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Thus spoke Mursi al-Zawahiri and the telephone!

Included plans to support jihadists in the Sinai and the Egyptian army integration

Thus spoke Mursi al-Zawahiri and the telephone!

Sabri Abdul Hafeez
Leaked to the media the contents of a telephone conversation between Mohammed Mursi and Ayman al-Zawahiri reveal a lot of secrets, the most serious seize Egypt for the benefit of the rule.

Cairo: In a surprise shocking increase the troubles of the Muslim Brotherhood, shrinking opportunities for former President Mohamed Morsi, to obtain a patent, revealed leaks new for conducting contacts with the al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and his brother Mohammed al-Zawahiri, one of the leaders of the Salafi Jihadi in Egypt, which included a joint coordination on a lot of issues, and instructions to escalate terrorist operations, and open the door of Jihad in Syria, in addition to the release of 20 terrorists presidential decisions, and incitement to Copts and the opposition, and attempts to enter Morsi jihadists and al Qaeda members within the formations of the Egyptian army.
The wisest laws of God
According to the leaks, which singled out by the Al-Watan newspaper Cairene, the devices sovereign recorded calls Mursi al-Zawahiri, and added: "Mercy Contact Ayman al-Zawahiri, the first time after he took over the presidency a month, and asked him through the contact, which lasted two minutes and 56 seconds, with the support of the Mujahideen and the need to support the Brotherhood's success in Egypt ". And gave al-Qaida leader congratulated Morsi, and said to him: "the wisest laws of God to stand next to you, from the beginning there is no so-called democracy, and get rid of your opponents."
In regard to the second call between Anchorage and al-Zawahiri, was after the first month and a half month. The sources, who leaked the recordings to Al-Watan newspaper, The Mursi al-Zawahiri admonished by attacking and criticizing the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: "We are going to apply the law and legitimacy, but we are in the process of empowerment, and we need to support all the parties."
Asked Zawhra of former president released jihadists arrested during Mubarak's rule, Zawahri said the Mursi: "a necessary release of jihadists who were in the prisons of Mubarak, and directed all Islamists from prison as collateral entrusted to handle, and to emphasize turn the page on the past." Did not stop at this point, but promised to facilitate the return of Mursi al-Zawahiri to Cairo again, according to the newspaper said.
Facilities in Sinai
The call came before the third visit to Pakistan Mursi, and fourth during the same visit, and lasted 43 seconds. Morsi and spare himself and promises not to arrest al-Zawahiri jihadists, or restrictions on the jihadi groups and the Salafi jihadist, and communicate with them, and to prevent the prosecution of security groups in the Sinai. The student-Zawahiri, open camps in the Sinai to support jihadists and training.
Here are interrupted Morsi said: "Brotherhood organization intends to form a Revolutionary Guards to defend the president against any attempt to overthrow the legitimate", and asked al-Zawahiri support groups and training, and the promise of job training camps while providing them with all facilities in the Sinai and the western region near the Libyan border, and it is equipped 4 training camps for jihadist groups on the border with Libya.
He pointed out that Mursi suspended military operations in the Sinai, despite knowing that there are elements of al-Qaeda there, and work there Mursi to create an army of Mujahideen for the defense of the Muslim Brotherhood organization.
According to the leaks, the new, the last call between Morsi and al-Zawahiri was the dawn of June 30th (June), in the presence of the happiest Elder, Deputy Chief of Staff, and Tahtawi, President of the Presidium of the Republic, and the security officer in the presidency, and met Sheikha after Mohammed al-Zawahiri, and asked him to support jihadist groups for the presidency to suppress dissent in any form. "
He said Mursi al-Zawahiri: "They want to turn the people against legitimacy, and must be eliminated opposition, Bntalib jihadists everywhere to help us." Al-Zawahiri reportedly certainly Morsi that jihadist groups will not allow falling, and will ignite the Egyptian arena.
Caliphate is coming!
This is not the substance of all the communications that took place between Morsi and al-Zawahiri, but there are others, including communication was conducted on the first of the month of October (October 2012), about the killing of Egyptian soldiers in Rafah, in the month of Ramadan, which stated in the words of al-Zawahiri: "The soldiers have no sin , but their leaders tyrants who carry out the policy of the American system Alziosalibi bear the responsibility, do not be afraid of this blood and you memorization of doctrine choise even learning how to repel the attack on the Islamic religion and fabrications which we are exposed. "
He continued: "It must be the Egyptian army, an army Islamist allows it to train all of our personnel, it also allows raising beard and allowed jihadists in it for training, with not allowing tyrants manages the army, and allowing to be inflicted officers and soldiers do of all nationalities, to confront tyranny and defend the land of Islam."
Mursi said in response to al-Zawahiri: "We are trying to form an Islamic army of trainees and jihadists and Islamists under the command of the Army of Islam," adding that he strives to integrate the children of the Mujahideen and the Muslim Brotherhood and everyone within the institution of the army.
On 9 December (December 2012), was connected between the two parties, in which al-Zawahiri and pitted against the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and said: "It is an infidel countries to help America's deployment of disbelief."
Lord Mursi: "Saudi Arabia and the UAE have worked to help the laity over the years in the access to power, and help the Mubarak regime before, and should deter them, and Egypt will raise her hand for them, and will increase cooperation with Iran to halt the influence of the Gulf states in the region." Morsi and went on saying: "Gulf obstacle to realizing the dream of an Islamic caliphate." Individual al-Zawahiri: "deter the duty of every Muslim who is jealous on his religion." Morsi stated: "the Islamic Caliphate to come, O Commander of the Faithful."
