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The escalation of the presence of al-Qaeda in the multilateral conflict in the Arab region raises questions about who drives, fact, this regulation.

Second Republic in Egypt and projects internal war and the army Alternative

The escalation of the presence of al-Qaeda in the multilateral conflict in the Arab region raises questions about who drives, fact, this regulation.

Middle East Online

By Omar Najib

Spin in the broader Middle East numerous conflicts mostly MLS, and if analysts and historians disagree in determining the stages and developments on a timely basis, many of them considered that the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and occupation is a transition or a new chapter in the epic struggle of international influence in region. There is hardly a near consensus among politicians and analysts that the United States and after their experiences expensive in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has decided to follow a different method to achieve its goals, has been described by some as the method soft power, which is by interpretation academic of the best weapons political and military, as it enables a force of control others and make them in solidarity with them without losing or shrinking its military capabilities.
Over the first decade of the century atheist century, there was a wave of interest in the worldwide public diplomacy and use it as a weapon of soft power the most influential and sustainability, so I decided to governments allocation of administrations, but the appointment of aides and ministers at the level of Ministries of Foreign Affairs to carry out the development of strategies for optimal use of the most effective and the practice diplomacy. The term has become a revolution in the world of diplomacy alongside contemporary public diplomacy, cultural, and diplomatic summit default crises and alliances. Within this new method employed various forces, whether local or international network of organizations, including non-governmental and political organizations and community to move within their countries in order to implement certain schemes. Some describe these constructs when to intervene to destabilize and undermine the system of any state or in secret from the inside and seek to alter the political or economic choices fifth column.
Genesis of this expression is due to the days of the Spanish Civil War, which broke out in 1936 when it announced that the radio station commander nationalists "General Emilio Mola" approaching from Madrid with four columns of his military forces, and that he will have the support of a fifth column exists within the city. After World War II expanded the concept of a fifth column to include the promoter of the rumors and the organizers of the wars psychological At present expanded the concept more to include some of the media channels and some of the leading figures Fassar term "fifth column" is used to denote any group based sabotage in the country for the benefit of another country.
In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood's opponents say that this column is spread in the form of groups or individuals .. To serve the purposes of the Brotherhood and crave sabotage Egypt and spoiling the case of autism and alignment between the army and the people and the police in the face of terrorism and extremism, and in order to establish a system of the Second Republic.
Confirms Opponents stream Brotherhood members fifth column using social media, and that in order to reach large segments of the youth and try to influence them through the methods of chat and short phrases familiar, as it war hidden unpredictable, and those driven by mostly unknown. "Fifth column" resides in the Egyptian society and help the United States and the European Union and Turkey to thwart the revolution and thwart the popular will.
Al-Qaeda and NATO, "NATO"
On Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 and picked up by several international news agencies, news that the Turkish government allowed the establishment of al-Qaeda camps inside its territory, and moved from London to intelligence sources that al-Qaeda has succeeded in establishing the first bases in Turkey, a NATO member. She added that the branches of al-Qaeda operating in Syria already established installations and training camps on the Turkish territory for the first time since the outbreak of the war in Syria.
The sources confirmed that the organization is planning to take Turkey a starting point through which they can penetrate several countries.
Experts did not rule out that the organization has established a communications network to link his new camps in Turkey Bodhirah in Iraq, and the organization "Ansar Jerusalem," in the Sinai desert in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in several Arab countries.
According to sources, it appears that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had decided to go to war with the institutions of the Turkish state by allowing the base to operate within its territory.
Ambiguous relationship between America and Al-Qaeda
Suggest several research studies that most of the experts are becoming more confusion and skepticism in the background on the extent of the credibility of the war between al-Qaeda and America, and in this regard can be referred to the following views:
The first opinion: spin the war between al-Qaeda and the United States are between the real adversaries seek each and every one of them to eliminate and eradicate the other, and now there are a few who cling to this view.
Second Opinion: Spin the war between al-Qaeda and the United States are though of the virtual real, on the other hand, it is the phenomenon is not true, because each party seeks to prolong the conflict, allowing him to stay and consolidate power.
Third opinion: spin the war between al-Qaeda and the United States, according to data conspiracy theory, then America has made the al-Qaida and is presently under the direction and management of al-Qaeda so that it looks as if al-Qaida targets and Washington, allowing the other hand to the White House to provide justifications and pretexts that enhance its ability to point to blackmail the international system Current.
