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Two bombings targeting the Iranian embassy .. Tehran has accused Israel «Suicide» strike in Beirut: 170 victim

Two bombings targeting the Iranian embassy .. Tehran has accused Israel
«Suicide» strike in Beirut: 170 victim

As-Safir newspaper says "It was not the morning of Beirut, yesterday, naturally, it was the morning Mkhaddba the blood of 170 victims of innocent people, including men, women and children, and those bystanders in an effort to livelihood, only fault, they are crossing the arteries of their city, a day, in order to inject life in the streets, schools, shops and neighborhoods, rich and poor at the same time.
Dozens of Lebanese families hit by the kidnapping of the lives of their loved ones, or injured will remain effects engraved in the flesh soft and apartments Almhlah and vehicles charred, and so by an actor that has no name of religion, but the identity of the industry of death free on the sidewalks of the city has become reduced to its shores all the contradictions of the region and its conflicts, how in a moment intensification of Syria, has become practically the whole of Lebanon at the heart of their respective fields?
It's crazy beyond mad. Iranian Embassy in Beirut, as any embassy, ​​could turn out to be the goal, it may find the courier or the other, a gap infiltrate them, even hit it directly or obliquely, but the injury is the biggest of Beirut. Beirut, which is reduced in its economy and meeting all of Lebanon, and constitute a headline lit each Arab and Muslim world.
Hit haters street and the Embassy Bnarhm and Anthariém, but they made concern Wisner every Lebanese house from north to south through the mountain and the valley and the suburbs emerging as a Bir Hassan, by the will of the Lebanese, Imkron swirl danger in the jungles of Africa and the diaspora, in order to decent living for them and their children and all the people of their country.
For the first time since it was found to Lebanon itself, by less than three years, on a date with unconformity seismic regional is the most serious in its modern history, two suicide bombers blew themselves up, yesterday morning, the Embassy of Iran in Beirut, in a moment of regional and international articulated, appeared with her, that this action of the industry and those affected by cowards and objecting to some of the tracks the region .. Perhaps Israel occupies the first rank in the list of factory regional international courier for the bombing of Lebanon and the harm to the environment incubator of resistance.
As of yesterday morning, one can say that Lebanon is no longer a yard reserves, but has become part of the clash regional and possibly turn into a clash international, between those who want to stop the bloodshed and terror and those who insist on the extension of these groups support money and a weapon and «jihadists» ready on demand intelligence, as demonstrated by experiments from Afghanistan to Iraq and Syria, through Balhada tenth of September in New York and a lot of yards the region and the world.
.. And after the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut is definitely different than before, after the bloody painted message directed to Tehran and its allies, a dividing line between the two phases.
This time, the pattern of confrontation has taken a different turn, in terms of form and content, to open the door to serious prospects, with the fate of the country becomes dependent on the push of a button from a suicide bomber, and the reason for concern that it is impossible for any security measures to deal with someone who has decided to blow himself up ... Demand.
In the figure, revealed the bombing double, yesterday, for changing the tools used in the terrorist operations that were dependent on the car bombs and improvised explosive devices, rockets, if the phenomenon of suicide bombers stormed the Lebanese arena, through the gate of the Iranian embassy, ​​for the first time since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, which means that there made a great decision to resort to arms «taboo» in open battle in Lebanon .. And the region.
And serious in what happened yesterday, Matova bombings Bir al-Abed and Ruwais, Tripoli and car planet discovered, he devotes transforming Lebanon from «Square victories» to «Square Jihad» mimic what is happening in Iraq and Syria, based on the approach «Al-Qaeda» and sisters, especially the style suicide attack, which was used against the Iranian embassy is the prerogative of the organization and its derivatives.
Accordingly, the «Invasion» yesterday to end debate former about whether branches «Al-Qaeda» present in Lebanon or not, the question becomes of another kind: the one directing groups are derived from »Al-Qaeda», uses, and believes in her environment incubator, and what is the size to which the spread Lebanese in the body, is it true that these spots are known and specific, but the lack of military and security forces to cover the real political preclude access to it?
As the dimensions of the suicide attack, it can be said that it marks the achievement of the struggle for Syria in Lebanon a dangerous turn, hit him «rules of engagement», which was controlled rhythm confrontation even before half past nine yesterday morning, so that the attack on the Iranian embassy is a transformation unprecedented in «Bank targets» with extremist groups and incitements, which involves a major escalation, would confuse the stock .. But torn.
Time is also not devoid of semantics, since the attack on the embassy coincided with the start of the Battle of the Iranian Kalamoon focal points that make up the weight of a strategy for the armed factions of the Syrian opposition and has turned into a platform to carry out a bombing in the Lebanese interior. It also coincided with the resumption of a new round of negotiations, Iran - International may lead to understanding history, will leave traces directly on many regional and international files.
While it was noted that Saudi Arabia were not even an hour of the night yesterday issued a statement denouncing the attack on the Iranian embassy, ​​record flood of denunciations regional and international, ranging from the UN Security Council passed in Moscow and the countries of the European Union and some Arab countries, leading up to the U.S. administration White House spokesman and Minister Foreign American John Kerry, who announced that the United States «strongly condemns the brutal terrorist Alaatdaean and Aldniin against the Iranian embassy in Beirut».
He was pointing to the attention that Tehran has avoided slipping into any position in the emotional aftermath of a suicide bombing, and were charged exclusively to the Zionist entity.
At the internal level, it has been observed that the internal warring parties met to condemn the double bombing, a common denominator is almost a rarity in these days, after the exacerbation of the political divide recently taken a sharp character .. Is it possible to pay their peril about the awakening of a national, rearrange priorities and open closed doors in front of the dialogue, the government and the House of Representatives, or that the conflict on the strategic options is greater and deeper than any internal initiative?

