Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cruz & Lee Vindicated: Feinstein, Landrieu Sponsor Obama Care Bill

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It is amazing what difference a month can make. Last month, Feinstein was part of the brigade blaming the government shutdown on Ted Cruz and calling him a terrorist for wanting to delay Obama Care. I wonder if she is regretting that now?
It took one million policies canceled in the state of California and 30 thousand phone calls and emails to her office, but Diane Feinstein has finally seen the light on Obama Care. Of course, this whole debacle could have been avoided had Feinstein, Landrieu and others listened to Senator Mike Lee and Senator Ted Cruz in September.
One constituent from Rancho Mirago, Calif., told Feinstein he is paying  $400 extra to pay for coverage through Obamacare for a plan that was just like his pre-Obama Care plan. This apparently made the Senator realize that there is more to the criticisms of Obama Care than she realized.
“Too many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. We must ensure that in our effort to reform the health care system, we do not allow unintended consequences to go unaddressed.”
Feinstein released a statement on Landrieu’s legislation, calling it a common sense fix. Red state Democrats have been quick to co-sponsor the legislation: Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Pryor of Arkansas. Mark Begich of Alaska is no where to be found.
The bill is similar to the one sponsored by John Boehner and the GOP in the House of Representatives. However, even House Democrats are running from Obama Care. Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon called the President’s statements “grossly misleading.” (Notwithstanding Oregon’s own nightmare with the exchanges).
Of course, if Feinstein really cared about the people, the number suggests her views are still far off the beaten path. Far more people are interested in owning a gun than an Obama Care policy. It is amazing that Feinstein would rather ban guns and fix Obama Care yet claim she is serving the people. If she wanted to be a true servant of the people, she would defund Obama Care and leave guns alone.  Perhaps gun activists should learn a lesson here from those with expired health insurance policies in California.
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