This, we note that the majority of views combining the two views, second and third, and so on the basis of considerations that al Qaeda leaders present were mainly Washington's allies during the Afghan war against Soviet forces and then after the departure of Soviet troops and the collapse of the Soviet Union, emerged stage ambiguous, because the relations Virtual among the leaders Al-Qaeda and America no longer exist, but what has become a present is the relationship between al-Qaeda leaders and symbols of intelligence variety linked clearly devices the U.S., thus creating doubts say that the regulations intelligence of those devices are "remote control" or guidance after that used by Washington in the management of and directing al-Qaida and other extremist fundamentalist armed actors active in the theaters stretching from Asia across the Arab region and down to Africa and the Sahel region in particular.
There are various events, the human mind is unable to interpret logically based on the laws of causality, for transmission to the coincidences, is that many of the events are not suitable for the interpretation of coincidences, while not provide explanations of mental justification logically to her, especially as she walked reverse the logical sequence of events. The ambiguous relationship between America and Al-Qaeda of those issues that we do not find an explanation of its reason and logic. It is apparent in the relationship outright hostility and mutual vigorous war, but that generated them, and resulting in the interests of the United States itself is not in favor of the Arab and Islamic peoples that claim to protect the base from encroachment American interests. And evidence of many, any observer can count discreet that the United States gains from such a relationship, as opposed to "gain" Arab Muslims, if any.
The ambiguity of the relationship finds its explanation only in the mysterious hidden agenda of U.S. intelligence and its allies, making conspiratorial vision of the events alone effective in explaining the vagueness of much of what is happening in the Arab region and promotes the conspiracy theory .. Especially that many of al-Qaeda operations after the events of September 2001 has become a place on the Arab and Muslim land in exchange for a limited number of operations targeting Western interests in mostly unsuccessful, did not announce the results of the investigation transparently. Against their growing operations that al-Qaeda in the Arab countries, and raises suspicion synchronized whenever hauled indicators for the political breakthrough. These indicators do not reveal clear from the similarity of the base with American interests. The American Coalition baseband to drop the Syrian regime, regardless of the position it can not be unmistakable as a non-visible or hidden backdoor. Vmjamia Qaeda never stops creeps on Syria, backed with money and arms Arab American neighbors, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Qatar. In the newspaper "Sunday Times" wrote Peter British Auburn for the alliance between Britain and America and al-Qaeda to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad and U.S. hypocrisy in dealing with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He says that the United States complain all the time because of the assumption of a relationship between the ISI and the Taliban, but they do not complain at all of the existence of a relationship between some Gulf intelligence and extremist movements in the Middle East, which belong to the same source of the base.
When condense indicators on the hidden agenda of the U.S. intelligence and exploitation of young Muslim lacks political awareness, in achieving its goals in creating chaos and unrest, and convert cheated to Scarecrow terrorizes their systems parked on a huge stockpile of oil, and the expansion of the establishment of bases to protect its interests and the security of Israel, it becomes necessary importance of vigilance and caution so artfully managed policies and slag from the manufacture an imaginary enemy and amplified in the media to become the paper into their own hands to play them.
50 million dollars for the election campaign
Following the end of the inauguration ceremony of Mohamed Morsi elected president of Egypt, offering Congressman Frank Wolf memorandum of law, calling for an investigation with the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the documents against them from the points of American security and the effect of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's $ 50 million in Egyptian presidential election runoff in favor of a candidate Mohamed Morsi, Freedom and Justice Party. Said Wolfe, who is one of the most famous members of Congress from the state of Virginia, he has the evidence and documents that reveal what he described how to manipulate Obama and Clinton, the American people money for tipping Brotherhood candidate in Egypt.
A few days after removal of the President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013 the website said the research "French Media Bart" in the report that he did not a secret that the Muslim Brotherhood who came to power in Egypt a year ago, a close relationship with U.S. intelligence and the authorities in the White House.
He pointed out that the relationship got to the point that the United States and described the revolution June 30 launched by 32 million Egyptian military coup, adding that even in war, the Western powers on the Syrian regime and Bashar al-Assad, we find the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the forefront of this attack western Syria.