Salafi to prison
On 28 December (December 2012), there have been new phone call between the two men, said al-Zawahri to Mursi: "Secularists Alambtzlon match at the expense of the doctrines of Islam, threaten and out in demonstrations worthless, and Otabak appointing Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, vice president, because it will be applied the law of God, and many are afraid of it, and if not we will implement the law of God Ttabqgua We, Sheikh Imad Abdul Ghafoor worth of Mujahideen respect and appreciation. "
Did not stop at this point, but demanded the arrest of Al-Azhar Sheikh. Zawahri said: "We must arrest of Sheikh Al-Azhar, and the closure of the entire organization for its deviation from the path, and apply a border upon them for carrying out the laws of America, and you'll set Shater prince of folk Mujahideen, and you and the Salafis, they do not apply the law of God, and carry out a foreign agenda."
Lord Mursi al-Zawahiri, saying: "Salafists stage to support us, then will be excluded, and return again to prison would be close." Faqatah Zawahiri said: "advise them in the best manner, and if you did not respond to the application of retribution on them the right to silence." He continued: "Salafis will not cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood to spread the teachings of Islam, and the publication of the Caliphate, but cooperating with the forces of secularism and banned, and return them to the right, and if they do not again Aftrdhm will be a chore inevitable."
O Commander of the right!
Zawahri said the Mursi in contact on January 12 (January 2013): "the teachings of God must be applied and implemented, and secular Stop Islamic law, and must respond to stop the building of churches, and the Copts pay tribute and to live without the requests, if they want to live in peace."
Continued: "Stgmon hundreds and thousands of years, and you have to apply the experience of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in Egypt, the application of the law, and should the execution of anyone who violates the law, and the execution of belonging to inform the laity, which helps to spread immorality and help them to the Christians, a violation of the law." Interrupted Mursi: "O Commander of the right, we have taken decisions deterrent in the face of those few, and procedures for new legislative challenge of this media, and in the near future, we will close these channels, and we'll create media outlets large Muslim, and plans to put a big budget to come from the international organization to establish a satellite Islamic and urges jihad to jihad, as there will be a satellite channel fixed for you and your men rule, and this channel can be broadcast from Afghanistan to teach the cubs Brotherhood. "
Zawahiri said: "This is to inform Christians, and some media which are funded from the church, and working with opponents of the law, and media a waste of the Christians, and to deter the media and the Christians by the succession of extended powers secular allied with the forces of Christianity, including Sawiris Christian Jewish, you expel Sawiris and his peers to cleanse the country. " Individual Mursi: "Sanofi soon keep our towards you."
Wholesale concessions
And reveal that the call was conducted in January 20 (January 2013) that al-Qaeda has helped to break into prisons. Zawahri said: "Our members has been credited in your presence outside the prisons of tyranny, and supported us all with our brothers the Mujahideen to liberate our brothers from the system of tyrants, and we seek to state succession in Yemen, Iraq, and our support is due, and our small; release of Al Qaeda and the Mujahideen in the prisons of the scorpion, and other prisons , and support with money and weapons in Libya, Yemen and the Sinai, and that there is a part of the money to the families of the Mujahideen and their training in the Sinai, our demands are not many, and there will be other demands through mediators of our fellow brothers. "
Following this call, he entered the 350 families of the extremist groups, and other families belonging to Ahmed Ashoush to Sinai, and were housed and subsistence there on the orders Morsi personally. In the call, February 11 (February 2013), al-Zawahri said of Mercy: "I ask for the release of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the pressure on America to release him." Morsi's response: "OK, of course."
Revealed leaks that Mursi had contacts immediately after the call with the Americans, and assigned his assistant Essam Haddad move for the release of Abdul Rahman in exchange for major concessions such as increasing the forces of international peacekeeping in the Sinai, and the exploitation of the number of kilometers into the Sinai to resettle Palestinians from Gaza, and allow Israel to planting sensors on the border with Egypt, but the devices sovereign halted planned and thwarted the deal completely, according to the newspaper leaks.
ElBaradei punished
In the 12 forgotten (April 2013), there have been a call for two minutes after the violent events that took place in front of the cathedral in Cairo. Zawahri said of Mercy: "We talked with our brothers in different groups and we followed what happened to the Christians and their followers, and talk about reconciliation and forgiveness is an insult to all Muslims, they should leave this earth." He added: "If we made any apology operations against churches in Egypt in response to that." Morsi stated: "the presidency did not do anything even apologize, and the Coptic minority and their rights to live a peaceful, and their attempt to enter the overseas will not benefit them, they are a minority under Islamic rule."
He attacked al-Zawahiri, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the former opposition to Morsi, in contact between the two parties on May 15 (May 2013), said: "ElBaradei has allowed America to enter Iraq, and the country's Muslims, and anyone who negotiates with him or with the few secular is repugnant and his blood Halal, he and the rest of the icons collaborators with the church. " He continued: "I will take your system infidel if negotiated ElBaradei or left unpunished."

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