Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elusive Unicorn Caught on Camera

Elusive Unicorn Caught on Camera

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Elusive Unicorn Caught on Camera
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It was the first newly discovered large mammal on earth in nearly fifty years! It survived living in an area that had known war for a century, and overpopulation by hungry people who would eat it upon sight. And though it’s gone unseen for quite some time and was feared of being as extinct as privacy for private citizens in America (See related: Privacy Extinct- You’ll Never Believe Where And How They Are Listening To You Now), it has re-emerged, and it has been caught on camera.
The Saoloa, or the Asian Unicorn as it’s come to be known due to it’s elusiveness (it actually has two horns) was first discovered in 1992 in Vietnam. It’s rarely seen in the wild, but one was caught on camera back in September by a camera trap set up in the Central Annamite Mountains by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Vietnamese wildlife officials.
Though the animal is more closely related to a cow, it looks more like an antelope, as can be seen in this picture.
Female saola, Lak Xao, Bolikhamxay Province, Laos
This is the first time a Saola has been spotted in the wild since 2009.

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