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Killing 24 and wounding 150 and condemnation at home and abroad and wide .. And "Al-Qaeda" claimed responsibility Terrorism on the door of the Iranian embassy

Killing 24 and wounding 150 and condemnation at home and abroad and wide .. And "Al-Qaeda" claimed responsibility
Terrorism on the door of the Iranian embassy

Terrorism struck again to Lebanon and its capital Beirut, and specifically its southern suburb, where the headquarters of the Iranian embassy targeted by two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the outer perimeter, after a deficit of about access to Baanha interior, which led to the occurrence of 24 killed and more than 150 wounded were taken to hospitals and the state of some of them critical.
And yesterday was the adoption of new battalions, "Abdullah Azzam" associated with "Al Qaeda" terrorist responsible for the implementation of the blasts. Has reported, "Agence France-Presse that" group "Abdullah Azzam Brigades" claimed two explosions near the Iranian embassy in Beirut, "stating that it" aims thus to the pressure on the "Party of God" to withdraw his fighters from Syria and the release of detainees in Lebanon. "
Said a senior member of the group associated with "Al Qaeda" Sirajuddin Zureiqat, on his account on "Twitter" that "the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam Brigades Hussein bin Ali behind the invasion of the Iranian embassy in Beirut," explaining that it "martyrdom operation dual heroes of the heroes of the Sunnis in Lebanon, "stressing that" operations will continue until there is Mtalban first pull Hezbollah from Syria and second jaws our prisoners from the prisons of oppression in Lebanon. "
The Army Command Orientation Directorate issued a statement claiming that "at around 9.40 in the morning (yesterday) explosion happened in the locality of the wing near the Iranian embassy, ​​followed by another explosion, and about the same time, which led to the fall of a large number of casualties among citizens and material damage. Immediately afterward intervened Army forces deployed in the region and imposed a security cordon around the camp targeted, also attended the unit of the forensic evidence of the military police and a number of experts who started inspecting the site blasts to determine Noaehma and conditions of their access. "
The army command in a second statement that "after detecting military experts specialists on site blasts, showing that the first explosion was caused by the feet of a suicide bomber driving a motorcycle to blow himself up, and the second explosion was caused by the feet of another suicide bomber driving a Jeep SUVs to blow himself up, too. and continue the military police in the investigation to uncover the full circumstances of the two incidents. "
In a statement, the third evening, explained Army Command that "the outcome of the follow-up investigations and disclose my site explosions, showing that the first explosion was caused by an explosive device weighing 5 kg, and the second blast was caused by an explosive device weighing 50 kilos of explosive material, and that the car that was Tfajikha is Blazer-type pocket stripped color. "
At the time confirmed by diplomatic sources Iranian not be the victims in the ranks of the Iranian embassy by the blasts, he declared the Iranian ambassador killed Cultural Counselor of the Embassy, ​​Ibrahim al-Ansari, as indicated information that four of the guards, the Iranian Embassy were killed in the first explosion, also wounded Yemeni Ambassador in Lebanon Ali Daylami minor injuries after the blast.
It was interesting yesterday to accuse the President of the party "Arab unification," the former minister Wiam Wahhab in a television interview with the program, "the words of the people," Director of Public Relations at Dar Al-Ifta, Sheikh Shadi Masri that he intercede with the army intelligence for the release of Zureiqat who announced the name of al-Qaeda adopt terrorist operation.
The Sheikh, Egypt, reportedly on the lips Wahhab said in connection with the program that the Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani, "I was asked to intervene with military intelligence for the release of Zureiqat if there are suspicions were not on it."
Replies local
However, the terrorist operation received campaign widespread condemnation denouncing President Michel Suleiman strongly "assault witnessed by Beirut and led to casualties, Lebanese and Iranians," stressing that "Lebanon will not be allowed to use terrorism imported to blow up the social fabric, and will not be allowed to liquidate the differences of others at home ".
Considered part of the block, "future", "This horrible crime is condemned and unacceptable and reprehensible, it is carried out and stood behind her, terrorist criminal must detect and arrest and exact retribution" claim "to refer to this crime, the Judicial Council."
It pointed out that "the scourge of terrorism is now threatening Lebanon and its citizens which had to act on the basis of cooperation to confront this evil and root causes and not working on the expansion of its deployment."
And Dan member bloc "future," Rep. Nihad Hanged completely kill any civilians, saying that "the blasts who blasts near the Iranian embassy military action that killed civilians, can not only guilty and offer his condolences to the martyrs and wished healing for the wounded," he said, adding, "Clearly, the method adopted is the style of the organization "Al-Qaeda".
He explained, "we have entered the stage of a new security do not know where to reach and does not have a capability to adjust or prevent or stand in the face, but politically it must be said that the fighting Hezbollah in Syria was expected to cause the transfer of the fire Syria to Lebanon, albeit gradually, so any process of this kind is not a surprise despite the great loss. "
The President issued the previous government Najib Mikati memorandum ruled by the "Declaration of public mourning for the souls of the martyrs who have died as a result of the explosion convicted and sinful in the area of ​​the wing," and also to "stop work on Thursday, the November 21, 2013 for one hour, starting from the eleventh hour before noon until noon, over all Lebanese territory. "
For his part, Dan Secretary-General's "Future Movement" Ahmed al-Hariri in an intervention across the station "LBC" explosion "all standards of moral and political," stressing that "terrorism in this offense from any quarter came not distinguish between a Muslim nor between Christian nor between Sunni nor Shiite, nor between foreign and Bangladeshi, not north or south. "
Hariri stressed that "after the bombings, and the southern suburbs of Tripoli, this new bombing, there is a new security context of the income of the country's largest us. Lebanon Square, and is not scheduled to be implemented in all this crisis taking place around us." He said the "last Jermaine Mshahudan two issue Samaha - owned that are still in the judiciary and the second issue is crime bomb Tripoli, it is clear who is the origin of", stressing that "there is an attempt viscous country in war, and there is a conflict large suites for a settling of accounts in Lebanon."
He stressed the intervention of other cross-channel "or T in" that "today there are serious incident happened could be repeated tomorrow in any other region in Lebanon, and no one knows when it will explode the bomb ticking, and this is a disaster that we got it through these messages security make Lebanon a mailbox to get things outside, Lebanon has had enough projects strange and distant with him who pay for the two decades of war as a fund-mail. ""

