Thursday, November 14, 2013

White House Jokes About Islamic Attacks Killing Christians

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The Islamic killing of Christians and burning of churches should never be funny it is cold and insensitive.  The White House press staff should have to attend sensitivity training for their last stunt. While thousands of Christians have died recently due to Radical Jihad, and over 90 churches burnt in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, the White House makes jokes about it.
The Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Christians have been brutal. Egypt has had a total of almost 100 churches burnt since August that we know about, some of which are hundreds of years old. There have been threats on families, kidnappings that have ended in murder for people not being able to afford the stiff Jizyra (penalty tax against non-Muslims) that they attempt to impose, and violence on a daily basis. Scenes are played out daily like this:
The individual that filmed that was in fear of his life. What you see is a cab driver pulled out of his car and beaten. What we can’t show you is the Muslim Brotherhood led mob beat him to death over a cross on the cab’s rear view mirror, then beheaded him.  Therefore, this kind of violence and attacks are never funny. However, someone needs to tell the White House press staff.
During the afternoon press conference on Tuesday, November 14, the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, if the President had a new “red line” over the attacks on Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood. Fox News correspondent Ed Henry was quite serious when calling an end to the violence by the President.
The answer stunned the crowd.
Well, I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today,” Earnest joked.~the DC
I guess the silence let him know that it was a wrong move.
Soon after making the remark he stated that the White House was “outraged and shocked” over the attacks and violence. It is noted, however, that the attackers were never called out. He never names the attackers, and he neglects to criticize their attacks instead blaming the military saying they are, “portraying violence against the peaceful protesters” Peaceful protesters, with all the death, businesses destroyed, bombings, and church burnings?
It got even better in that he stated it is because they don’t put the Muslim Brotherhood back in charge!
I can tell you that we have condemned in unambiguous terms all the violence that’s has been perpetrated there in Egypt,” he said.
“We have been concerned and condemned the violence that has been perpetrated by the government against peaceful protesters, and we’re just as outraged and just as concerned about reports that Christian churches have been targeted,” he said.
During the last year, Obama backed the brotherhood-backed elected prime minister, and is now considering whether to strongly push for its return to power.~the DC
There is a big problem when the Administration backs the terrorist organizations, ignores pleas from our only allies in the Middle East, and continues on this push for the Arab Spring to reform.

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