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Israel must recognize the possession of nuclear bomb
Newspaper "El Pais" Spanish
By: Shlomo Ben-Ami

Israel and the Bomb Check to see U.S. President Barack Obama for a world without nuclear weapons, and the recent agreement signed with Moscow, aiming to reduce the nuclear arsenals of both countries moral and political leadership. However how can his campaign against nuclear proliferation affect Israel, which is widely and sixth international nuclear force, and the only nuclear power in the Middle East until this moment?.

The effects of the recent appeal and his part, Assistant Secretary of State America Rose Jautamlr, to Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which may require Announced its nuclear arsenal and abandoning them raised fears of the end of the U.S. diplomatic umbrella on Israel's nuclear status. Henceforth he would think the Israelis that the United States will treat all states the same way with regard to the nuclear issue.

Israel is concerned in particular that Obama is willing to address Iran's nuclear ambitions, comparing them to Israel's nuclear status. Survey was made possible mental rules of the new U.S. position of a famous article by Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn, George Shultz, William Perry, entitled: Towards a world free of nuclear weapons.

The article urged the nuclear powers to follow this model and a decisive reduction of their nuclear arsenals, also appealed for equality among nations in the nuclear field.

As Bruce Riedel, who was until recently a review Obama's strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, which was not carrying any hostile relations for linking the United States to Israel, and clear regarding this matter; when he said, "If the talk was being fact and serious about an agreement with Iran, on Israel to act responsibly, because the policy is based on illusions and double standards will fail sooner or later. It is strange that this policy has been able to continue this all the time.

However, the remarks made by Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the U.S. Congress that aroused amazement Israelis, he said he understood the desire of Iranians in possession of a nuclear weapon; since they are surrounded by nuclear powers such as Pakistan, India, Russia and Israel.

And certainly that Israel will fight against the American doctrine emerging, which put Iran on the same level with India or Pakistan. The Israelis will say that the political context is important; Iran is not only the development of nuclear capabilities despite its accession to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but it also puts the destruction of the State of Israel in a conspicuous place of the agenda.

The maximum nuclear deterrence Israel-owned defense against threats to its existence. In the end, the nuclear mainstream gender will only increase Iran's nuclear advances.

In contrast to Israel, which pursued a policy based on non-nuclear transparency, India and Pakistan are preparing themselves two nuclear bombs and the world are willing to accept this condition.

Moreover, Israel has never tested a nuclear weapon, as it has accepted all instructions nuclear weapons exporters group, which is trying to stop nuclear proliferation through the control of nuclear exports.

Israel hopes to not put the United States into consideration the unique context to put nuclear mysterious, but also recognize that it is not in a position to Taatjlha in calm its neighbors and the rest of the world with regard to its nuclear program unless the changed political context in the Middle East in a positive radically. Here, a change in the model of Iran's behavior toward Israel is an absolute prerequisite.

The presumption of exporting nuclear know-how on the part of countries such as Pakistan and Iran, too, someday is a matter of concern to Israel. In fact, Israel insists that Iran, not Israel's nuclear capacity is launched nuclear race in the Middle East.

Despite all that, exactly as happened in the issue of settlements, the administration of President Obama finally move away from automatic support for Israel's agreements with the previous U.S. administrations. Which can not be any review of U.S. policy toward Israel's nuclear status be waived. It must be interpreted statements Jotmuller and clear recognition of Gates's nuclear status of Israel within the context of nuclear disarmament agenda of the broader Obama administration.

We have continued policy of nuclear ambiguity Israeli virtually unchanged for nearly fifty years, and even inside Israel, has considered this policy taboo sacred, but the context of the changing international threatens nuclear proliferation is doomed in the Middle East, can be considered the new policies that are being developed in the United States American good reasons for Israel to drop its nuclear doctrine.

After all, the current strategy did not act as a deterrent against conventional attacks, not as a warning to opponents not to develop a nuclear weapon.

