Thursday, November 14, 2013

Illegal Alien Impregnates 12 Year Old, Escapes To The States and Rapes Six Year Old Girl

Illegal Alien Impregnates 12 Year Old, Escapes To The States and Rapes Six Year Old Girl

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Most proponents of amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. will tell you that all of those people are the salt of the earth and they’ve simple come here for a better life. They leave out the parts that they’ve also come to vote for democrats who give them freebies of all sorts, and in the case of some, to evade the authorities who are pursing them for crimes they have committed in their homeland.
Such is the case with one Tito Pedraza-Montejo, who has recently been residing, illegally, in Leesburg, Florida.  Mr. Tito was on the run from Mexican authorities for having gotten a 12-year-old girl there pregnant. An over-stretched border patrol, limited in authority by velvet handcuffs, could not keep him and the thousands of others who come into The States illegally from Mexico every month out of this country, so he came right on over and has now been arrested for molesting an American girl who is only six years old. She is a first grade student in Leesburg.
The American girl claimed Mr. Tito molested her twice; once in her home and once in a restaurant.
From another article on the matter:
Detectives showed up at the Child Advocacy Center in Leesburg on Oct. 3, where the first-grader told them Pedraza-Montejo molested her twice during the past summer, police said. The girl said the first time occurred when Pedraza-Montejo allegedly took her into the bathroom and removed her clothes, which made her scream. She told police Pedraza-Montejo then covered her mouth and molested her.
The girl said the second incident occurred in a restaurant when Pedraza-Montejo followed her into the restroom and molested her. Police apparently learned about the incidents while investigating the alleged molestation of another child by Pedraza-Montejo.
Mr. Tito is also under investigation for allegedly having molested another little girl in the U.S.

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