Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[Watch] Robert Welch – Details Planned Destruction of America, Laser Beam Accurate in 1958

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For those who have never seen this before, or those who have and are still amazed at what this man was able to recognize at the early time in its implementation, this is a must watch. Robert Welch was right and his predictions are hauntingly preserved here in this video.
This video has excerpts from two speeches given by Robert Welch in 1974. The list of ten is chilling in its accuracy in predicting the methods used and the results of the deliberate attacks against American sovereignty by subversive forces, both from within and without.
Welch was scoffed at by many, particularly those whose activities he exposed. The propaganda against him was highly successful in muting his message. Control of the media is not a new phenomenon. Had people listened then, we’d be in much better condition now, and our survival as a nation would not be in doubt.
If we continue down this path, and choose to remain oblivious, complacent, or silent, our survival as a nation, in its present form, is unlikely.
Welch founded the John Birch Society, giving his organization the name of a Christian missionary war hero who was murdered by the communist Chinese ten days after the end of World War ll. He was an unselfish man who worked for the betterment of his nation and his countrymen.
Regardless of what you have been told or might think of his organization, there is no denying the accuracy and the insightfulness of his predictions. I think we all wish he had been wrong.

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