monthly. increased differences in the Maliki government and the emergence of al Qaeda wing of the new fears of a return to violence and widespread, especially in the time that he finds Iraq difficult to contain the effects of growing conflict in Syria. announced Islamic State of Iraq wing of al Qaeda in Iraq of responsibility for other major attacks on security forces and Shiite neighborhoods inhabited. However, the former members of the outlawed Baath Party, which had belonged to the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and other Sunni groups fighting the government also.

Details exciting for the first time published a plan for Omar Suleiman 'hit' Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia ... and the secession of southern Sudan,

why change the position of the Sudan?!
10.9.2012 07:10 AM
deployment site Awramba Times, a specialist in Ethiopian affairs, PDF file accounted for "Wikileaks" explains multiple messages appear statements to diplomatic sources, Egypt has in 2010, on the issue of "Bridging the Millennium," which seeks Ethiopia to build it. shows the file «and يكيلكس» initially told Egypt's ambassador to Lebanon in this period shows where that Egypt will do the impossible to prevent the separation of Sudan - which broke away in the end - and that the importance of the Nile River in Egypt, making it strives for the unity of Sudan to facilitate the negotiation process with the government of one instead of two governments. coming in for messages to be referred to the intervention of the late Omar Suleiman, the intelligence chief, a former in this file, which sought to make sure Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir would agree to the presence of military forces and commando units Egyptian Sudan; seeking to demolish the dams that are built and in the case of failure of all diplomatic solutions, but sources confirmed that Egypt is trying as much as possible not to resort to a military solution, and that this solution will not a war, but only send Egyptian plane to Sudan to hit the dam, and Egypt had done so circles in 1970 when Ethiopia was seeking to build a dam huge. and diplomatic source said that Egypt will provide assistance to South Africa, especially with regard to projects of water and prevent Israel from interfering in the south to stop the damage to the interests of Egypt, as confirmed by the Egyptian ambassador in Lebanon that Egypt will grant Sudan $ 300 million and the development of friendly relations with them, as well as providing aid to the South Sudanese such as training and rehabilitation المدرسيين Sudanese, and the establishment of a branch of Alexandria University in Juba and building projects to purify water and other aid different. , but in July 2011 changed the opinion of the Sudan in this matter completely, فاستطاعت Ethiopia obtaining the approval of public opinion Sudanese on the construction of the dam in return for supplying Sudan with electricity and set up projects of view, "and shows here question why change the position of the Sudan and the is supposed to be one of the countries affected by the dam?. " What happened that Ethiopia has sent delegates have to Sudanese universities to explain the benefits of the dam for students Sudanese and who in turn influenced the public opinion, which impact on the Sudanese President. stands for Egypt alone in this crisis, especially with the attitudes contradictory to Ethiopia - as approved sources - After being assured one of the sources that Ethiopia has pledged that it will not store water for agriculture and that it would only just use it to generate electricity, said a security source was in constant contact with former President Mubarak and the late Omar Suleiman to confirm that Mubarak occur in May 2010 with Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to agree not to use Ethiopia water only to generate electricity but Ethiopia rejected this. also confirmed one of the sources said that Ethiopia will build 40 bridge over the years, which would make the share of Egypt and Sudan fall of up to 8 billion cubic meters cube of water, despite the fact that the impact of these dams will appear after 20 - 50 years, but it remains disastrous, with faith in Egypt against Ethiopia in the construction of dams for electricity and agriculture are trying to use diplomatic solutions to resolve the crisis. believe Jacob Erslano expert politicians aquatic Ethiopia, that Egypt would agree sooner or later the dam project millennium, at the same time come the death of «Meles Zenawi», Ethiopian Prime Minister and former supporter basic Dam Project Millennium to change the balance of things a bit to allow a decline Ethiopia for its project, especially with the Egyptian government to travel to Addis Ababa to provide duty condolences it. are Djibouti, one of the countries supporting Ethiopia in the construction of the dam, where she participated in buying securities from Ethiopia of one million U.S. dollars, to become this amount, the largest amount provided to support the Renaissance. mentions that Ethiopia had decided to build a dam Renaissance on River Nile province built Snjul Gomez on the Ethiopian-Sudanese border and will reach a length of 1,800 meters and a height of 45 meters.

