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Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

It should be clear from the information provided on the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein website why devil worshipers would want the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, however, it still appears to me that a lot of people have missed the reason why. That's judging from the emails and messages that I still receive asking that question.
Quoting the book, "Liechtenstein: The Princely Collections" ISBN# 0-87099-385-2:

"According to Emperor Rudolph's physician, Anselm Bo√ętius de Boodt (1550–1632), diamonds have an inherent power that wards off evil spirits, rubies protect against illness and poison and will warn the wearer when danger threatens by turning dark, and pearls strengthen the health of the wearer and counter the effects of poison"

The Stolen Ducal Crown of Liechtenstein was designed as a shield against evil, according to their alchemy beliefs when the Crown was made. That's why Devil Worshipers have the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein. Pertinent pages from the Liechtenstein art book are here in this pdf, and also see the Wikipedia article about The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein.
The Liechtenstein Crown (ducal hat) was designed as a shield against evil according to their alchemy beliefs when the Crown was completed in 1626. The ducal hat of Liechtenstein, commissioned in 1623 by Karl von Liechtenstein, completed in 1626, was discovered missing in 1781 following the death of Prince Franz Joseph I, and still remains lost to the House of Liechtenstein today. In 1976, the people of Liechtenstein presented a replica of the Crown to Prince Franz Josef II on his 70th birthday. The replica is based on the only drawing of the Crown, dated 1756, and is on display in the Liechtenstein National Museum.

Liechtenstein Missing Ducal Crown Facts: via @YouTube
1756 gauche drawing of Liechtenstein Crown
replica of crown
I personally saw the Crown on an NSA Devil Worshiper's witch's altar in 1982. Read 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Crown.
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Liechtenstein Missing Ducal Crown Facts

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