Major General

Lebanese consensus and the international condemnation of the attack .. And Berri to Tehran for consultation
«Syrian fire» reveal Lebanon security: a terrorist bombing targeting the Embassy of Iran

The newspaper wrote Major General says "in the evolution of security adult connotations, two suicide bombers blew themselves up, one on a motorcycle, and the second in a jeep« Blazer »in the vicinity of the Iranian embassy in the wing area in Bir Hassan, just before ten o'clock yesterday morning, killing five of the embassy staff, including cultural advisor Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari, and about 20 Lebanese citizens and nationals of Syria and Bangladeshi and Ethiopian, and wounding 150 others were injured, and the loss of a number of people, as well as suicide bombers.
If this was the first attack of its kind that targets Iran since the beginning of the war raging in Syria, and stand up to Tehran by the regime on the level of funding and support, arming and sending experts, the security sources and informed revealed that the car bomb was prepared to storm the embassy and completely destroyed, as happened to the American Embassy in the eye M'reisa in 1983.
The sources said that the neighborhood, which is located where the Iranian embassy in the Bir Hassan district south of Beirut known neighborhood of embassies, underwent precise control, which was chosen as a target to deliver a message of security, after the managed devices in charge of the protection of the southern suburbs of foil over a plan to enter cars or «human bombs» to explode In the crowds that were massing to commemorate Ashura s.
The sources expected the cabinet for «brigade» the security meeting at the Baabda Palace today in order to surround the developments of recent security, without being ruled out the possibility of holding a meeting of the Supreme Council for the defense, saying that any meeting will attest, the presidential palace will be dedicated to follow the bombing incident and take the necessary measures to protect civil peace and civilians and intensify measures to prevent any breach of security.
According to this incident and of suicide bombing, which is for the first time in Lebanon, will ask questions about the adoption of the new scheme does not need to be remedied and make reasonable efforts to thwart it, because such attempts in the event of recurrence country into a dangerous precedent of a spiral of violence may not end.
In this context, sources revealed a representative for the «General» that Speaker Nabih Berri thinks urgent visit to Tehran, at the invitation of precedent and open was received from Iranian officials, with the aim of moving the pursuit of political mediation would heal the rift local, having become convinced that the solution to the crisis needs to be radical remedy. "
Topics presented salient features of the newspapers, and the location of al-Manar does not adopt their content

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