perimeter network
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Saudi parameter requires fiance to marry of صديقتيها

wives gather in the apartment of one of which the date for the night,
09-09-2012 06:00 PM
surprised the one who wanted to marry the groom Advanced her by requiring that marries her friends in school in which they operate or distract considering it. has developed a parameter that live in the province of Taif Saudi Arabia is a prerequisite for marriage from her fiance is to marry صديقتيها at the school in which they operate, has raised this condition is surprisingly large at close of the groom. According to the newspaper "Today" Saudi Arabia that after the efforts of good people and pressure close to the groom's convinced the idea and the marriage of girlfriends three through authorized legitimate one, and has three parameters rented 3 apartments in the building and one each apartment of their own. According to the newspaper, the wives gather in an apartment one of them that have a date for her night and cooperate in the work of cooking, cleaning and assistance in all domestic commitments. Arab Net

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What Adel Imam said to President Mohamed Morsi?
Imam denied rumors the day before the meeting that he had not received an invitation attendance
09-09-2012 05:55 PM
met with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a delegation of artists, led by comedian Adel Imam. imam who is awaiting a imprisonment on charges of "contempt" religions, called Morsi to protect art and creativity of fierce attacks carried out by some of them since the revolution of January 25. added that the symbols of art and faced cons of society and issues of big business so it should protect them, pointing out that if art has always stop lookout the cons and treatment of most cases it is the state should protect it, especially in light of concerns that hit many artists recently. described the artist Adel Imam meeting that was fruitful and reassuring for artists all, where they were put up fears that controls the artists recent period was to reassure everyone, confirmed before it refused to put a charge members of the religious him contemptuously religions, and is currently unforeseen issue before the court, saying he preferred not to talk about himself, even if in a case involving freedom of creativity. On the nature of what to put in the meeting, the imam stressed that the meeting did not address the problems of the industry art, but it was in its entirety to reassure and remove the fears that exist. denied the imam of the rumors before the meeting day that he did not receive an invitation attendance, confirmed that he received an invitation from the Ministry of Culture did not hesitate in attendance. annexation of the meeting, both the captain representatives Ashraf Abdul Ghafoor and Captain musicians faith Sea Darwish, Mohamed Sobhi, and Adel Imam and Kareem Abdul-Aziz and singer Mohamed Mounir Hussein Fahmi and Leila Taher Sharif Munir was attributed Alayli and Mamdouh Laithi and Mostafa Shaaban and Aida Abdel Aziz and Babylonian and Najla Fathi and Madiha valid and musician Munir Aloseme.

Sudan's relationship with the girl emotionally b (foreigner) .. Days disperse عسلها between gates (embassies) ..!!!

