Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Bombshell] Guess The Political Party Of The LAX Shooter

[Bombshell] Guess The Political Party Of The LAX Shooter

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Paul Anthony Ciancia is a 23-year-old that was described by classmates as a loaner. His family is from Salem, New Jersey. He was a victim of bullying during high school and played in the marching band. Many have speculated who is he, and most importantly to a few, what political party did he support. If you guessed “Tea Party”, you’d be wrong.
Paul Anthony Ciancia was a man no one had heard of. He was also the gunman in the LAX shooting recently. Nothing was known about him. The LA Times even sent people to New Jersey to find out about him.
In four years, I never heard a word out of his mouth,” David Hamilton said of alleged shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia.
“He kept to himself and ate lunch alone a lot,” said Hamilton, who graduated with Ciancia from Salesianum School in Wilmington, Del., in 2008.  “I really don’t remember any one person who was close to him.”~LA Times
What they found was a quiet and rather bashful young man. He played in the marching band. In fact he played the french horn. He seemed to have a speech impediment of sorts according to some. Some others say he was the victim of bullying.
He was definitely awkward,” Skidmore said. “He was always hanging his head and just shuffling along.”~LA Times
He also tragically lost his mother a few years ago due to illness.
The one thing that the LA Times and other articles don’t cover is the perpetrator’s political affiliation.  In fact, after the shooting everyone in the main stream media screaming “tea party” and “Right wing nut” is all of a sudden silenced.  Its like the suicidal call to his brother and the “NWO organization paperwork” was enough to convict the man of being a Republican and so the media moved on. Or is what they found out an embarrassment to them?
Well, as it turns out that the Salem County Clerk’s office has a way to tell you for sure. For $12, you can pull the voter registration records of anyone that signed up in the county. One man on the internet named “Mike” did just that to end the dispute once and for all. Turns out that the Paul Anthony Ciancia of Salem, New Jersey, born in 1990,  that moved to LA, California, was a registered Democrat.
Imagine the shock on the Main Stream Media’s faces when their poster child for the “Right Wing Nut Job” was actually a member who voted President Obama.

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