Friday, November 22, 2013

Damascus: Our missiles are ready to hit targets in the depth of Israel

Damascus: Our missiles are ready to hit targets in the depth of Israel

The Israeli side of the Golan Heights and smoke billowed apparently due to explosions in the Syrian village on the border with Israel
The Syrian government has given the green light to the regular army to repel any possible attack waged by Israel against targets in Syria, as authorized him to respond to any attacks without reference to the senior leadership.

The television quoted the official Syrian official in Damascus government did not give his name saying that Syrian missiles ready to hit specific targets in the event of any breach by the New Israel.

The official added that Damascus has decided to also open the door for the armed Palestinian factions to carry out acts against the Jewish state from its territory in the Golan Heights.

The Syrian government has also expressed its willingness to provide the Lebanese Hezbollah various types of weapons, according to Al-Watan newspaper quoted Syrian government sources.

Hito accuse System

On the other hand, accused the Syrian prime minister Ghassan temporary Hito Assad regime facilitated the recent Israeli attack on Syria by allowing for Hezbollah to enter Syria, where fighting alongside his troops.

Hito said in an interview with CNN, U.S. The existence of Hezbollah fighters, and fighters and military experts Iranians in Syria, Israel justified the raids were carried out.

The Hito The opposition does not support any foreign intervention, "lead to the killing of the Syrian people."

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