What about the reasons of the Sudanese girl to link to a foreigner?
09-09-2012 05:10 PM
red face of severe shyness .. The pace is fixed .. She stood near the bed, which lay upon her father .. Subconsciously took wring her hands after that (curettage) to alert her father as close to him .. And Bhanih Father usual lifted his head to it ... However, it did not pronounce one character, while her eyes were shaking and Tsarhan away .. Great difficulty raising the father of his body lean and took asks her with saying good يابتى interest in Henw?) caught is in his hand and said Ptlosm reel in young Hi ...) ... And before you finish, her father's response: (growth اسمو ..?) .. Then Abizaid: (from any areas) ... and before you continue in his questions answered quickly torrent: (Iaaboi is originally Masudana) ... to explode big problem ...!!
different habits:
the issue of love linking the girl Sudanese and foreigners, perhaps the issue is still into circulation and consideration, while put families Sudanese thousand account for such partial believes in assertive it a major cause of deviation daughter from the line Decree her, based on that the other party has habits completely different from the habits of Sudan has also a certain understanding of the relationship of love or the like .. But What is the most important motivations for such cases of love, which can reach each other for marriage ..? .. and how the be filial case if the parents are of different nationalities? Do that marry the positives ..
? What about the risks ..? All of these questions come to know her answer together.
important conditions:
the procedures to be followed to marry a foreigner obtaining permission from the court that the conditions that have obtained a valid and legitimate (man or woman) .. If the foreign refugees must be card has to resort credit to be able to complete the marriage.
discovery of the other:
and the reasons girl Sudanese to link to a foreigner sees a professor of sociology at the University of Niles Hanan Mohamed It relationship discovery of another and escape from the monotony of Sudan imposed by the Family Sudanese engagement and marriage, Many of the marriages were a result of the motives of social and build on many of the frustrations of the lack of appreciation of the husband to his wife, and also the fear of the concept of multi-partnership affect the social reality مزري many of which haunt Sudanese women from a pair betray as a result of disruption of many of the positive values ​​in the concept of partnership status.
family problems :
She tenderness that by a study showing that many of these marriages take place to drop myself to the problems of her father and her mother, so it tends to escape to a safe haven for riding alone and enjoy a lot of freedoms that you may not find in the course of the relationship with a pair of Sudanese, and also change and openness and ease the presence of foreign in Sudan and the relationship Open and Employment, which developed the presence of foreign, and referring to the techniques that allowed a lot of knowledge and often locked surprising the midst of a different experience, and reported that the dilemmas of social-scale families, which affected the components of family Sudanese and went girl for the application of the principle of change to keep up with different cultures and the discovery of new concepts in matters of marriage and also the discovery of new skills through a partnership productivity in the fields of different work adds a lot of positive things.
social constraints:
The Hanan Jack another reason to the direction of girls for the link from overseas which they tend to eugenics where he became the color brown knot the girl Sudanese but forgot a very important aspect in the breach of certain religious values, although Islamic pair, but the application of the concepts of religion are very weak and arises sons مشتتي identity between belonging to the mother and the identity of the father and said much happening violent conflict to dissolve many cultural influences and trying to women striving to triumph to reality through assume the entire responsibility of correlation.
careful reading:
concludes Hanan should be on those who choose to marry a foreigner to build a relationship with the values ​​that prove marital relationship built on the values ​​of authentic and not be against them nor the correlation with her ​​family, but are these marriages as a sort of challenge and surprise in a society based on surprise and renewal of any kind and not on the long-term strategy. It said I'm not against marriage to a foreigner, but with careful reading, culture and condemns ensure the continuity of relationship with many of the threats.
speech Youth:
Muhannad Mahmoud Refer link Sudanese foreigner to weak confidence in the young man Sudan, adding: It is marketed by the spirit of adventure such relationship because they take into account that in the If successful, this marriage will be the gateway through intervention into the world probably was some detail in his imagination, either RIM Osman Fzat, the foreign matter that provides a different life, but said that such marriages Say what you succeed because the foreign culture completely different from our culture which evades young people under the pretext they are complex or that the community is still stick to things it obsolete. Report: conscience Talha Sudanese newspaper


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Release of a wife who was sentenced to death by stoning after amending Article accusation,

the Court of Appeal released a wife killed by the trial court of the death penalty by stoning after being condemned under Article 146 of the Criminal Code where the Court of Appeal amended indictment material to Article 151 of the Criminal Code and only wife how long she spent guard. The back details of the incident that the pair made ​​a complaint reported content that his wife had given birth to a child illegally were arrested the wife and open communication in the face and after the completion of all the necessary legal procedures have been converted author of the court where the court issued a decision to execute a wife by stoning, and then amended the Court of Appeal substance accusation to Article 151 acts scandalous wife was released. microscope political

Provide Esra Adel for work Bacharouk riven by outside the walls of the Blue Nile ..!!

09/11/2012 12:30 PM
Informed sources revealed inside the Blue Nile Channel about the real reasons behind the separation of Esra Adel Darwish anchorwoman for work.
return details, according to informed sources, the newspaper that There is an agreement in advance between the fallopian sunrise and Blue Nile allows the transfer of cadres from the station to another with the consent of both parties, but the announcer Esra just vacated commitment to literary and the contract between it and the canal and the submitters of the previews without the knowledge of management, and the source added that the director of the channel Hassan Fadlallah Mawla when faced what happened denied their disposal than prompting him to martyrdom Sunrise satellite channel management which confirmed the incident. Arts