The official policy of Israel is to be a Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction. Israel can and if it abandoned its policy of ambiguity and drove out of the bomb "basement" to confirm their ability to nuclear deterrence in a more convincing manner, but most importantly, it will deepen the debate on the urgent need for the presence of a zone free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
Washington is seeking to reduce
Anti-missile arsenal
Newspaper "Le Figaro" French
By: Isabel standards

Became Poles are more familiar with the system of U.S. Defense anti-missile; because they depend on it to protect them from their neighbors, the Russians, so you do not Omramphajia that Chen newspaper "from Warsaw" the first campaign to defend him; stating lobbyists America that the newspaper "Gazeta Apourza" confirmed that Washington retreated from the completion of the third part of the system of anti-missile defense and decided to put arsenal, which was scheduled to be deployed in Central Europe - which is about anti-aircraft long-range ballistic missiles in Poland and a highly sensitive radars in the Czech Republic.

The daily newspaper is of the view that the new U.S. administration has preferred to protect itself from the threat of Iran and rogue states. And manufactures aircraft loaded with rocket launchers on ships and in bases in Israel, Turkey and also in the Balkans.

It seems this news, which did not يكذبه the White House, yet possible, or is in any case is contained in the agenda the new U.S. administration, and is the anti-missile shield, since the start of Star Wars in the era of Ronald Reagan, with the proliferation of ballistic missiles, component building for the development of American strategic , who recently entered the region disturbances are difficult to get out of them now.

Posing Problems
Has awakened the agreement concluded in 2008 between the United States, led by George W. Bush and Poland and the Czech Republic fears the Russian bear, which is considered the arrival of the American flag in the area of ​​the groove the old Soviet especially in Warsaw near Moscow, as a threat against the security of Russia itself, where threatened the Kremlin, which does not accept Any carelessness in this subject, that it is to deploy Iskander missiles in Klingerad and missiles in Cuba. Since then, this arsenal caused tension in relations between America and Russia.

At a time when the United States needs Moscow's support to resolve some international problems.

Once elected student Obama to reconsider the plan shield the U.S. anti-missile system, because it wants to make sure of being an effective technically, and inexpensive material terms, and build politically, is supposed to be deducted decision to continue first in the third stage in Central Europe, to complete protection American lands, which were available yet built missiles in Alaska and California, is scheduled to be resolved this decision in the coming days.

But since Obama's election debate raged in Washington; new administration want to get closer to Moscow, "it also plans to take care of the real threats that have emerged are currently more than that will appear in the future, this is what was interpreted by Jean-Pierre sire, assistant director of the Center for Research" Aerbs ".

But there is no evidence now confirms that Iran is the main objective of the shield in Central Europe, where the launchers has long-range missiles capable of reaching the United States.

If confirmed, it will be replaced with a draft anti-missile shield in Central Europe Pferqatat and planes in Turkey and Israel, and would be a viable political and scientific, will also be a solution logically too; sense that it will limit the wrath of Russia, with a secure Israel from the Iranian threat, in addition to it would, thanks to the development of Turkey's arsenal to protect the southern part, which was considered a weak point in the arsenal of Central Europe. "

As well as Jean-Pierre resumed sire saying: the missile shield would be enough to cope with the current and immediate threats; any protection from missile shots short or medium term. He warns "Camiel Grand" Director of the Strategic Research Foundation said: "This does not mean abandoning the plan of anti-missile defense of America, which has reduced its budget by 10%, but only forwarded to one of the components and applied in accordance with the current needs."

This view of the rapid risk, is a type of concession toward Iran, which يستنكرها strongly advocates Americans for a missile shield in Central Europe, "They see that the United States should take into consideration since now the threat of the future, and must henceforth be prepared for the need to co-exist with Iran possessing a nuclear bomb and long-range missiles together.

This is what the Foundation for Strategic Research expert Thus, the Gazzetta information and Apourza could serve as a test balloon, provided by the White House, feel the pulse of Congress.
The first woman to head the province in Afghanistan
Newspaper "Le Monde" French
By: Frederick poppin

"Habiba Saraby" is the first woman to be appointed president of one of the provinces in Afghanistan, you want to fix society starting from the base, and mentions that in Pamiaan region constitute 42% of the girls school, and this is the highest percentage in the country.

Habiba says a heavenly comes down chador color who تلتفح to cover her head and her body as a mere loose shawl: "If necessary, putting it off until the feet a price for the defense of women's rights, I will not hesitate." The essence of personal Habiba Saraby, perfectly embodied in those irony surrounding the root of this revolution, that the advancement of the women's movement at a deliberate pace and eye-catching initiatives.

