Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obamas change of heart

And it is not good
Obama sold his soul to be were he is right now
But Obama will now turn on russia
we all know he is a commie
but what you dont know is he made a deal sold our nation out
Obama was the only one that was this dumb to go along with the fall of our nation
why you think he just keeps going letting things fall
he took away our jobs so we can become a comunist nation  were he will rule
he did all this for he wanted to be the president of the un
but he dont know they lied to him
I think his mother had sex with satan
nothing adds up even with his want to be father
back to the point
he has now tasted the power
he dont want to give that up
he wont let putin take over the role of world leader
i posted docs he has between him and putin that obama was going to cut down our military to build up russias
then i posted to putin
obama made the same deal with the un
but now he sees with his syria plan
putin will step up
guess what obama will back stab putin
obama will not give up his role
he will then start war with russia over this bs

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