Aimed fellow worker in hot oil in a restaurant in Khartoum

09-11-2012 11:05 AM
oldest worker to throw his colleague in oil Hakhan after the outbreak of quarrel Anhma the inside a restaurant in Khartoum and reliable source informed that the worker had entered with his colleague in the debate ended up doing throwing his colleague in boiling oil, which led to the injury seriously injured in the back, and proceeded to the audience to help him to the hospital, while the police have taken legal procedures Department of Khartoum North, under penalty of serious harm. political microscope

court differentiate between a couple of honeymooners and return the wife to her first husband

09-11-2012 10:58 AM
Issued Maulana Court Judge alcove decision spent differentiating between a wife and her husband, who married her first husband , and returned to her first husband. It is noted in the details that the wife is married to her husband, has to marry another man and went with him to spend the honeymoon came her husband filed a complaint in the face and arrested the wife and after completion of investigation in the face of raising the profile author of the Court for decision after hearing the case of accusation and Aldvaauagafl cause of the accusation and defense, ordered Court differentiating between the wife and her second husband and returned to her first husband. Casablanca

-------------------------------------------------- ----
Girl trying to commit suicide in the cafeteria have a glass of juice poisoned

09-11-2012 10:56 AM
attempted suicide girl eating dye in one of the cafeterias in May.
return reasoning that the girl came and asked juicier and intermingled with him (dye) I've ever had, and it showed signs of fatigue and pain, فأخطر owner cafeteria who attended the police immediately after receiving the communication to the scene of the incident the girl was taken to the hospital under Ornek (8) criminal investigation, which is now proceed to treatment. microscope political

The disappearance of the girl child "prostration" from within her family home

09-11-2012 10:55 AM
lost little girl "prostration Ahmad", which account for two-year-old from inside her family home in one of the villages Halfa when she was playing with her ​​peers about eleven o'clock am the mother to tell her father باختفائها, have stepped up all villagers searched for a week did not find her on impact.
in the same context, said one of the relatives of the missing that the authorities policing the region has accelerated the search for the missing "prostration" to the extent required, as the personnel to the scene after three days of notifying and still being sought by parents and family.'s
father appealed to officials in the region lost help them find it especially if there are rumors about the existence of a network specialized in the trafficking and smuggling of human beings to some neighboring countries. microscope political

Claim to dismiss a leading role in the Red Sea ... it's set in a brothel with four girls apartment in Khartoum

09-11-2012 01:09 PM
A number of deputies of the Legislative Council in the Red Sea State to dismiss leader who has been convicted of a crime involving public morality, and questioned him about the circumstances of Court which ruled provisions of conviction, after مباشرته the functions of the legislature, sources informed that the leader of «m i m h h», has been recalled to the center of the investigation into the incident, which dealt with «Alintibaha» before and created a sensation amid politicians and executives in the Red Sea, and added sources, the leadership was involved in a moral issue after caught in a brothel with four girls apartment in Khartoum, and tried to offer a bribe to force that raided the apartment, prompting police to confront a complaint last respect to bribery.

Suicide and Japanese Finance Minister because of the publication of an article about his relationship with emotional

09-11-2012 10:56 AM
Japanese newspapers reported Tuesday that the Japanese Financial Services Minister committed suicide Monday in what appeared two days before the publication of an article in the magazine reveals that assesses emotional relationship outside of marriage. was has found تاداهيرو Matsushita, 73, hanged at his home in Tokyo on Monday. and media reported several that were found in the room on the letters addressed to his wife and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and other ministers. confirmed employee in the Journal of شوكان Shinshu told AFP that this magazine specialized excitement was published Wednesday an article about the "scandal" involving Matsushita "on a woman," and refused to add any details. praised colleagues Matsushita Tuesday minister late, the finance minister said John Azumi that he was "politically savvy works very well." the news agency said Japan's Jiji Press that Azumi will bag as well as financial services and the Ministry of Finance. said that the Prime Minister will be other courier, which was entrusted to Matsushita, a postal services and overseeing the privatization of the mail.