We are on the ground in Afghanistan, where the charges revolve around the Taliban as the elements of inciting the persecution of women in other places of the world.

Against this hostile spirit prevailing, make their Habiba Saraby way, quietly and steadily, and just had recipe emphasizes the gain achieved by the first lady focused "conservative" in territory Pamiaan, west of Kabul, in the heart of the Shiite Hazara stronghold.

In early 2001, the Taliban had drawn the world's attention to this valley ripe surrounded by mountains of desolation, covered ice peaks, was the destruction of the Buddha statues giants - as of Bida ignorance - Almnhutin at the foot of the block rock had raised the case of disgust at the level of the world, Vmhhd impact this heinous crime يعتصر the heart with see whereabouts empty, where these Ajeptan was Tantbban majestically, in the past, just off the Valley, and we see them now Khaoatin Kalmkabr looted and robbed.

This scandal also of quibbles, but understand Habiba Saraby for what they are, we have to return to their roots in this part axial from Afghanistan, where we still feel the fragrant heritage of Buddhism from stones, which is experiencing the features of the population of some facial features Knights of Genghis Khan, Mongolians, and where as long as the Shiite sect overwhelming rush persecuted at the hands of masters of Sunni Kabul.

It is worth mentioning that all of this past is complex and interconnected, and flawless differences, the makings certainly to become the first woman, and to this day, the only woman, which holds the position of the province in Afghanistan, a franchise is aware of its importance, making it the hesitation "if necessary that brought down the chador until my feet P ... ".

It should be noted that Hassan statement is not printed. As frequency, for example: "The sufficiency to talk about freedom and call women to take off the veil, which helps address the root of the problem." He goes on saying: "also to improve the future of women in this country, the concept proper should first promote the level of education, and the development and awareness of their rights, and help them sufficiency providing self-employment opportunities for them.

And solved each successively problems, as she went on: "When will improve education for all women, will never creature can be imposed on us money نرضاه for ourselves."

And smiled a frequency meaningful figure, stating that 42% of schoolchildren in Pamiaan region are girls, which is the highest percentage in Afghanistan, which increases the pride in themselves.

We can understand now why the President Hamid Karzai Antekayaa, when he felt the need to rebuild a shattered country, and loose, exhausted after two decades of civil war and the extremism of the Taliban. In 2002, make them hold the position of minister of women's rights, and quickly realized the risk of not being on the level of responsibility and sacrifice for the hollow slogans.

The heart of the battle lies in transplant units dedicated to the promotion of support programs for women in all ministries, they are surrounded by some biased aggrieved, while warning some owners shall Opening Minds. Prices which Tdgha the saying that some people advise me because of the criticism made by some radical clerics, to avoid shaking hands with men during business meetings. But a mockery of it and shake hands with each of the offset, and if they respect borders, it is due to its intention to change, making it cautious and leadership acumen in the art of planning.

The reservoir strength in Hassan realized the full nature of the place and all that entails mines and caches, while interrupted when a large number of Afghans liberals for the country, living in exile for many years, since the beginning of the Soviet occupation in late 1979 - was one of the oppositions at home.

In the heart of the student union at the University of Kabul, pretends to print publications, was the suppression of the movement, but survived the bloody purges, and the usual time under the brutal communist government.

And stayed in Kabul, and obtained a bachelor's degree in the College of Pharmacy, and became a professor at the fall of the regime in 1992, and did not leave Kabul when the rival mujahideen factions rocket launch raids in this country.

But the event in 1996, that I realized Habiba Saraby quickly reflection Taliban takeover of the capital on women, especially as they are the owners of the interpretation in the very radicalism of Islam, then became the idea of ​​migration inevitable, for she said: "It was the fourth impossible to deprive my daughter of education."

It is Pakistan, where he settled as a refugee, has organized a campaign to address the closure of girls' schools by the new rulers, فأقامت learning network "houses" in the strictest confidence in Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, and was crossing the border, twice or three times a year, undercover Batmar burqa in this emergency situation, and go directly to inspect these chapters primitive risk population their lives بإيوائها in their homes.

