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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." — Edmund Burke.

The government that has developed since F.D.R. and his New Deal is Government by the bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy. We the little people have become nothing more than serfs to the State. —Douglas Vogt

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From Forgery to Treason.

From Forgery to Treason

From Forgery to Treason; The Destruction of the United States from Within

This book is the culmination of two and a half years of part-time research for both Paul and me. We have found over 20 points of forgery on the Barack Obama II Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) and the short form. The PDF version also has errors in it but it was useful for us to understand how the forger did the forgery such as the use of options found in Adobe Photoshop called “unsharp mask” and “select color.” It also forced me to change my thinking and think in terms of deliverables. What I mean by that is the products the forger had to deliver to the Hawaii Department of Health and other principals in this forgery. Currently the book will have 17 Chapters which will include topics ranging from the State and Federal laws, what we should have seen, the technical evidence covering everything from the type, line spacing, the letters, the registrar’s stamp and seals as well as the persons of interest—who did the forgery and how she knew Barack Obama in Hawaii. We will also cover the Sunahara lawsuit, the media, who is Barack Obama and the Communist plot to get him into office. My last chapter will present how to fix the problem the country is in permanently so it never happens again. We will be done with the manuscript early next year but we still have to find a publisher.

How Our Research all started

My first affidavit was done on May 10th 2011 for Orly Taitz for a case she had. I then revised and expanded it on May 22 and then on June 24, 2011 I did a final affidavit with nine points of forgery found. The problem at the time was that all I had was the PDF version of the birth certificate and that was so computer manipulated that a letter comparison was not possible. Finally, I got my hands on an ABC reporter's scanned copy of the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that was handed out at the 8:48 am news conference. It was originally scanned in at 600 dpi but saved as 300 dpi. That gave Paul Irey the quality we needed to analyze Obama’s COLB. The book we are working on we are calling “From Forgery to Treason; The destruction of the United Sates from Within”. I felt this title best describes what has happened and who are the groups and individuals responsible for the conspiracy which culminated in the election of Barack Obama II as President of the United States.
The two affidavits I filled on October 18, 2013 is the culmination of that research. One is a public affidavit which you can download from this web site and also The other affidavit is the sealed one that only the Judge and a Federal Grand Jury can see. I had been deliberately quiet about what I was doing except when I was helping Sheriffs office in Maricopa County Arizona. Mike Zullo is the lead investigator and is a fine detective and I must say the best dressed I have seen. We have not always agreed on the same things such as the typewriter evidence but I think he did come around this year when he asked me for five blank copies of the COLB Paul typeset so they could do the same experiments Paul and I did in 2012. Paul and I have always offered our help to Mike Zullo and we hope he has success with finding one or more Congressman that will open congressional hearings.
What I have filed is not a lawsuit and does not involve charging or suing anyone else. That is the job of a Federal Grand Jury which is one of the things I am asking the court to do. I was compelled to file my affidavit by the wording in Misprision of Felony and Treason. I am asking the Court to release me from the criminal liability that both statutes place me in because I had discovered these felonies against the United States. As far as we can tell, no one has ever used these two laws in this way even though these two laws were passed into law by the very first Congress, second secession and signed into law by non other than President George Washington. Usually Misprision of Felony is used by a Federal Prosecutor against someone. I may be the first to use it in the other direction. The result of this is that the court has to act when they are presented compelling evidence that a crime against the United States has occurred. If the Crime is in the public interest, the court has no choice but to submit it to a Grand Jury. In other words it is a HOT Potato for the Judge. In the Memorandum of Law you will read the whole explanation and my strategy.
            The judge in Seattle has not acted as he should have and I appealed to the 9th Circuit Court. We are now mailing the complaint to other Federal Judges around the county until we find one Federal Judge that presents the evidence to a Federal Grand jury. There should be at least one judge out there that sees Barack Obama's certificate of live birth is a forgery and is willing to present it to their grand jury. Hopefully this will happen before Obama destroys the country and turns it into a socialist hell. If you can contribute to our ends please do so. It will cost $26 to mail the complete filing in color to a Federal Judge. We have mailed out 115 as of 12/30/13. There are over 600 Judges.

The Current Court Filings

Affidavit of October 18, 2013 Douglas Vogt For a color version :

The Federal Court scanned in my affidavit in binary or black and white mode so the pictures did not come out at all or very poorly. I have them on this site in grayscale so you can see the proof for yourselves. A much better picture is in color and that will cost you $26 for me to mail you a full color version with the Exhibits. When you read the see the proof yourself you will probably get very mad that you were lied to by the big media and the obots but remember that is their job, to lie and protect the President and his administration. We will explain why in the section on the media. You will be shocked and will realize we do not have a free press.
1. Notice of the Commission of a Felony, 9 page summary and cover of the filing. Start with that.
2. Memorandum of Law on the Sealed Affidavit, 6 pages and is important.
3. The Affidavit filed 10-18-2013 with grayscale pictures, 72 pages with a lot of proof, over 17,600 words.
4. The 21 Exhibits for the Affidavit saved in grayscale.
5. An Exhibit 2 that was not included with the filing but has 27 pages of all the states laws defining "file", "Filing" and "Registration."
6. Petition to Appeal to the 9th District Court on 11/25/2013 The Judge tried to escape responsibility by stating the Court does not have "Subject Matter Jurisdiction" even though the two Misprision laws clearly state they do.
These are the Federal Statutes we believe have been violated. Since one of them is Treason and treason has a death penalty associated with it, there is NO statute of limitations on the crimes the principals have committed.
1. Title 18, Ch. 1, Sec. 4: Misprision of felony
2. Title 18, Ch. 47, Sec. 1028: Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information. Including subsections (a)(1, 2, 4), (b)(1A), (d)(1, 3, 4. 5, 12).
3. Title 18, Ch 47, Sec. 1028A: Aggravated identity theft. Including subsection (a)(1), (c)(2).
4. Title 18, Ch. 19, Sec. 371: Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States.
5. Title 18, Ch. 43, Sec. 911: False Personating of being a United States Citizen.
6. Title 18, Ch. 47, Sec. 1002: Possession, of False Papers to Defraud United States.
7. Title 18, Ch. 47, Sec. 1015: Naturalization, Citizenship or Alien Registration.
8. Title 18, Ch. 63, Sec. 1343: Fraud by Wire, Radio, Television.
9. Title 18, Ch. 93, Sec. 1920: False statements or fraud to obtain Federal employees’ compensation.
10. Title 18, Ch. 115, Sec. 2381: Treason
11. Title 18, Ch. 115, Sec. 2382: Misprision of treason

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