Seventh Day
Parliament is moving to summon the interior minister and chief of police and cut accountability of those involved in the incident east of the Nile

09-11-2012 09:05 AM
cut Committee Chairman legislation and justice parliament "Mr. Haji Sulaiman" hold accountable all of those involved in the clashes that took place between the police and citizens in the area of Wadi Alhado eastern Nile. He revealed a tendency to summon the Interior Minister and Director General of Police to Astvsarhma about the circumstances of the incident and the reasons for the use of police force in the face of the citizens, said in a press statement yesterday: There is no absolute immunity for police officers to prevent accountability criminally when exceeding the powers of law. He revealed lift the immunity of lifting the immunity of members of the police ranks are different and bring them to trial after being involved in the events of Nyala last.
acknowledged at the same time to lift the immunity during the current year for lieutenant and a soldier policeman from the states of Khartoum, Gedaref in different cases and prosecuted under the material (138) and (139), next to lift the immunity in 2011, about 119 officers and soldiers follow the drug police and the Central Reserve and the states. microscope political

Crying in the house of joy

09-11-2012 08:50 AM
We Ksudanan and since immemorial time proud Bmuruthatna the tolerant and usually well-established derived Smaanha and Tayyip _khasalha from reared authentic Arab heritage and desert life and human nature before being تسطو by the exotic habits and Western civilization that obliterated a lot of landmarks .. And if we tried to retrace the origin of these habits we find all based on generosity and courage and involve groups of women and men at weddings and الأتراح has contributed to building the social fabric, and these habits marriage ceremony Sudanese phases different from (engagement Sheila henna decade wedding) and in all stage of the tower there are some habits associated Despite different according to the geographical area to which they belong tribes and there are some habits that have been established for long periods after overlapping social which contributed to the drafting of a new reality in Sudan and most dangerous phenomenon of gunfire after the end of a marriage contract directly and during weddings and we find The majority of مناسباتنا Ksudanan held indoors or narrow alleys where power cords stretch and trees etc. and stop when مايترتب them of the risks: 1. Gunfire suddenly enters the terror in the hearts of the audience, especially women and children. 2. Smoke resulting from the explosion of gunpowder affects many people, especially in the chest ill. 3. Controls and points to guard against non-existent weapons user where the bullet is released amid a group of citizens may result in often to escape caliber firearm and affects one or a group of attendees resulting in injury cases and deaths. 4. May affect the projectile fragments or people outside the concert venue Kalgiran or passers-by on the streets nearby. 5. May be due to the launch of the caliber extended cut electricity wires in the appropriate place sky which happens a lot of disasters and injuries. 6. The psychological impact of the negative to the audience, especially the family of the Organization for the ceremony corrupting joy When injuries from the shooting, which is accompanied by melancholy and spoil the joy and legal procedures associated with.
well said, we find that the phenomenon of gunfire at weddings are on the rise despite the efforts of the security agencies to reduce them and fight Although aware of everyone بخطورتها they are endangering the lives of innocent citizens for death, injury and turned joys and tragedies ached .. Why do Anda those joys pass peacefully resolving this phenomenon and even Ataatoarthha future generations and by following controls the use of firearms and routers Tsadik concerts under which undertakes the appropriate non-firing bullets so enjoy everyone stable and happy family organization of the ceremony Pferanhm, hence the appeal to citizens in cooperation with the hardware competent to reject this phenomenon with the involvement of hardware media (print and audio-visual) بتناولها processors drama and hosting specialists to address the phenomenon Then comes the coordination with justice to toughen punishment for categories of users of the weapon from the regular forces and citizens.

citations fact
Youssef Mansour light

------- ---------------------------
seizures of weapons and ammunition Jebel parents

09-11-2012 08:40 AM
local police managed to mount the parents, in a great achievement, to adjust the quantities of arms and ammunition, through the tracking of information received from a citizens by calling police for help existence of a house with a weapon
was raided home strongly from the local police team with the scene and forensics branch explosives dogs and police in the presence of Director of the local police were found on the following :
(1) a Kalashnikov rifle, (5) Dannatt mortar, the number (581) rounds of Kalashnikov, the number (1) Dushka shot, (5) safe Qrnov, (1) safe Dictoriov, a number (16) bar ammunition Qrnov the , (2) Sibiya Qrnov, the number (1) bar explosive, the number (16) gloves large number (19) gloves a small number (1) safe C3
after investigation it became clear that the house tenant and was home to one of the leaders of the popular movement where punish housing a number of southern leaders, all the actions were taken by the police technical and continuous investigation

