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Spokesman "Hamas" in an interview with "the people":

Spokesman "Hamas" in an interview with "the people":

Documents proving the purchase of "open" to inform the enemy Egypt .. and provide him with fabricated stories of resistance

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 - 02:26 pm
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Wrote: Tariq Qasim

Egyptian blood is haram on the Palestinian resistance, such as
Mushir al-Masri: the media campaign against "Hamas" aim to drag us to the Egyptian domestic dispute
We have documents to prove that the "open" and bought Egyptian media .. The Zionist enemy extends Egyptian media fabricated stories about Hamas

In the midst of a fierce media war aimed at distorting the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" untapped relationship with the institution of the presidency and President d. Mohamed Morsi, the recent visit came for "Mushir al-Masri," a spokesman for the movement and the Palestinian Legislative Council deputy to Cairo, carrying several important messages.

Visit came the purpose of participating in a workshop on "Palestinian reconciliation," and stressed that Hamas can not threaten Egyptian national security, particularly after rumors accusing Hamas of involvement in the killing of the martyrs of the Egyptian army of 16 in September last year in an accident terrorist Hamas was one of the first of the condemned. .

"The people," Mushir al-Masri met, and carried with him this dialogue, which put the man a lot of points on a lot of characters ..

= Initially What is your comment on the statement issued by the Egyptian army and he emphasized that Hamas is completely innocent of the blood of our martyrs Egyptian soldiers who assassinated treachery in the past Ramadan, especially in the midst of a big media campaign leaders and the media is mostly owned by men belonging to the former regime?

* This important statement was expected from the Egyptian official institutions, which we were waiting to go out to resolve ado Media and false accusations, which peddled Egyptian media .. Here I would like to emphasize that Egyptian blood is forbidden on the Palestinian Hamas just like blood .. The Egyptian national security is national security of Palestine, and we and Egypt in the front and one against the Zionist enemy, which targeted the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples .. We are from the first moment of the crime that took place against Egyptian soldiers in Rafah, we form a security delegation to investigate them and visited Egypt for the transfer of our information to the devices of Egypt, and we were the first denounced the crime, did not prove that any Palestinian relationship with them, and all the statements that came out which emerged from sources informal, an attempt to drive a wedge between the Palestinian resistance, which stands shield acting on behalf of the nation in the face of the Zionist enemy and the great Egyptian army, which is supportive of the Palestinian people.

= What your interpretation of those fierce media attack against the "Hamas" recently in several Egyptian media?

* We believe that these channels and newspapers did not follow professional in media work; because it is not based on any official statement, and were only based on to talk about the sources of "مجهلة" sovereign or other, and there is coordination between some of the media working for third parties with narrow interests, which Arthunt for money, and some of the political parties and the security interest in the drive a wedge between Palestine and Egypt and to raise sedition in the domestic situation Egypt; by trying to enter Hamas in the midst of controversy Egyptian political, and we call Egyptian media for accuracy and work in a transparent and professional away from those accounts that do not benefit only the Zionist enemy that his fingers are not far from the assassination of Egyptian soldiers in Rafah, as well as the supply of Egyptian media information and false stories fabricated against Hamas, and we have documents reveal buy the "open" to the media Egyptian incitement against Hamas, the targeting of Hamas and Gaza repercussions negative mentality citizen Egypt regarding the outlook of the Palestinian cause, especially after Egyptian blood mixed with Palestinian blood in the face of the Zionist enemy.

= In your visit to Cairo you have borne any messages to security or political views regarding that Egyptian accusations against Hamas?

* We came to Cairo this time primarily to participate in a workshop on Palestinian reconciliation to emphasize that Hamas is keen on Palestinian reconciliation, and it paid everything at its disposal to overcome the obstacles to reconciliation, including the acceptance that be, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas as prime minister in the transitional phase, but in contrast, there are complications in the West Bank stand against reconciliation; including the continued detention of the power to the cadres of Hamas, as well as security coordination with the Zionist enemy who stands obstacle against the Palestinian cause and against the reconciliation, we came to we meet Palestinian factions to assure that there is no justification for the non-completion of reconciliation, especially since the meeting the latter, which was held in Cairo under Egyptian auspices postponed for reconciliation after U.S. President Obama's visit to the region, now after a fateful Obama visit believe that there is no justification for the brothers in the "open" to evade reconciliation.

= Occasion of the visit of U.S. President for the region .. How do you see in the "Hamas" statement on the stick of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity?