This has been derived from the past, a vital decision; any decision is responsible experienced and committed to reform her from the base, door of her office is always open, and one of its advisers passes a message. In the corridor adjacent to the office stands her bodyguard your utmost vigilance, carrying machine guns, and opening the window, see and hear the noise of the bulldozers, a volatility of the soil in the new city, just what the city abundant treasures of Buddhism excavated at the foot of the mountain, and disseminate these conservative teachings authority automatic, as they smile when lists local leaders battles happen in our presidency of the province, and Saboa task, but all they did to destabilize the position has failed - until now.

They still occupy her position, and resist to save Pamiaan of isolation and recovery of tourist traffic, which was a thriving where in the past, which did not rise after the كبوتها after two decades of war and obscurantism, challenges remain enormous, despite the aspirations of the masses, still things are going very slowly, and still the road which connects Pamiaan Kabul Medka the dirt. Of course, the region is safe, and protected from the insurgency rampant in the south, Pashtun, but all the delayed exhaust the patience of the most likely to accept the change, which grieves Habiba Saraby is the speed of the omission of the international community needs of Afghans after the victory over the Taliban in late 2001; where busy in Iraq was postponed some strategic priorities, at a time was not restored after the peace in Afghanistan and warned, saying: "If our assumption failure of the reconstruction process, that would be a disgrace to the international community", does consider that it may be too late? They refuse to admit it, but there is no longer an opportunity to waste more time.
Thailand into a dark tunnel politically
Do discoloration Thailand orange dye?
Magazine "The Economist" International
An editorial

"Achieve rival" red shirts and yellow "compromise remains elusive"

If the error was Recipe Vaghaffran human Recipe divine, that is the vision of the poet Alexander Pope. What passed by Thailand for three years of political and economic turmoil it was a lot of mistakes, but forgiveness was scarce.

Above the calls by some politicians seeking amnesty for the contenders in the streets of Thailand who create enough chaos in Bangkok in recent months, as well as the security forces Aalluan taken strict measures against these protesters. Others stressed that amnesties should include members of the Court parliamentarians who Qldthm to the public office. Gathered most of the consensus that Thailand will not come out of the dark tunnel only when it announces the warring parties stoppage of the conflict.

However, the battle is not over yet, Vamahtjon of the "red-shirt movement" loyal to former Thai Prime Minister fugitive who preferred to stay in exile, "Thaksin Shinawatra" plotting to march in the streets of Bangkok in the thirtieth of August.

In response, the incumbent Prime Minister issued a "Abhisit Vejjajiva" security law authorizes him to send troops to secure the streets of Bangkok as we have already done in the month of April. It seems that the "Abhisit" fully aware that he can not rely on the police force who make them rank sympathetic to the military camp, "the red-shirt movement."

This march comes two weeks after the march organized by more than twenty thousand "red-shirt movement" went to the presidential palace in Bangkok to raise a petition, seeking a royal pardon for "Thaksin" who was convicted last year the sale of state-owned land to his wife. This petition was signed by at least three and a half million people, and submitted to the King, "Bhumibol Adulyadej" of 81-year-old known to have long sold in the affairs of amnesty for perpetrators of errors.

