Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Watch] DHS Now Taking Bids For 2 States; Top Secret Force

[Watch] DHS Now Taking Bids For 2 States; Top Secret Force

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It is time to take note of another suspicious Homeland Security contract that is being put out for bid.
Remember when Hussein Obama was saying that we need a domestic police force that is just as strong as our military, during the 2008 campaign?  A few of us wondered at the time why we needed that. It was largely ignored up until recently but he is making good on that claim. It’s much more than a claim now; it’s becoming a real threat.
At the time, he got a resounding response for the mindless minions that were hanging on every piece of drivel that fell out of his mouth. They undoubtedly had no idea what he was talking about; they were clapping before he ever started his spewing. It didn’t matter because he’s so trans-racial and he’s got such a nice smile. Plus they wanted that hope and change.
In case you missed it, or would like a trip down memory lane to pre-police state days, I’ve included it again below:
Those people look even more foolish in retrospect than they did at the time, applauding the creation of the very force that will enslave, abuse and control them.
As the process moves forward, a new request for bid has been posted on the General Services Administration website for DHS contractors. The Contract is seeking to fill the positions of “Security Guards and Patrol Services”, for a term of one year, with four one year renewals and a six month renewal. That’s five and a half years of security to begin with. The Contractor also needs to have a Top Secret Security Clearance.
412 bid1
The cost of that one year security is $19 million dollars. That is roughly a total for the five and a half years of $105 million dollars, just for manpower. The location for the services to be rendered is in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.
What is the Department of Homeland Security expecting to be going on in Wisconsin and Minnesota that would require such a large expenditure and why the top secret clearance?
The Department of Homeland Security was sold to the American people as a means of protecting us from overseas threats resulting from international terrorism. That was certainly a load of manure. If we are to sincerely be attempting to protect the homeland, there is no way that the border and immigration situation would be as porous as it is. No more excuses, we see it for the obvious lie that it is.
Something else is clearly in the works. Two issues need to be addressed immediately.
412 bid2
A Congressional audit and accountability study needs to be conducted for all of the recent bids, including riot protection and offensive weaponry; ammunition and vehicles should be conducted determining their supposed justification and legitimacy.
Secondly, an investigation into the reasons behind the secretive nature of the operation of DHS must be carried out. Of course, there will be the resistance floated that national security concerns prevent disclosure. Not true, national security concerns demand that this be done.
That is merely more of the same deception. Tolerating their stalling tactics just gets us into a worse situation. We need strong leadership which will demand answers. Not just ask, but demand.
A monster is being created and it is growing to dangerous proportions right under our noses. This monster can destroy us.
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