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Illegal alien with long criminal history stabbed woman to death in Texas

Illegal alien with long criminal history stabbed woman to death in Texas

On Jan. 4, police in San Antonio arrested Christian Ivan Bautista, 29, only four days after he reportedly stabbed a woman to death on a jogging trail located in the Northwest section of the city.

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On New Year's Eve, the body of 24-year-old Lauren Bump was discovered on a trail in O.P. Schnabel Park. She had been stabbed multiple times.
It was along this same trail where police apprehended Bautista, after a woman reported a suspicious man "pacing back and forth."
Under questioning, Bautista admitted to being at the park on New Year's Eve, but denied killing Bump.
However, Bautista's roommate told investigators that on New Year's Day, Bautista told him: "I stuck that (expletive). I cut her up real nice," according to court documents.
Bautista has a long criminal record, with arrests in both California and Texas.
KENS 5 reported:
His criminal history in Bexar County includes eight different instances.
The 29-year-old was arrested for drug possession in 2006 and a few weeks later was charged with illegal entry, according to county records.
State records obtained by the I-Team revealed Bautista finished a five-year sentence for aggravated robbery in October and was released from state custody October 29, a little more than two months before Bump was murdered.
While Bautista was once charged with illegally entering this country and spent at least six months in federal custody, there is now a great deal of confusion over why he was never deported.
On Jan. 8, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed publicly that Bautista did have "legal" status in this country, but that his current immigration status was still "up in the air."
All attempts by this reporter to reach ICE for further clarification have failed.
Bautista has been charged with murder and is being held on $200,000 bond at the Bexar County Jail.
On Friday, Ruthie Hendrycks, host of The Ruthie Report, expressed the frustration which many Americans now feel over such senseless crimes...
Hendrycks said:
Bautista’s immigration Status was 'Up In The Air' really? Are you kidding me?...This illegal alien has already spent time in custody for illegal entry, drug possession and aggravated robbery… and no one thought it was important to determine his true immigration status and deport this criminal?"
"So, now law enforcement is just not even going to bother to check immigration status? Maybe if someone had--Bautista who was just recently released, would have been deported, instead, another innocent woman was murdered. This willful ignorance/head in the sand policy of allowing us to be nothing more than human collateral for political gain must stop," Hendrycks continued.
Lauren Bump was a second-year graduate student at Harding University in Arkansas, and was studying to become a physician's assistant.
She had recently completed missionary work in Guatemala and planned on using her degree to help those in need.
Read Bump's obituary...
A memorial service in Bump's honor will be held on Sunday at 2pm at Fellowship Bible Church in Searcy, Ark.

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