Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Watch] False Flag False Claim – Jumping the Gun in Pittsburgh School Shooting

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The rush to false conclusion serves nobody and the immediate labeling of any violent situation as a false flag only serves to delegitimize the same type of accusations when an actual false flag takes place.
This is an example of a video being released, virtually immediately by an often thought-provoking source of information, and how baselessly jumping the gun serves no purpose.
They seize upon the words of the police spokesperson, Diane Richard, using “actors” to describe the perpetrators, as if it were proof that the incident is staged.
The word is synonymous, in this case, with the word perpetrator, suspect or shooter. It simply means the person who conducted the act.
The YouTube is titled “EXPOSED! Pittsburgh Shooting FALSE FLAG –‘Actors’ Used & Area Lockdown.”
This is obvious sensationalism which is of no benefit to anyone.
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