Thieves loot «2» billion of foreign business lady

entered the country to work in the field of investment and she returned from the United Arab Emirates
09-10-2012 05:51 PM by
unidentified compromise yesterday on the home of businesswoman foreign Azhari suburb south of Khartoum and managed to steal $ (150) thousand dollars in addition to kilo gold AED 700 and (2) million Sudanese pounds and foreign currency, as well as other currencies are being counted and the amount of clothing and merchandise estimated at more than 10 thousand dollars and (2) your iPhone and your iPad, and the lady said business free Yusuf Ali for «the last moment» yesterday that it has entered the country to work in the field of investment and she returned from the United Arab Emirates, two days before the incident in the morning I woke up to the sound of entry of which found the safe open and empty its contents, and indicated free they informed the police rescue incident, which rushed in turn to the scene of the crime was codification of the communication department police Soba Hilla, which came in turn, has examined the house and lifted fingerprints and found a quantity of documents and papers Althboth special lady business in the courtyard of the house and the other on the street year and intensified police investigations decode talismans crime and arrest the perpetrators.
newspaper last moment

------ ----------------------------
Haifa officially denies kissing Gaddafi's son to
Lebanese singer accustomed to such stories is true and rumors
10/09/2012 06:09 PM
denied the Information Office of the artist Lebanese Haifa Wehbe to be the girl who appeared in a photo with Gaddafi's son is accepted on the cheek, and said that the image that was promoted not have. quoted "MBC" Confirm Information Office that the subject is a importance, and that not all of the ratios picture of Haifa be the same. said the Bureau that the Lebanese singer accustomed to such stories is true and rumors. was a video clip spread on the websites appear similar to Haifa, which printed a kiss on the cheek a sons Alagafa and frequency that Mu'tasim , as if they are linked or their relationship. appeared similar to Haifa video which put her hand on the shoulder of Mu'tasim Gaddafi and accepted on the cheek, and it seems from the picture that they did not pick up in secret, but they are aware of them, and have allowed for Mmeltqtha that Asourhma without any rejection of them. Saraya News


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Baby killed at the hands of his father In Modern Coco

09-12-2012 11:20 AM
been a child at the age of about a year died at the hands of his father, who lured the top of the bed to fall to the ground and dies and wounds sources revealed that the incident occurred Haj Yousif area when police told suit Coco for the death of a baby in mysterious circumstances have moved the police to the scene and started investigations to find that the child died at the hands of his father, who entered the house unconscious and quarreled with his wife blew a child who sleeps on the bed of his hand to die. Ahram today

------ ----------------------------
formal start of the trial accused of murdering a citizen stabbed

09-12-2012 10:41 AM
Criminal Court began Azhari, Full chaired by Maulana Ramadan, hearing in a regular trial accused of murdering a citizen, which were written the names of the lawyer for the victim, a professor Kamal Mohammed Abdul Karim, a professor Mohamed Nour representative of the defense of the accused. According to the indictment, the accused, who works a regular he stabbed the victim with a knife after a quarrel took place between them in late at night, when the victim was inspecting his daughter, who sleeps in a part of the factory where he works sentinel on the domestic market, as it heard the voices of dogs which bark Vantabh fear his daughter, he came to inspect, and then asked: What happened and what these voices? Replied: I was asleep, and I could not parcel dogs Fterkha the .. Sentry went and took a look at the accused lying area located in the middle of the site, which is guarded and when prolonged seen as a defendant asked him (why look so) and تشاجرا the accused Go out his knife and stabbed the victim, who fell covered in blood .. According to one of his relatives and tried to resuscitate him contact the police for help and processes that arrived to the scene and found the victim in his last moments before his arrival in the hospital died, and cited police accused for interrogation after being codified in the face communications under Article 130 of the Criminal Code and the accused has been recorded in recognition of judicial committing a crime, and after the completion of all legal procedures referred the Public Prosecutor of the Court for decision, where select session to hear Detective in the middle of this month. microscope political

