Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Watch] Glenn Beck Predicts 20% Approval, Terror Strike and Impeachment Within 2 Years

[Watch] Glenn Beck Predicts 20% Approval, Terror Strike and Impeachment Within 2 Years

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Glenn Beck doesn’t paint too rosy of a picture for the future and rightly so. There is nothing rosy about it save the color of the glasses the libs are wearing. It’s an opinion, but not one that is uniformed, so he’s worth listening to.
As far as the Hussein Obama “presidency,” he says he could easily be impeached. We all know he should be, but Beck is of the opinion that it may happen due to falling approval numbers. If that happens, you better take the set, Hussein and Biden, as both of them are equally culpable and Biden could be even worse than the criminal that is in there now.
In 18-24 months Beck predicts the already plummeting at below 42% poll numbers for Hussein Obama will be below a 20% approval rating. His opinion is that Hussein will be lucky to be at 20%, due to runaway inflation and a possible terror strike that he sees as being inevitable.
Since we have a wide open border and illegals of all nationalities coming across unchallenged on a daily basis, that is a pretty safe bet.
Beck also offers a number to the tune of 80 Billion dollars of electronic funny money that the Fed is printing, per month. That certainly is inflationary. Add to that the fact that the news media is starting to peddle the idea that inflation is actually a good thing and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.
Everything is setting up for a fall. The expected terror attack will bring about a further surrender of the American public to the police state system. Once again, it will be for our own security.
Hold on tight. It’s coming.
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