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November 10, 2012 in Resistance
Copyright November 10th, 2012
Ronald Boldt
With all the hype of another stolen election by the traitor known as Barry Soetoro aka Obama, what was not reported was the fact that he was formally charged in the state of Tennessee as a traitor and for high treason.
Listening to the Zombie Nation that was once known as America, the ignorant fat masses of welfare zombies are still praising his so called second win, yet they refuse to acknowledge the fact that more formal charges of high treason was brought up against him by another retired military officers. Here is the link for the pdf and the charges:
Yet again the zombie nation of news organizations once known as the main stream media has again refused to report the news.
Over and over again the presstitute media has chanted we must get along, let us work out our problems, for the best of the country… all of this is rhetoric bullshit.
Today people use the same fascist one-liners that Nazi Germany used when they were in power, and being the zombies they are, do not realize how close they are to being marched off to the gas chambers much like the undesirables in Nazi Germany; those being anyone that wasn’t Aryan.
What I have noticed is the DJs on the radio that support Obama and this fascist communistic state all have the same problem the inability to speak clearly and succinctly let alone correct and proper English, it is that guttural bullshit of Ebonics. See welfare state rules, mindless zombies are given the chance to vote over and over again.
I say since the mindless zombies pulled a coup, then let us the taxpayers pull a coup, demand from our elected zombies in both the State and Federal Capitals, answer to us as to why welfare bums, the lazy unwashed and ignorant can vote, and yet it is we the people that own property, that own businesses that are stuck with supporting them.
Maybe the elite have it right on sterilizing the masses, if this last election showed anything it is better than half of the population in this country DOES NOT NEED TO REPRODUCE.
People bitch at me, and yes I have been called an asshole by many, including Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, two US Senators and Congressmen, due to the fact that unlike all the rest of you mindless zombies and zombie want to be who are PC, wimp dick, liberal at heart morons, I call a spade a spade, I don’t pull punches, I don’t lie, and I swore an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
So when the UN troops round up the zombies for mass extermination, I say let them. They brought this upon themselves. As a matter of fact let me be the first to say to the zombies, breathe deep all your cares will be gone, as they are pumping gas in the showers.
We the taxpayers need to get the laws changed so that only property owners can vote, it is our money that is paying for many of these welfare programs, dumbing down programs, and care for the zombies. I say let them die out; they are useless and does nothing for society.
The Ancient Spartans had it right is someone was going to be a burden to society it was more cruel to let them live then to allow them to die.
The federal government of the Zombie Nation, mandates tax breaks for those that pop another child out, forcing we the taxpayers to support it, and the parents get a nice break on their taxes, I say what about us, when do we get a tax break?

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