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RUSSIA Caught Exporting US Nuke Tech – FBI INDICTS 10

RUSSIA Caught Exporting US Nuke Tech – FBI INDICTS 10

by 07) Douglas Stewart on October 17, 2012
The exclusive Conservative Report article exposing an Iranian-Chinese nuclear ring shocked the blogosphere, and put partisanship on hold in order to focus on Iran—who has said without equivocation their intent is to “wipe Israel off the map.” And now, there is yet another proliferation-operation involving a Russian national.
Alexander Fishenko was caught shipping dual-use-electronics for missile guidance, from the U.S. to his companies in Moscow.
Kremlin Intelligence officials deny any involvement, and any knowledge. However, the press release from the FBI’s New York office states explicitly, Fishenko was exporting “ high-tech microelectronics” to “Russian military and intelligence agencies.
Adding to the contradiction is the fact that Fishenko owned some of the companies that he shipped the US made, dual-use-microelectronics. The obvious next question: “are Fishenko’s companies—or any others listed in the indictment–official intelligence agencies?”
As is, the indictment does not name the receiving companies. But if the companies that received the questionable goods are not official military or intelligence outfits, then it could only mean that Fishenko’s companies would eventually forward the electronics to official Russian intel and military offices. Or worse, to other countries seeking nuclear capability—like Iran.

This is where the revealed details of the investigation currently become hazy.
If Fishenko is a high level operative operating on behalf of Moscow, then we should see a cordial “swap & forget” style trade-off happen; similar to the one involving Anna Chapman and crew, who were also Kremlin spies busted under the Obama Administration.
But if Alexander Fishenko is not a Russian operative, then he will feel the wrath of the justice department and our court system. There is no escape for Fishenko. If he does escape prosecution and this just goes away (like Chapman) then we will know that he was an official operative from Moscow. His team certainly does not have the same high shine, polished luster that emanates from a team covert operatives. Take a random member, and the results of a thorough investigation scream ‘regular Joe or Jane;’ since there were women involved in past spy rings.
Focus on Alexander Posobilov to get a feel of who the employees of Fishenko’s US based operations were. Posobilov’s Linked-In profile shows he earned a Bachelor’s degree in material-procurement in 1975 and his very next resume profile is “Fishenko’s Arc Electronics,” which is the primary company named in the indictment.
Did Posobilov come from Russia to work in the USA with Fishenko? An interesting conversation he had on a Youtube video regards US Marines and the weight of their full packs.
Posobilov asks
“Question: How much do those backpacks weigh—that and all the other gear they carry on them?”
Listen to Doug Matthew Stewart & Patrick Read unfold the story LIVE on Conservative Report Radio “Election 2012 Fallout! Romney – Obama Debate, Libya & Weapons”
Conservative Report on Blog Talk Radio
Posobilov claims to be asking because he plans to enlist in the Marines after he graduates, which is odd considering his linked-in profile says he earned a bachelors in 1975. So that would put him in the 36-40 year old category, which is a little old to join the Marines. Then again, its never to late to collect intelligence! Remember, Ali Mohamed infiltrated the US Army and then went onto train Al Qaeda. Extremist are trying to infiltrate the US Military, and one need not look further than the Fort Hood killer, Nidal Hasanfor proof.

CRO has obtained exclusive details of those indicted by the DOJ and will be releasing this information over the next few weeks. While we wait for those releases, we need to keep an eye on Russia and what exactly is being said by Kremlin officials.
Moscow got in front of this within hours of the arrest of Fishenko and ten of his employees at his Texas based company and denied any involvement or knowledge. But the indictment clearly states that Russian intel and military were involved. Whether those details are every released is not of importance just yet.
With all of his flexibility toward Russia (see below video), President Obama had Dmitri Medvedev relay the message to Vladimir Putin, asking for their patience and reassuring them that he would have more leverage after the election.
Well, will this new development change the White Houses mind and affect their eagerness they have shown for four years to be the servant of Putin? If  Eric Holder’s FBI is correct, and Kremlin intelligence and Russian military are directly involved in illegally obtaining US missile-guidance-electronics, then the White House should at least be reassessing its current opinion & position regarding Vladimir Putin.
Article continued below video.
Pundits in the intelligence field have also seemed to have taken sympathy with Russia all while repeating their nearly intolerable defense. The claim is that Russia does not have the ability to produce this equipment. Boohoo. And the shared sympathy is supposed to tug on the heart strings of global collectivists who will only entertain the “peace through strength” mantra so long as the most questionable allies are helped in gaining strength. (i.e. Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, et al)
It’s a baseline prerequisite for creating a global dystopia. Naturally, leftists, statists, globalists, academics, and anyone who looks at Al Gore or Oprah and gets a “twitchy” approves of building this foundation.
The last of the free thinkers are desperately trying to get those committees of total destruction to pause long enough so the rest of the citizens of the globe, the one that have not yet accepted leftist propaganda, to slow everyone down long enough to get an answer to what P.J. O’Rourke rightly labeled as an exclusively American question, “what’s the big idea? We can not allow any progress where weapons are concerned until we get that one answer.
As it stands now Iran is progressing towards weaponized nuclear material at mind-blowing speed with the help of Russia. We now have two cases, this being the second one, inside of 60 days that should be a deciding issue in the election and the newest trump card in national security issues.

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