He explained, citing newspaper "Le Bois" French that the United States since the sixties of the last century, financed the Muslim Brotherhood, has allocated them funds bank under the title «Ai 4320» on behalf of Said Ramadan smelting Hassan al-Banna, who was chased by Nasser because of the discovery of spying for the Americans in 1959, Favre to Switzerland.
According to a confidential document of the Swiss intelligence on July 5, 1967, the Happy Ramadan was an agent with the British and the Americans, as it was to be welcomed by the Swiss intelligence.
She added: "If Boa" citing a book written by American journalist Alan Johnson that after World War II, the United States worked to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood to counter nationalist and leftist currents. In July 1953 the United States summoned a delegation comprising members of the group, including Said Ramadan, who met U.S. President Eisenhower.
"The Media Bart" that the Muslim Brotherhood founded the bank in 1988, "piety" in the neighboring Bahamas to the United States, and is known to be partly funded by the bank U.S. intelligence, according to the site where it was the most important members of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Italian businessman Youssef Nada.
System Dolls
Says the American writer and analyst Frederic William Ongdal, that Washington sought through the so-called Arab Spring revolutions to establish systems "Dolls" have continued, in order to control its control more on the wealth of the region. In the opinion of professor of international relations at Beijing University and the Chinese Institute of London for Energy Studies, the United States used Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and the April 6 movement to achieve their ends, which crashed on June 30, as the White House plans ruined. He adds that the main organization behind the direction and planning of these events was the "international community to address the crisis", which includes membership in the Board of Directors, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, backed by Washington, and security adviser to former U.S. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, and Kenneth Adelman, the two engineers of the "war on terror" in Afghanistan and Iraq in the George W. Bush administration. The U.S. State Department has recruited, financed and supported the movement, "April 6", which helped Wael Ghoneim, a company official "Google" in the Middle East. In fact, the "revolution" Egypt has been a key part of the Greater Middle East to Washington, which wants to employ to tighten its direct control over the region as a whole.
Says Frederick William Ongdal look to the Board of Crisis Group and its sponsors from corporate giants, it is among the members of the Board of Directors U.S. billionaire George Soros, founder of the organization "open society" accused of working with the U.S. State Department in all the process of changing a political system that took place under the auspices of U.S. recently, and in the ribs in "color revolution" in Ukraine and Georgia in 2003 and 2004, and in the Arab Spring revolutions, including Libya, and look at the intimate relations between the leaders of the April 6 and the U.S. Department of State, and do not forget that the White House strongly supported the Muslim Brotherhood, which came out of the Arab Spring power supporter International Crisis Group, and Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy.
He adds that the goal of Washington's main Arab Spring was breaking the control of the property and the Arab dictatorships, like Mubarak, the region, opening the way for the banks and Western companies giant to plunder the riches of the wider Arab world, just as they did in Eastern Europe and Russia after 1990, with the help of the International Monetary Fund , and by the so-called "shock therapy", which talked about U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in a television interview during the events of Tahrir Square in Egypt in 2011.
Shock to the White House
About what represented a revolution June 30 against Mercy of a shock to Washington, says American writer: The alliance between Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian army as a shock to the White House ruined his plans, as Nesb Saudis hostility recently to the group after decades of support, because they were afraid of their agenda the future, and they realized that Washington will support the Brotherhood in the future to get rid of Al-Saud. Support for the U.S. president of the Brotherhood is not new, Over the decades convinced the CIA to use the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood as a tool for them, and this opinion in a fatal error, but they are still convinced to do so.
The revolution of June 30 was a major setback for Washington's agenda, now it seems that Washington is trying to use Iran as a counter balance in the Saudi Sunni influence in the region. It does not appear at this stage, both historical and cultural officials in Washington realize that they are playing with fire.
Canadian journalist Ian Johnson, said in an article published by "The New York Review of Books," in February 2011 that the United States funded the Muslim Brotherhood since the sixties of the last century, where bank funds allocated to them under the title of 4320 g o.
Establish a parallel army
On Sunday, January 26th, 2014, said president of the Association of foreign correspondents in Egypt Volkhard Windfuhr, who lives in Egypt for nearly 50 years and who works since 1986, a reporter and then as director of the Office of the German magazine Der Spiegel in Cairo, the Egyptian army is "politicized" and the armed forces do not want to control Egypt, pointing out that Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi the first team defense minister was not in front of him only to respond to the demands of millions, that came out of the Egyptian people.
