Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gov’t & MSM Caught In Fuku Coverup (Video)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 13:39

By Susan Duclos

A report delivered at The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)  2013 Annual Meeting  held October 11–20, 2013 by The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), an intergovernmental scientific organization shows that the US West Coast and Canada has been bombarded with radiation since the 2011 meltdowns at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.

Not only did the bombardment start in 2012, the US government knew it and said nothing, in fact, did their level best to continue to hide it, then and now.

Furthermore,the North Pole and the Atlantic Ocean are to be hit next, according to Turner Radio Network which quotes the report which is found here.

This chart, taken from the report, proves that the Canadian government knew over a year ago, that radiation from Fukushima had already reached Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, the west coast of the United States and was already detected off the coast of Central America!
Even worse, they knew that the radiation had already begun making its way through the Bering Straight into the Bering Sea, allowing it to affect eastern Russia. From there, it will flow under the North Pole and ultimately into the ATLANTIC Ocean, endangering Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden Finland, the United Kingdom and the EAST COAST of the UNITED STATES!

They knew, they lied and the MSM has been complicit in those lies.

Susan Duclos owns/writes Wake up America

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