Tuesday, November 12, 2013

$ That Barack Obama Is Guilty

$ It’s hard for someone to link Barack Obama and Charles Windsor with NSA and trying to prove they used NSA info to cheat.
Barack Obama US UK FRA organize uranium traffic in the world for their customers nuclear power plants needs Uranium and military nuclear needs uranium. Terrorism war is an excuse.
Since 2003 the Barack Obama knew the location of Osama bin Laden but the Barack Obama preferred to lie with Hillary Clinton to US citizen to US congress and to U.N
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-bin-laden-reward-20131102,0,6443291.story …
During 8 years Osama Bin Laden lead terrorism operation
and offender Barack Obama knew it and protected , let  Osama bin Laden kill US and UK Troops.
Always keep in mind Edward Snowden is a CIA agent. They prepared him for this mission. It’s a liar. He must deliver the US White House lie to you.
http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/11/02/242542146/edward-snowden-speaking-the-truth-is-not-a-crime …
They used the US UK Army not to fight the terrorism but to use the terrorism like a shield to hide their financial fraud.
But it’s like a web. You will find some links.
Always keep in mind. The official White House message is a lie. It’s a curtain.
Charles Windsor who built the UK London financial CITY has cheated the Jewish who built that place Charles Windsor is a crook.
Charles Windsor after he cheated the Jewish he used the British secret service to cheat the Financial market to pay the bill and personal development.
Charles Windsor cheat the UK market but in the same time in USA George Bush Bill Clinton and Barack Obama do the same trick use the NSA to cheat and personal development.
Charles Windsor and White House use the terrorist way like an excuse to build the big NSA to cheat the world.
Keep in mind it’s all top-secret some MF from US Senate congress and UK Lords are involved in that evil plan.
Another question : How many country work in that financial fraud in Eurozone and Middle east with Obama and UK Windsor ?
Charles Windsor and White House are now in the shit because they are unable to stop that crap and it’s going to blast.
You Barack Obama Charles Windsor have robbed billions dollars in US UK market with NSA info and with this you fooled and put Eurozone in misery and to put the mess and misery in Africa to get your uranium and to fool Russia and China.
When Barack Obama Charles Windsor send John Kerry or David Cameron in your country you must obey to Kerry like slave do and say the lie they teach to you in the TV.
You illuminati UK US with your economic you slave the French you kill people in Africa and let many countries live in misery for nuclear uranium.
The reality is really different and only a small illuminati clan in USA knows exactly what is going on and how they cheat the country.
No real justice in USA Barack Obama George Bush Bill Clinton & some others are criminals they kill they lie they cheat their own citizen.
You know Patriots and Nation are words they like to use to lie to you same when Barack Obama use the word GOD in his statement it’s for the show.
When you ask a question to them like Benghazi they will answer nothing or it’s classified top secret it’s their great excuse to fool you.
Since 2003 offenders Barack Obama Hillary Clinton knew the location of Osama bin Laden
They lied to US troops 24/7 during 8 years.
Offender Barack Obama protect during 8 years Osama Bin Laden
Hillary Clinton and some other offenders like Generals and CIA agents knew it.
Offender Barack Obama protected Osama Bin Laden to kill US Troops during 8 years this is the real face of the offender Barack Obama.
François Hollande with his minister touch their balls in Paris with their friends the gay & junkie who smoke weed the socialist government of shame.
In France the best guy to managed France is François Fillon UMP
Red Angel said François Hollande is finish since July 2012.
2 French Journalist killed for URANIUM illuminati traffic.
http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/rfi-french-journalists-kidnapped-north-mali-20765325 …
Barack Obama Charles Windsor François Hollande are guilty again.
Obama guilty for : Insider trading with NSA info blackmail to others government foxiness he use US Army for uranium traffic and lie to USA
If US Judges lawyers are unable to put that Barack Obama with some other ugly guys in jail. Better get another job or keep going enjoying Barack Obama traffic dollar.
Edward Snowden was prepared by a medical team and 3 tough guy from CIA. They worked on him to the bones. They chose him because he looks gay but he is strong. 3 CIA agents worked on him an American German taught him how to think like a German an other taught him how to stay in the mission 24/7 an other taught him the time how to fight against the time. The medical team gave him the message the lie. It’s inside him he is built to deliver the illuminati lie. The message is inside him like a song inside his heart it’s good and warm to him.
In Eurozone don’t listen to Edward Snowden the CIA built his escape to Russia it’s why he was to Hong Kong illuminati Asia best place. Stay focus to the illuminati head UK Charles Windsor and US Barack Obama they are going to scam you again. They already got François Hollande