------------------------ -----
open an investigation into the death of a citizen in clashes east of the Nile, his family refused condolences authorized to
open an investigation on the killing of a citizen in clashes east of the Nile, his family refused condolences approved

09-12-2012 10:36 AM
Police Department embarked Soba East in the investigation of the death of the citizen (Mohammad Osman al-Bashir) secretary Popular Committee village Alzlamab, the locality east of the Nile, who was killed the Almtadhaan in two days of clashes between police and the people of the area because of the land belonging to the village housing, approved by the government for administrative Gym known, the villagers protested against this certification. He (Awad good Moses Abozlm) one village elders: The police detained late vehicle and the other vehicle, Department of Soba East under investigation procedures. He said the family refused to attend the east of the Nile Certified (Ammar) for marquee solace and stated that the disputed land is a land Ajaddadahm a campus of the village. He said that the administrative, which has ratified the establishment of an agricultural project in favor of the so-called al-Wefaq has not visited the ground, but with the police. He has consulted in the Village People's Committee ordered the ownership of this land to this guy, and he said that the group that these forces were intercepted (17) individuals are all isolated. microscope political

------------------ -----------
Ronaldo completed three Portuguese without scoring!

World Cup qualifiers - Europe
09-12-2012 10:01 AM
Don and his comrades reap victory 3 - zero against Azerbaijan after the win in the last round on Oxburg 2 -1 and going ahead to the top of Group Six. match: Portugal - Azerbaijan Result: 3 - zero goals: Record of Portugal Silvestri Varela (63) and Helder بوستيغا (85), Bruno Alves (88). won the Portugal soccer counterpart Azerbaijani 3 - zero Tuesday in Braga in Group VII of the qualifiers Europe to qualify for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. progress Silvestre Varela of Portugal in the 63rd minute and then doubled Helder بوستيغا over the team in 85 minutes, and concluded Bruno Alves Triple Portugal two minutes before the end of normal time to meet. did not score Don Portuguese any goal during the match, but it was the cause of recording three goals .. Word goalkeeper-based infectious Balls for Ronaldo and his colleagues succeeded in follow-up 3 balls resulted in three clean win.

Click on the image to view full size

Silvestre Varela has proved his abilities another woman when he came on as a substitute. and after Portugal wasting several scoring opportunities Varela scored the first goal in the 64th minute. The Varela has emerged level position in Euro 2012 when he led his team to victory over Denmark last June. added Helder بوستيغا second goal for Portugal before Ehttm defender Bruno Silva triple for the hosts. has made ​​Azerbaijan, coached by German Berti Vogts great efforts and succeeded in dimensions Portuguese goal in the first half. Eurosport

