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Obama Must, by law, Be Arrested For Treason Now!

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 "Am I therefore become your enemy
, because I tell you the truth? 
Gal. 4:16
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Obama Must, by law,  Be Arrested For Treason Now!
Ok, I admit I don't see the military barging into the oval office at the release of this web page but still, the statement must be made!

As a Christian I first pray for his soul to be saved and I do not pray for his death. However he must, by rule of law, be arrested. His dishonorable disclosures and his consistent and blatant pandering to America's sworn enemies in the Muslim world is tantamount to treason, the definition of which, according to the U.S. Constitution, is the aiding and abetting of America's enemies.  He can be saved in prison easier than he can in the Whitehouse anyway.
Please Watch This Important Video!

So why is he not in jail for treason? The answer is the government along with the media has dumbed us down so bad we can't even see the plain truth of our own laws! Take a look at Obama's Family Ties to Radical Islam in this next video:

Obama's Family Ties to Radical Islam: via @youtube

Next look at this picture below closely:
The name of the book Obama is reading is called "The Post-American World".   "Post"  America means the world after America!

A while back we were told by "Snopes" that this is not "exactly" what the book was about . So lets take a close look at snopes! Snopes is the biggest bunch of lying liberals you will ever see!!! They just love B.O. and anything said against him just "must be a lie" They are an evil Americia hating pair of liberals in california named David and Barbara Mikkelson.They, just like Satan, will tell you about 90% truth than deliver the big lie when it comes to defending Obama! They make me sick! Talk about fed up with BS!

Many people say they are funded by George Soros and as you can see by going to  
their own website they claim to not to be funded by him. (Why they would have to even mention it says "guilty" to me.) However, if they are not on his payroll then they are really stupid for not getting this devil's money sence they speak for him! 

Please take note of this violation:

When Obama took the position of Chairman of the UN Security Council he violated Article 1 Section 9 Clause 8 by accepting leadership in an organization that is clearly at odds with the Constitution for the United States of America. This alone is cause for treason charges but there are many reasons the charge of treason could be made in any military court.  Click here for a very good article on this at Info Wars

Let's take a look at a few of his crimes:
He violated the law and the provisions of the Constitution by seizing control of GM and Chrysler without proper authorization from Congress.  Although his unlawful cronies in Congress granted him the authority after the fact, his action to seize corporations was a violation of the law at the time it was implemented.  The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed this atrocity is no matter.  Thomas Jefferson said it best when he articulated a key principle of liberty--any government that willfully violates the rule of law and encroaches on the rights of the people ceases to be a legitimate government.  This government has violated the provisions of the 5th Amendment regarding due process and fair compensation at the very least.

*His use of ACORN as a campaign vehicle is a violation of the law.  Entities such as ACORN are prohibited by the Federal Government from engaging in partisan political activity.  It is clear to anybody with eyes and ears that this organization was an overtly pro-Obama entity, the goal of which was to do nothing but get out the vote for BO.

*His consistent and blatant pandering to
America's sworn enemies in the Muslim world is tantamount to treason, the definition of which, according to the U.S. Constitution, is the aiding and abetting of America's enemies.  Can there be any doubt that Obama should at least be charged with the offense, given his penchant for going out of his way to offend our allies such as Israel, Britain, France, and Germany, while implementing policies that favor Hamas, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and other terrorist hotbeds?

*He broke a law that he himself pushed and helped pass as a Senator that provides protections for Inspectors-General who do their jobs by investigating corruption, waste, and fraud in government programs.  Yet when these government watchdogs get too close to the thuggery of Obama's friends, they get summarily fired for no good reason, such as Mr. Walpin.

*And then there are those who believe that Barack Obama has no valid
U.S. birth certificate.  At first such charges were dismissed as the musings of kooks.  But increasingly many level-headed Americans are beginning to look closely, realizing that perhaps those who first broke this story are not kooks after all.  So far, no valid copy of Obama's birth certificate has been produced, meaning that if he doesn't have one, he is not even eligible to serve, which can only point to yet another violation of the law--fraud.

*Several citizens have filed criminal complaints calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama based upon these and other issues. One of those issues is the illegal use of the military in
Alabama to police the streets of a small town that had been hit with a crime wave.

The list goes on and on!

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