Always keep in mind Barack Obama and Charles Windsor bought the Arabian last week they try to buy all country because they are down fucked with USD Bond
Always keep in mind Barack Obama Charles Windsor suck the Vladimir Putin cock 24/7 Because  they hope that Vladimir Putin can fool Xi Jinping because USD Bond is a bomb inside US.
And Yesterday the French PM was in Moscow to soak up the Vladimir Putin juice
Barack Obama Charles Windsor are going to fuck the Eurozone the Arabian and the China after this you will face a new terrorism wave
Always keep in mind Barack Obama Charles Windsor want to destroy the Eurozone stability they are going with Edward Snowden to fool the German with fake NSA info.
At the first look the Barack Obama and Charles Windsor plans looks great every Leaders will got something but they forgot something the PEOPLE are fed up
If you fall in Barack Obama Charles Windsor trap you will face to threat terrorism and the hate of your own citizen that you put in misery by your own fault.
What to do ? to avoid the Barack Obama Charles Windsor trap ?
You must ask your USD Bond money refund now and let them face their shit alone their lies their citizen.
You must tell the truth and work with your citizen you must stay away from the USD Bond and US credit it’s a drug that will kill you
What happen to François Hollande will happen to you.
He is stuck between USD Barack Obama Charles Windsor and his own people started a fight because misery jobless exploded in France.
You must learn the law of money if you have 1 euro you have not 2 euro
Who want something must pay cash no credit no USD Bond slavery.
Take a look to Japan they are so low in the American slavery USD Bond they must rob their own mob YAKUZA It’s amazing.
http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/30/japan-three-biggest-banks-yakuza-links-inquiry …
Barack Obama and Charles Windsor are going to put you and your own people in the darkest misery.
Is that you want ?
Barack Obama and Charles Windsor are two criminal let them going down their own citizen will kill them soon.
Why illuminati use a Nigga president in USA ?
Nothing to do with racism right Nah.
That Nigga hide the nuclear uranium traffic in Africa.
The Kenyan Barack Obama US boy is a criminal or the illuminati curtain that hide the African nuclear uranium traffic in Africa.
Barack Obama is a crook an uranium dealer criminal he was created by illuminati to lie and hide NSA financial fraud info & uranium traffic.
Barack Obama has nothing to do with human right his Nobel price was gave by illuminati members by his fault thousand nigga got killed.
Destroy Barack Obama and illuminati and their idols among USA they build idols and you love it in your heart like fools. It’s a trap like Barack Obama words.
Don’t let Barack Obama illuminati and stupid idols monument catch your heart never.
Congress voted new debts for idols monument workers and you run for.
illuminati Barack Obama guys are real smart they use a lot of trick to play with your heart they fool you and it turns The Lord sad real sad.
The day you the citizen will understand what is The Lord you will find the liberty the real liberty not that US illuminati idols trap.
The message was clear they don’t want contact they don’t want F . Hollande rotten USD money
http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/11/02/mali-france-kidnap-army-idINL5N0IN0J120131102 …
They want you go far
So sweet drones can help to save life wow it’s amazing
http://news.sky.com/story/1162844/drones-may-help-fight-bushfires-in-Australia …
In Pakistan they put fire terror in the sky and kids heart
If finally you’re unable to say to Barack Obama Charles Windsor the rule has change stop the lies.
My 3 Angels will do it but you are in the terror zone.
If you will not obey You the Arabian Eurozone Russian and China leaders prepare to the worst the threat is already inside your country
My 3 Angels will turn insane. No one will stop it till you have disappeared. Like with Hitler. Think twice I can do nothing more for you
If you got a doubt Leaders read my Red Angels dreams again & my tweets I don’t play this is not a drill Like I said it about the 4X4 in China last week in my dream that Red Angel showed.
I have nothing to sell and I want nothing I hope you find the best way but you must know that all way will be rude and hard it’s the rule.
A King President must tell the truth to the People even when the truth is terrible People who trust to the boss is the best tool you can get.
keep in mind illuminati will always sacrifice people from their land to trick you and to win time
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-24763664 …
How white house Barack Obama statement catch your eyes mind and heart
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_y7X5y2BI …
It’s always the same trick THINK Citizen they change the words and colors and play with the tricks you love in your heart.
American White House gangsters wear the suit of Israel like a bandit disguise to fool his victims This is not Israel this is not The Lord
Barack Obama John Kerry betrayed Israel with Saudi Arabia to let Iran get military nuclear. It’s a suicide. US betrayed Israel to save USD Bond market in Geneva.
Let’s play poker
So you know the rules now POL Leaders
Cards are dealt
Good luck
RockstarBadBoy (6)

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