He Windfuhr: a statement that the armed forces on July 3, isolating Morsi saved Egypt from civil wars, explaining that he has audio recordings of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood stresses that they were seeking to establish a parallel army in Egypt.
And look Western countries to the revolutions of January 25 and June 30, confirmed Windfuhr that the West did not believe the exit Egyptians millions in less than two years to overthrow the regime and demanding change, explaining that the revolutions Bank were not the size of a revolution June 30, but some writers from abroad wrote about that revolution views contrary to the truth.
He Windfuhr: young people are detonated the January 25 revolution, and they are revolutionaries peaceful, staged, either from the throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the security forces at the present time to understand the "thugs", pointing out that until now was not for the youth of the revolution newspaper talking elderberry, Mnashidhm.
The Windfuhr during his interview for the "voice of the people," broadcast on the satellite "axis", that former President Mohamed Morsi, much like a number of dictators in the same approach with his opponents, he said, adding: reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood claimed by some political forces are just stupid political, explaining that he should not be reconciliation with the system out of the Egyptian people to overthrow him.
And on the performance of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the former vice president said Windfuhr, ElBaradei disappear and turn to the outside, where the worsening political situation in Egypt, stressing that it had finished politically, denounced formation of a coalition government of the regime of Muhammad Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood, which erupted millions of people Egyptian against tyranny and dictatorship.
In the last days of the month of January 2014 media sources revealed by Russian report secret U.S. plan includes U.S. President Barack Obama to involve the Egyptian army in the civil war to fragmentation, which paves the way for the division of Egypt along religious and ethnic lines and convert the Sinai Peninsula to the alternative homeland for the Palestinians.
According to Russian sources, the report came in the U.S.: "If you do not find the Egyptians justified reason for struggling to get their rights, we (ie the administration) is to create a reason for this."
And went on the report, saying: "Our main aim is to push the Egyptian army and the Egyptian people to fight each other before 2015, because if the situation remains as it is now in Egypt we will face Nasser's new in the area all his ideas of nationalism, this time will be Sisi but supported by states Gulf oil, which was not available to Nasser, and the political and economic levels that would not be in favor of the United States, so that the popularity of the army in Egypt and popular Sisi is now not confined to Egypt, but also overtaken where we see the admiration growing Balsesa in the Gulf states, and also by Tunisia's neighbor Egypt, which in turn have begun looking at the inside for an instance of the sissy, if this happens, the influence will be exposed to great danger is unprecedented in each region, the Gulf States recently provided support to Cairo, which they did not do in the past with Nasser, and so in the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood has announced its intentions in the "first overthrow dictators" Arabs, then the Kings, which constitutes a clear threat to the rulers of the Gulf states.
The report said the secret U.S.: "The United States is very concerned about the spy plane drone that was shot down by the Egyptians in the November 2, 2013 in the region of the border with Libya, which was not by American weapons in the hands of the Egyptians, but by modern weapons, Russian, and if things continue conducting As is the case now, we will not even be able to maintain the fragile balance between Egypt and Israel, and in this case the Egyptian Sinai will be a real threat to Israel, especially if the work-Sisi to change the demographic situation "population" in the Sinai.
The site Russian published report that an investigation is going on now in the intelligence and security U.S. about how the leak of this report, with suspicions that behind leaked successful activity of Russian secret services in the new-style, revealed a lot of what is planned in the decision-making circles American, a which constitutes a major blow to the security of America, so that this report was leaked shortly after its release and its inception, and its recommendations, and in the stage very accurate witnessing the American policy beginning of the clear failure on all levels, including hundreds of thousands of secret documents that were leaked by the contractor previous مع المخابرات الأميركية إدوارد سنودن.
The report contains the original 1736 page Ki_khis precise conditions of the Arab states, including the Gulf states, while containing nearly 1900 pages the most important research studies and recommendations, which were conducted in accordance with the analysis of field supported in the reports mentioned, and carried out by institutes and universities, political and military positions and so on, also includes the study and also supervised by the research units comprising 120 experts strategically, politically and militarily, most of them U.S. citizenship, including a number of proposals and scenarios are supposed to apply to progress while achieving the goal.

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