England escape from the trap of Ukraine a penalty and a point of

World Cup qualifying
09-12-2012 10:00 AM
Three Lions are fleeing the unrealized loss in a 1-1 draw in the famous Wembley Stadium in front of the visitors who scored first and was close to winning. World Cup qualifiers - Europe Match: England - Ukraine Result: 1-1 Goals: Ukraine's first Konuyaljanka 30, and just for England Lampard from the penalty spot 87. equivalent England football at home to Ukraine in order for each of them in the second round of competition Group Eight qualifier European 2014 World Cup Tuesday . put Afjan Konopaljanka-elect of Ukraine in front in the 30th minute but England realized equalizer when carried out Frank Lampard's successful penalty kick in the 87th minute of the match which was held at Wembley Stadium in London. saved Lampard for his country when he awarded a point from the penalty spot in the 87th minute the score 1-1 with the home team Ukraine in Group Eight. details of the match at Wembley Stadium, fought two sides open game and the party guests the best and the most offensive and dangerous clearest in the 30th minute when he increased Evguen Celine ball from the left flank followed Dennis Gaermash plane enactment foot rose slightly for the bar , with the Englishmen attempts to not disturb the seriousness of the most important vertical Phil Jagalka (29), and then the young striker wasted opportunity Alex Chamberlain Aoxlajd after a gift from the head first Jermain Defoe اهدرها, awkwardly from a distance of a few meters (34). reportedly Rome Zozulya incredibly focused deactivated in a timely manner (36), and opened Ukraine Date after receiving Landry Jarmolinko rebounds defense is on the ground, turned four assists cross from the right to the left inclined by Konopliynka bit and send arc on the way Brazilian drew and lived in the far left corner beyond the reach of goalkeeper Joe Hart ( 39). sent Steven Gerrard's cross from the right to the spot failed to Tom Kilverly in translation (44), and hit the latter the left of goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov (45 +1). At the beginning of the second half, sent Glen Joensuu occasional dangerous did not find the corresponding into our nets went to the corner (49), and the farthest Johnson himself into a corner cross dangerous Jarmolinko (50), and missed Frank Lampard opportunity a shot from inside the area without interference (52). and gave Konopliynka, star of the game indisputably, a cross in front of goal The English have not benefited Jarmolinko and drifted away from the defense of England in a timely manner Mvuta chance a second goal on the guests (60), and hit Johnson, the best players from England, football leftist strong passed defenders and dived by Pyatov and around a corner, tipping tie his own net (68). signed team England under pressure, and won for the players yellow cards Wholesale (6 cards), and ran a fortune back to the Englishmen after a cross dangerous Gerrard followed Alternative Danny Welbeck from close range bounced off the left post and went out (83). caught the game in the final minutes, and missed all of the elected more of opportunity before the referee Turkish Shaker Junaid penalty for the hosts after a handball from Evguen Khachirada translated Lampard to tie the savior face of his colleagues from a loss in their own house (87) by one minute of Neil Gerrard second yellow and sent off. Eurosport

Netherlands, France Tneman, beating Italy and breathe a sigh of relief!

World Cup qualifier
09-12-2012 09:57 AM
Azzurri suffer at home and among the fans and mills grind the Hungarian team Qualifiers and shout with three cocks was a Bayern player Ribery their star. World Cup Qualifiers: (Europe) Italy (2 - 0) Malta, the Netherlands (4-1) Hungary France (3-1) Belarus cities and European capitals - beat Italy narrowly ضيفتها Malta (2 - zero) Tuesday in qualifying for the World Cup Soccer 2014. opened Mattia Destro Roma striker Date of Italy early after a neat through ball from Claudio ماركيسيو after five minutes into the meeting, but the team failed to exploit its inception strong start booing from the crowd. came down Lorenzo Ansny player Naples instead of Alessandro Diamanti in the ranks of Italy at the beginning of the second half to increase the pace of performance offensive team . but Italy waited until the last minute to add its second header Federico Biloso a corner kick Andrea Pirlo. share the Italy top Group B with four points with Bulgaria, which won (1 - zero) on Armenia. Netherlands hit Qualifiers and scored wing Armin Lins, who solution in the squad for the Netherlands to football in the final moments instead of Arjen Robben injured twice to lead his country to a 4-1 victory over Hungary in the fourth set. did not lose the Netherlands and the runner-up champion of the 2010 World Cup against Hungary since 1984 and offers the Dutch team in the second minute when he put Lins the ball with a header in the net of Hungary after a cross from Luciano Narsing. , but Hungary realized equalizer four minutes later from a penalty kick successfully Balazs Hushak. regained the Netherlands provided with a header from Bruno Martins from a free kick and Wesley Sneijder in the 18th minute. added Lins goal Profile second and third Netherlands Before concluding alternative Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Quartet 17 minutes from the end. Ribery leads France to victory and led Franck Ribery France to win 3-1 at ضيفتها Belarus Tuesday by scoring the goal and making another and continue its inception perfect in Group Nine. making Ribery goal The first of France made ​​Etienne Kabwe Before concluding triple team with to keep ten minutes on end in a match witnessed dramatic in the second half. scored Christophe Gallet second goal for France before that reduces Anton Botelho difference to Belarus with keep 18 minutes on the end of the meeting. , and this victory the second respectively for France after winning 1 - zero on Finland last Friday. and France will play in the next round away to Spain's world champion and Europe in Madrid next month. and will play France friendly match at home to Japan 12 October / October next. Eurosport ---- -------------------------

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