* Obama no longer has the political capacity to sell illusions to the Arabs and the Palestinians along the lines of what he did his speech at Cairo University after he assumed the presidency, Hamas were not reassuring to Obama's speech at the time because all the presidents Americans follow the same policy aligned to the Zionists, and management refuses to just accept Palestine as an observer at the United United, lifted its veto against the resolution, and an interview Obama about Jerusalem as no surprise to us, we believe that Jerusalem west by the east as the capital of Palestine, all of Palestine to the Palestinians, and therefore this situation is unacceptable and strongly, and respond to it is the unity of the Palestinian people, and the emphasis on that historic Palestine is all of the right of the Palestinian people, this is the American position should not be kept America in the eyes of the leaders of the settlement process sponsor of that process, and we are in this context warn of a return to negotiations again, and confirm that two decades of negotiation is enough to put the Palestinian issue in the square adventure and gambling for patrons to negotiate and that we should agree on the floor of a single national based on adhering to all the rights of the Palestinian people, and considering that America sponsor of the occupation and not for the rights of the Palestinian constants, because the rights are not begging but extracted انتزاعا, and the option of resistance taken by all oppressed peoples must have a strategic choice to the Palestinian people .

= With respect to resistance .. There is a charge for "Hamas" reneging on adoption of the "resistance" in favor of "policy" .. What is your comment?

* This accusation is baseless and facts on the ground are belied; فشعار Hamas in its fight electoral "hand built Lloyd resist," a slogan he considered many impossible application, but Hamas translated in the pompous image; Despite the devastation due to the Zionist shelling in Gaza, there is a renaissance backing of the Arab nation and the free world to promote resilience in the face of the Zionist enemy, with regard to the resistance Hamas stands for holes first against the Zionists, and have fought two wars important are: "Criterion" 2008-2009 and "stone Shale" 2012 and emerged victorious and imposed elements of a new mental Zionism, Hamas, which is in power triumphed in two wars and was able to release for the first time since the 3 contracts for five "20%" of prisoners in 2011 after captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Hamas, which is in the referee has developed from its military capability in the face of the Zionists and the bearing 5 million Zionist state of terror Permanent front of their military, also the number of martyrs who are nominated by Hamas which is to govern more from each of the nominated in history; in the confirmation that our presence in government is a way to promote the project of jihad and resistance.

= "Tunnels" hyphen between Gaza and the Egyptian Rafah important file occupies the Egyptians and the Egyptian media .. It is one of the pillars of the media campaign directed against you recently .. What's New in the development of tunnels now?

* It must be emphasized that the tunnels remain an exceptional situation and emergency imposed blockade dark on the Gaza Strip under the Close the Zionist enemy of the crossings commercial purpose of the imposition of terms of surrender on the Palestinian people until almost Strip to reach the state of famine, blackouts and Drug Administration requirements basic life, was the tunnels solution suspended exceptional emergency to cope with arrogance of Zionism and إجرامها against 1.9 million Palestinians, there is a case officer for tunnels where she Hamas government protection because we do not want any form of security threat to Egypt or entry materials harmful to national security Palestinian or Egyptian, II did not prove that there is no security threat to Egypt tunnels because they are all under the eye of the Palestinian government, we believe that in the event of termination of the blockade or the opening of the Rafah gateway business or the presence of a free trade zone there will be no point in tunnels, what goes through tunnels only is everything related to food, medicine and clothing.

= Free Zone mention .. Some are afraid of a trade zone between Egypt and Gaza, and extended it to accuse the current Egyptian leadership to enable the Palestinians to Sinai .. What is your comment?

* This is all within the framework of the campaign suspicious against Hamas and try to be entered on-line dispute Egyptian Interior, and also try to achieve the goal of Zionist long sought the enemy to achieve, Historically the enemy develop a plan to deport Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai in 1954, but the Palestinians stood strictly against him, and when she was Gaza under Egyptian rule until 1967 did travels Palestinians to Egypt, and the Sinai was under the rule of the Zionist in the period between 1967 and 1973 did not happen, I think that historically these terms are outdated and the facts prove that people linked to bloody their land evidenced by the return of our children to Palestine in during the Zionist shelling , and obviously the inconsistency is the master of the situation with the Egyptian media, Sometimes they say that there are 7,000 people from Hamas entered Egypt and sometimes they say 500 people and sometimes they say that Hamas asked enable the Palestinians to live in Sinai, these novels suspicious you are not a court or integrated in a sign of a lie and the media Egyptian instigation of the money paid to them.

= How do you rate your relationship with the Egyptian security services after the departure of Mubarak and also after he took d. Marina presidency?

* Hamas-Egypt relationship is the best in all its stages in the era of the new Egyptian leadership, and we reject any act that would threaten or lowered this relationship or Tuterha or overwhelm .. And the relationship with the security services Egyptian list, and the Palestinian file in Egypt is a file that a security basically has been released from military or intelligence of any condemnation of Hamas in any mode the internal affairs of Egypt, and so inconsistent with the policy of Hamas, which does not interfere in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, we are concerned the development of the relationship and the way to open the Rafah crossing as a commercial crossing next to the human crossing and then liberating the whole of Palestine from the river to the sea.

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