Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Twitter Account Suspension and Lawsuits Tied to Automation Tools

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  1. Sandy says:
    I never thought someone could get sued just by using twitter automation tools

    • Vicki says:
      If you read carefully, it is not the users of the tools but the creators who are being sued. The worst that can happen to a user is an account suspension, so use with caution!
  2. Micah says:
    Interesting. That’s to bad really. TweetAdder is very useful tool, I’m actually running it right now. As long as you are, or appear to be following Twitters user guidelines I don’t see any problem.
    The only rule that I am violating with tweetadder is automated following and unfollowing. But I take a very non aggressive approach to this. If you use the setting right, tweetadders actions will still appear natural.
    This rule isn’t new.
    People have been getting accounts suspended for being careless about this sort of thing for a long time. Just use common sense about it, that’s all.
    There is way to much spam on twitter, and a lot of people abuse the system. Unfortunately all of us have to pay the price for that.

    • Vicki says:
      I hear you Micah, thank you for your thoughtful reply! I already had social oomph available through a friend of mine who splits an account with me, and since it (SocialOomph) was on their ‘approved’ list I’ve moved my tweets off of TweetAddr, though reluctantly…. I just didn’t want to risk it, in case they could tell these were automated and not via their API (which is one of the violations TweetAddr is guilty of). But I agree with the non-aggressive approach as the safest one (esp with following / un-following!)
  3. Kathryn says:
    Hi Vicki.. I think a lot of people are not familiar with twitter account suspension and I am sure most people can benefit from this..

  4. Denise says:
    Great info as always from you, Vicki! I was tempted to use tweetaddr again for a new twitter account… but.. it just seems to risky, even if used very conservatively. I used it in the past for following and un-following, and never more that 125 a day… Do you know of something new that I can use, that does use Twitters API?
    Thank you so much for sharing such great information so generously!! You are always my “go to person”!
    • Vicki says:
      Hey Denise! I didn’t even see this until today so better late than never for replies eh? Well the only thing I trust right now is Social Oomph because it does use the Twitter API, though I’m not sure how they’ve possibly changed their free service around, it’s still worth the price paying for it to keep your Twitter account safe!
      Can’t wait to catch up with you again soon!
      Wishing You the Best Always!
  5. naveed anwer says:
    my account always become suspended without the reason in my knowledge,even i use th twitter very carefully but still im facing such problem after each two or three day,now m edge to leave twitter forever.

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