The move came despite the demonstrated "Abhisit Vejjajiva" the objections of the desperate who described this action as inappropriate, because "Thaksin" was placed behind the prison walls. no longer royal pardon submitted on "Thaksin," which did not admit his mistakes spark that triggered the crisis . In a speech, broadcast in the twenty-second of August, did not mention the King "Bhumibol Adulyadej," the petition, but warned again of the consequences of tearing the unit, which is sinking the country's problems ruin. rejected, "Abhisit", who took power in December last year after the court issued a decision dissolve the government loyal to the former prime minister, "Thaksin" to call elections only after the parliament being a constitutional amendment and agrees to work for political reforms broader and more comprehensive. But lacks bipartisan support. Party wants "Boya Tie" pro main opposition party for "Thaksin" re-work the previous constitution which abrogated the army after a 2006 coup. It also demanded the return of the imposition of prohibitions and restrictions ordered by the court on more than two hundred member parliaments, including "Thaksin". The party refused, "Abhisit Vejjajiva" Democratic these demands, and that was kind of dodgy part, citing as special repair, if any. its part, the government has proposed "Bhomjayay" Manufacturers fugitive loyal to the government, "Thaksin" Sorry sweeping each of the "movement of red shirts" and "yellow shirts movement" loyal to the king, which are facing criminal charges, that the amnesty also includes security officials. was followed by acts of political violence that have occurred recently in Thailand, many cases of legal amnesty, which included a communist rebels in the eighties. Amnesty supporters say that this is the way Thailand to reach a solution, but that solution did not pay any attention to many. Democrats believe that the law must take its course. And wants members of the "movement of yellow shirts" that the police checks in the suppression of demonstrations, which they do. Following "يونجيوت and Ichdaedej" Commander of the party "Puea Thai" main opposition party pro for "Thaksin" that the amnesty would offer little for the team "Red" what is offered for the team, "yellow", noting that the leaders of the first team had already sent them terrorism charges for seizing the airports. says, "Duncan Mac Cargo" at the University of Leeds it might be premature to be talking in the affair forgiveness and tolerance, Cases of amnesty earlier did not take place during violent conflicts on power, but it came after the dust has settled. The political reform does not take months or even years to come pays off. , but "يونجيوت" his viewpoint, he felt that the attempt to reform the political system that sees supported it involves a great injustice is an act Taúla. confirms that the country is in a dilemma not see him a way out. It is not surprising if in a sense, the U.S. State Department is concerned about Thailand. After a lapse of 14 years, proceed to the ministry again in bilateral aid, with the intention to strengthen democracy, as well as some plans for the funding of non-governmental organizations as an alternative to the mob demonstrations.

China plans to develop laws to combat organ trafficking
Newspaper "Le Monde" French
by: Bryce Pedroluti

told Assistant Chinese Health Minister Huang Jiefu during the launch of the new program to encourage organ donation after death under the management of the China plans to develop lawsChinese Red Cross , in Aug., saying: "China should establish as soon as possible system suitable for organ donation in accordance with international standards, "the objective of this program is to eliminate the organ trade is official and compensate for the lack Members at the time that the access to the vast majority of those sentenced to death or from the black market; So the matter of terms of reduction of taking members sentenced to death, a practice that proved they are made ​​in China, but in the concealment of Tam, on the other hand combat organ trafficking. This leads trafficking in members to the risk of serious economic, especially since the number of Chinese who need organ transplants up to two million people, and thus occupies China, which were conducted about 11 thousand transfer members in 2008, ranked second in the world after America, which is the removal of organs, as happens in most Western countries from people who have died recently after obtaining the prior approval of them, but in China, did not exceed the cases of obtaining the approval of donated 130 cases in 2003, as Shin Zonjua says assistant director of the Center for organ transplant at a hospital in Tianjin. Dr. Chen believes, according to a newspaper "Global Times," China Daily that the proportion of these cases in a steady decline. Reaching 36 cases last year and 41 cases in the previous year, and did not exceed 10 cases so far this year. And remember newspaper, the China Daily that the sentence of death, representing 65% of donors who of course are not the appropriate source for members, also approved the Assistant Secretary for Health. Tourism organ transplant was Huang Jiefu in charge of the file transfer member several years ago wrote in the British medical journal "The Lancet "in an article published in 2008, that 90% of the members movable in China are obtained from death row, and in principle should be granted these consent started to take their organs, but this file is lacking completely transparent, with an estimated Amnesty International the number of sentences death in China in 2008, with 1787 people, but the real figure is considered a state secret. There is also no statistics showing the number of donors among those, however, emphasizes Shin, the number of members taken from death row continues to drop, the number of death sentences sharply since the Supreme Court decision in 2007, the need to reconsider the death sentences issued by the local courts , and explains this decline skyrocketing number of members that are obtained from living donors, who was representing 15% of the total cases of organ transplants in 2006, as opposed to 50% in 2007, and from 40 to 60% in 2008. According to the new legislation came into force In 2008, supposed to be limited to the removal of organs, from biology to members of the same family or between people associated with each romantic relationship, which is supposed to exclude the sale of organs and organ transplant tourism to foreign recipients, which is witnessing booming in China, and sees d. Shin it is possible to explain the increasing number of live donors phenomenon Brokers members who are working on forging kinship between donor and recipient in collusion with some of the staff working in the health field, and up for college to 200 thousand yuan ", equivalent to 21 thousand euros," as stated in the newspaper "Global Times, "which stated that Chinese agents being online contacts, and allow the black market continued trafficking in organs.

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