Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama Administration’s Shocking Incompetence Exposed – This Is No Time To Cheer Folks…

Obama Administration’s Shocking Incompetence Exposed – This Is No Time To Cheer Folks…

Like me, many of you have likely been following the Syria “bomb threats” debacle by the Obama administration with a mixture of confusion and increasing unease.  Confusion because the entire episode seemed strangely fabricated by a president needing to prove himself, and unease because we have a president willing to further chaos in the world for no other reason than the need to prove himself.  Now add to that the stunningly dangerous, foolish, and perplexing performances by Barack Obama, John Kerry, and others within this administration as the whole world watches.  These people are not qualified in no way shape or form, for the titles they hold - and that is no laughing matter America.

Today we have reports of the Obama White House scrambling now to accept a deal created by a spoken John Kerry gaffe regarding Syria rounding up all of its chemical weapons stockpiles and handing them over to the United Nations for disposal.  Initially the White House released a statement indicating Kerry’s words were merely “hypothetical”, and not in fact, representative of an Obama administration policy, proposed or otherwise.
Russian president Vladimir Putin though, a far more capable and clever leader than Barack Obama could ever hope to be, pounced on the John Kerry gaffe and pushed the unintended proposal into the real of reality, likely urging the Syrians to quickly accept it as well – which the Syrians soon did.
This in turn now has Barack Obama still scheduled to speak to the American people from the Oval Office tonight asking for permission to bomb Syria, even as it is now Syria and Russia who are controlling the entire situation and making the United States look like a stupid, rabid dog fully prepared to bit off its own leg.  To the world, the United States now looks like the foolish, war-mongering aggressor.  (And remember reader, Barack Obama, the great Nobel Peace Prize winner with his personal drone kill list, is the one, along with his handlers, who put the country in this position.)  Don’t forget too both Democrat and Republican members of Congress indicated the evidence being used by the Obama administration in advocating bombing Syria was “fabricated”.
We have three more years of this incompetence.  Barack Obama’s policies have already inflicted terrible damage onto the American economy here at home, and now his foreign policy, such as it is, pummels the nation’s standing abroad, leaving our enemies emboldened, our allies uncertain, and our place in the world greatly diminished.   -UM
In a world gone wrong, America needs a hero…


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