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Pedophiles Converting to Islam To Evade Prosecution- Abuses Protected by Sharia Law

Pedophiles Converting to Islam To Evade Prosecution- Abuses Protected by Sharia Law

child bride legal under Islam

Many people in the West, especially in the U.S., have been clamoring about the dangers of bowing to the wishes of radical Islamic extremists, and respecting Muslim practices under Sharia Law. Many cases have been cited where the cultures clash, particularly in regard to honor killings, such as a recent case in England, where a 17-year-old girl, who was a white Christian, was viciously stabbed to death by her Muslim boyfriend after she’d outed their relationship to his traditional Islamic family. (See story: England’s First Honor Killing- Muslim Murders Christian Girlfriend )The boy’s mother called her a “dirty white whore” and threw her shoe at her, and only a matter of days later, the girl was slain at knife point.
Guns are illegal in England, so this proves that people who want to kill will find a way- sort of like the Jihadists who cut a Marine’s head off in the streets of England earlier this year. The Muslim youth killed his girlfriend to avenge the dishonor that was brought on his family.
What many governments are not realizing, is that by appeasing radical Islamists and providing laws to protect their sick and twisted ways in Western societies under the guise of “freedom of religious practices” they are also providing a means of escape for other criminals, namely pedophiles.
The best case for this happened recently in The Philippines. Though the nation is part of Asia, it’s had heavy Western influence for centuries, having been occupied by Spain for more than 400 years and having been saved from external invaders by the U.S. throughout the past century. The society is a predominately Christian nation, the only one in Asia, and they sport a more Western lifestyle than any other country in Asia, making them a tourist hub for Westerners and a popular place for ex-pats, particularly veterans, due to the fact that there is a Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in the capital city, Manila. It is the only VA hospital located outside of the U.S.
The Philippines has a major Muslim population in its southern most regions, particularly on the Island of Mindanao. The Muslims have been clamoring for their own land there, like they do in pretty much any other country they inhabit, and the Philippine Government, obviously not having learned from their former saviors, the U.S., that you do NOT negotiate with terrorists, have given in more and more over time. As a result, any time the Muslims want something, they take over a city or blow up a Mall, which has happened on several occasions this year alone.
The results? The Philippine government caves and gives them more of what they want.
Part of caving in the Philippines has been the recognition of certain Islamic laws, particularly, in the case of molesting children. The Philippines, a Christian nation, with strong Western ties and an ally of the U.S., actually allows for girls who have achieved puberty to be married off to men of any age.
The Muslim Family Code of Philippines states, “Any Muslim male at least 15 years of age and any Muslim female of the age of puberty or upwards and not suffering from any impediment under the provisions of this Code may contract marriage. A female is presumed to have attained puberty upon reaching the age of fifteen.”
This allows an escape clause for pedophiles, and the golden parachute was taken this week by Filipino rock star, Freddie Aguilar. Aguilar is 60 years old, but has a penchant for underage girls. His recent fling is only 16 years old, and Aguilar admits to having been with the girl since she was 15, though rumors are circulating that he’s been with her since she was only 14. (See story: 60 Year Old Legendary Rock Star Converts to Islam to Marry 16 Year Old Child Bride)
With authorities hot on his tail, seeking prosecution for child molestation, Aguilar took legal counsel and converted to Islam. Again, since the Philippine Government recognizes men’s rights to marry children under Sharia law, and now that Aguilar claims protection under Islam, he is untouchable.
Aguilar is not the first pedophile to take advantage of Sharia laws being allowed in traditionally non-Muslim nations to avoid prosecution for molesting children. He is merely the first big named celebrity to do so.
This is the danger of Sharia, coming to a democracy near you, that people are missing. It’s not only Muslims who think it is okay to have sex with children that you’ll have to worry about. It’s the predators already having sex with children, like Aguilar, who will be provided protection from prosecution merely by a profession of faith in Allah.

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