Moscow and Damascus: the fight against «terrorism» First
Retrieval of the army to pave the way for the continent battle Kalamoon

Ziad Haider
With the entry of the Syrian army town continent yesterday, the countdown has begun in practice, to control Kalamoon, from towns that formed a component tide logistical and human for insurgents north and south of Damascus, most notably the continent and Yabroud and Rankous, leading to the mountains that Power will them on the rest of the mountain chain that is famous Historically lines mutual smuggling between Lebanon and Syria.
Army process seemed easy compared with other processes, the same difficulty, as in the short, and before that Baba Amr in Homs, and fighting has been going on for over a year and always in Darya and Jobar.
He explained that military success again, the existence of intelligence and reconnaissance effort already fruitful process, noting the cooperation of many of the target areas with the army. The military spokesman said army spokesman said yesterday that the military's strategy was to target «headquarters and stores terrorist factions» after accurately determine their location, they are allowed to drain fast to the opposition forces.
In conjunction with the announcement of the military victory rapid loss of humanity almost non-existent, the two sides launched the Syrian and Russian appeal coordinator after two days of consultations, about the need to be the subject of consensus in the Conference «Geneva 2» is anticipated, is the «coalition against terrorism».
While Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after meeting with the Syrian delegation which was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad, that «the priority at the Geneva conference is to combat terrorism and not for the resignation of President (Bashar) Assad», quick-Miqdad to the proposal to establish a «national coalition anti-terrorism and foreign interference in Syria », stressing that the fight against terrorism is granted a subject must comply by the parties prior to entering into the Syrian Geneva negotiations».
And finished the Syrian delegation, which included both Miqdad and presidential adviser Shaaban and Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmed Arnous consultations in the Russian capital yesterday, in the «unusual atmosphere of understanding between the parties».
While Shaaban was launched on an official mission to India, diplomatic delegation returns today to Damascus, where he learned «Ambassador» that the Syrian and Russian sides, «do not feel very optimistic near the Geneva 2», in spite of the likelihood of an informal deadline to be held next month.
And ask the Russians once again hold meetings expanded informal between the Syrian government and the opposition, which is likely to seek to Moscow this process after evaluating the results of the meeting of the twenty-fifth of this month.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pointed out yesterday, that «Saudi Arabia are trying to disable some of the understandings of international and regional organizations, as they seek with all my strength to the postponement of the Geneva Conference 2».
He said al-Assad, during a meeting with 22 political figure representing the Secretariat for the «General Conference of Arab Parties» held in Damascus Bdorth emergency, that «Syria will not be eaten again», pointing out that «Damascus could complicate reconciliation with the external opposition, but they can not forgives those who betrayed Syria and wasted the blood of its people ».
Lavrov announced yesterday that he agreed with his U.S. counterpart John Kerry to meet in the coming days, saying that during his talks with the Syrian government delegation in Moscow, «I felt part of the (Kerry) to confirm the trend towards steady work according to our initiative to hold Geneva 2». "

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